9 Ways You Can Build a Capsule Wardrobe Without Breaking a Sweat
9 Ways You Can Build a Capsule Wardrobe Without Breaking a Sweat

There can’t be a better wardrobe than one with a few clothes and accessories. But it takes time and efforts to build a wardrobe that looks clean and functional. Having a capsule wardrobe not only declutter your wardrobe but it also cuts down on significant amount of time and money that go into maintaining a wardrobe.

So if you too are occupied with too many clothes in your closet, here are some of the tips that can help you declutter your wardrobe and make it simple and functional:

1.    Clean Your Closet

Cleaning your closet is the first step towards making your wardrobe simpler and more functional. Start by dividing your clothes in terms of assets and liabilities. This is my own funda of segregating the items in my wardrobe and it really works. The assets should comprise of the entire clothing that you can’t live without and they have a value in your life.

The liabilities will include the extra pieces of clothing you have accumulated over the course of time and that you no longer wear in your daily life. This could include a promotional t-shirt with custom patches of a company that you were gifted on a tradeshow or a tie that you bought randomly from a holiday trip and now it looks a misfit for your idea of suiting.

You can make use of these clothing pieces by gifting themto a charity or giving them away to a recycling facility. You can even turn theseclothes into something useful by making handy domestic stuff like a canvas, rag or anappliqué.

2.    Make a Plan for Future Wardrobe

Minimizing your wardrobe demands some planning. By making a well thought-out plan for your future spending on the wardrobe, you will reduce the additional clothes that find a place in your wardrobe and save good amount of money as well.You should first start bymaking a checklist of clothes that currently need to be added on to your wardrobe.

Don’tadd unnecessary clothesjust because it sports the logo of a famous brand. You can get custom made patches of clothing brands and put them up on your clothes if you are particular about the label of your clothes.

But it should be based on your current style profile. How many shirts do you have? What colors of shirts do you need to match your suits? How many t-shirts do you currently need to wear with the pants you have? The answers to these questions will save you from buying additional clothing that only take the space of your wardrobe.

3.    Carve Out a Unique Style

Having a random wardrobe not only clutters your closet but it also messes up your style.To create a unique style, you need to build a wardrobe that has unique pieces of clothing that collectively build your personality and make you stand out from the crowd.

So rather than filling out your wardrobe with tons of outfits, you should single out clothes that bring out the best of your personality and match your taste. In this way, you will be able to retain the usefuloutfits that complement your style and get rid of the dresses that adds no real value to your wardrobe.

4.    Be Particular with the Colors

It is always better to have a singleshirt that can go with two suits than having twoshirts for a single suit. You can do this bysetting a quota of clothes in terms of their colors. You can start by setting some basic colors that you love the most and then arranging the other clothing pieces around those colors.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Choose Quality Over Pricing

By quality, I mean you need to buy stuff that can last longer than clothes made from ordinary fabrics. A shirt that has a shelf life of three years is better than a shirt that wears out in a year or half a year.So the next you go for a shopping spree, don’t get tempted by the cheap price tag and rather buy clothing that are made from durable materials even if that means spending a few more bucks.

6.    Avoid Impulsive Shopping

Sometimes we stuff our wardrobe with clothing items that have no role in our lives. Often, it is the result of impulsive buying that results in accumulation of clutter. This clutter becomes the liabilities in our closet over the course of time and only add to thespace of the wardrobe and itscost of maintenance.

The less you shop without a reason, the less is the clutter in your wardrobe. Eventually, you have more space to fill up useful clothes and accessories that come handy in your daily life and you bear fewer cost of keeping up the wardrobe.

7.    Spend Less Money on Accessories

While it is essential to accessorize your style, it is not always the best idea to spend a hefty budget on the accessories. Ultimately, it is the aura of your personality that makes the real difference in your style profile and not the number of hats and sunglasses.

Besides, it is not always the case of style when it comes to buying accessories. Often, people do it to flaunt theiropulence andpose their supremacy. To me, a single pair of sunglasses is enough to shield my eyes from the UV rays no matter if I am going for a beach holiday or a business meeting.But that’s my opinion and it can be subjective. Anyhow, it is always better to spend as little money on accessories as possible.

8.    Set a Cycle

By setting a cycle, you willput a timeframe to upgrade your time. It will bethe time when you will add or remove clothes from your wardrobe. In this way, you will set a conscious approach to build your wardrobe and you will know exactly when to remove the old items from your wardrobe and replace them with new ones. So there will never be a time when you will have more clothes in your closet than are necessary.

9.    Live Sustainably

This can be the single way you can practice minimalism in your wardrobe without going the extra mile. According to Mind Body Green, America generates more than 15 million of textile waste. We live in a world where millions of people are living below the poverty line and are deprived of proper clothes and food.By wearing eco-friendly clothes and adding less stuff in our wardrobe, we will not only help the Earth but will also save more money that we can spend on the underprivileged people living in the third world countries.

Building a wardrobe takes a lot of your time and money. By keeping a capsule wardrobe, you can remove the extra zeroes on the budget plan of your clothing and retain asimple and minimal style.

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