9 Reasons You Should Attend a PPAI Expo
9 Reasons You Should Attend a PPAI Expo

PPAI is a trade association that connects different professionals promo product industry. PPAI Expo is an event conducted annually by this organization that invites manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of promo products who can get insights into the current industry trends, hottest products and best practices in promo product industry.

Every year, PPAIhosts this annual conference wherehundreds of industry experts comeunder a roof and share ideas on promo product industry. It allows the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and vendors to collaborate as a business.

There are plenty of more things that you might find lucrative in a PPAI conference. Let’s discuss them here:

1.    Interact with Industry Professionals

PPAIExpocalls a large community of businessmen and industry expertsto attend this event in order to help them get exposure and build their network. At PPAI Expo, you can meet with leading manufacturers, top distributors and suppliers andveteran industry experts with whom you can not only learn the business secrets but can also collaborate to make better promo products with logos and embroidered patches of your business.

As a businessman, you can use this platform to find top-rated vendors and can also get in front of your prospects who can become your future clients. So you have good chances of getting some lucrative deals.

2.    Build Your Business Acumen

Since it is PPAI conference, you can get a chance to learn the most recent trends and best practices right from the people who run the PPAI organization. They can give you insights into thecurrent scenario of promo product industry as well as offer you solutions for your business needs.

They can tell you the best promo product ideas and suggest you the right business solutions and strategies to help you scale your business and increase its exposure to a target market. Their valuable knowledge can help you grapple with existing issues in your business and make better use of promo products to enhance your visibility within your target audience.

3.    Get Free Training Sessions

PPAIExpois a great learning podium for professionals who want to learn the different facets of promo product industry. Whether you are a businessman, a vendor or a thought leader, there are many resources at this conference to learn the essentials of promo product industry.

You can attend the different training sessions by industry expertswho will delve deeper into their respective area of skills. From marketing professionals and sales experts, you will learn from the best minds from panel who will give you the in-depth analysis of different facets of this industry. So you can enrich yourself with some good knowledge of this business without paying a penny.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Learn About Hottest Promo Products

PPAI offers a range of hottest promo products that you can find lucrative for promotion of your business. From apparels and drinkware to tech products and lifestyle items, you will find plenty of promo products from different categories.

The good thing about PPAI is that you can actually see those promo products and evaluate their quality right there. If you find them relevant to your brand, you can order them for your next trade show using logos and custom embroidered patches of your brand.

5.    Know About What’s New in SAGE

SAGE is an organization that offers research and business management services to promo product industry. It partners with PPAI Expo to offer valuable insights into the promo product industry.Every year, the CEO of SAGE makes an announcement of upcoming features on the SAGE platform. If you are a user of SAGE services, then you can learn some new features regarding SAGE that will help you streamline your business services and reduce the hassles you are encountering as a user of SAGE. Expect to learn a new technology or feature in the upcoming SAGE conference that will be helpful for you.

6.    Participate in Q & A Session

The Q & A session is part of every session at PPAI. At the end of every session, the attendees are given a chance to ask questions to the industry experts, thought leaders, trainers and guest speakers at the event. In a Q & A session, you can ask pertinent questions to the industry experts and seek their opinions ona topic, trend, or issue that is relevant to the subject of discussion. At the end, you will have different perspectives on a topic that might help you improve your business operations.

7.    Meet with Distributors and Suppliers

If you are a business who needs promo products to promote its brand and increase its outreach to public at large, then PPAI can be your best source to find a distributor or supplier. Each year, thousands of distributors and suppliers attend PPAI Expo to get in front of their clients.

All the distributors and suppliers who participate in PPAI Expo are members of PPAI. Not every upstart can attend the PPAI Expo since it imposes certain pre-requisites to quality for the membership including a good annual turnover.

So it is your opportunity to meet with some of the leading distributors and suppliers who can become your future vendors and provide you with some good promo products.

8.    See the Professionals Getting Honored

Every year, PPAI Expo honors the top-performing experts in the industry. By attending a PPAI Expo, you can give yourself a strong incentive to do something as good as those guys who are awarded by PPAI Expo every year.You can imagine winning an award that you can put in your wall and can proudly show the worldto feel a sense of achievement.

9.    You Can Have Fun

Just like any trade show, PPAI Expo offers plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained. You can engage in range of activities offered by different booths of the companies. There will be music. There will be games. There will be food. And there will be fun talks. And since it is PPAI Expo, you can expect to getsome tempting promo products. From a tech products and educational handouts to travel giveaways and food items, there will be hundreds of swags that you can take away to your home and place in your personal space or workstation. PPAI Expo is a happening event for promo product industry where you can grow yourself as a professional. So get yourself prepared for the next PPAI Expo that will be held from January 12-16, 2020atMandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.


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