A List of 7 Most Stylish Headsof Stateand Monarchs the World Has Ever Seen
A List of 7 Most Stylish Headsof Stateand Monarchs the World Has Ever Seen

Heads of state and monarchsare the most important personsin the world. They run the government affairs and build a strong relationship with the outside world. But more than that, theyare the face of a country and represent it at every podium. And they have the face value to pull the crowd and attract the paparazzi who keep track of their every move.

From Winston Churchill andQueen Elizabeth IItoJustin Trudeau and QueenRani of Jordan, we bring here a list of some of the most stylish heads of state and monarchs the world has ever seen:

1.    Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is known as one of the most popular and charismatic heads of state of The Great Britain who changed the course of history during the World War II. His magnetic personality was a strong influence on the people who stilladore him as one of the greatest premiers of the Great Britain.

Winston Churchill had a knack for style. He was often seen wearing a three-piece suit with a cigar in his mouth. The top hat and grandfather watch were the otherfamous fashion items he would wear during his tenure as premier of the Great Britain.

Even at the later age of his life, he would look as dashing and dapper as the men half of his age. He is certainly one of the most style heads of state the world has ever seen.

2.    Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is going to be 93 on the 23rd of April this year and she is still a style diva for millions of ladies who look up to her as an inspiration. The Queen has a flair for wearing dresses that make the royal lady that she is.

From her famous wedding gown that was studded with pearls and crystals to her famous fancy maxi dress that she wore during her visit to America in 1983, the lady has maintained her regal composure throughout her years in the monarchy.

And who can forget her collections of accessories and jewelries – pearl necklace, diamond rings, hand gloves and hats – that give her the true avatar of a queen. To us, she is the ultimate style icon who continues to inspire the fashion world with her killer poise and the majestic aura.

custom embroidered patches
custom embroidered patches

3.    John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is undisputedly one of the most stylish heads of state of America. He was the second youngest president of America who assumed the presidency at an early age of 43. So he was too young and handsome to not look stylish in the powersuits and leather jackets with custom patches that he wore during his tenure in the White House.

John F. Kennedy has many fashion trends to his credits. He popularized the aviators when he started wearing the famous Ray-Ban Wayfarerwhile he was the president of America. But more than anything else, John F. Kennedy had that charisma and charm that turned heads towards him even when he was not a president and that’s what make him one of the stylish heads of state of this list.

4.    Queen Rania of Jordan

This Jordanian queen is aptly named ‘Rania’ and she lives up this name with her elegance. The Queen of Jordan is a stunner in public appearances and she can carry herself with absolute grace. You will see her in gown, maxi, and capes with the most elegant handbags and you will get besotted by her impeccable sense of style and killer charm.

Despite being a royalty, she keeps things simple and hardly wears any jewelry. And still she rules the hearts of millions of people who find inspiration from her sense of style.

5.    Vladimir Putin

We’ve seen him wearing a pair of camo trousers. We’ve seen him wearing a pair of jeans with a simple white shirt. And we have seen him wearing the powersuit. Vladimir Putin has a range of sartorial choices that define his fashion taste. But whatever he wears, he wears with utmost poise and that is what make him one of the most stylish heads of state in the world.

Vladimir Putin had always a liking for the black color which is visible in his choice of suits that are most in black color with a white shirt and a black or maroon tie. All his suits are tailor-made by brands like Brioni and Kiton.His cutthroat style and panache has made him the most dashing president of Russia.

6.    Barack Obama

Well, American presidents dominate this list but we can’t help it as they are the most stylish heads of state the world has ever seen. But Barack Obama is an exception since he is the only African-American who ever entered the White House.And we know how cool he looked in the Oval office.

Interestingly, Barack Obama had been a dandy throughout his life. Right from his days as a law graduate to becoming the president of America, his style has evolved though all these years. From being a scrawny brat of the Harvard Law to the elegant President in the White House, he has come a long way to becoming a man with super-cool style.

But what exactly defined the style of Barack Obama during his stay in the White House? Well, most of the time, it was his dark navy and grey suits. But they are not the only staple outfits that Obama could pull off as he could also carry a bomber jacket with custom back patches.

And he had the First Lady Michelle Obama on his side who aptly complemented the style sense of his good-looking better half.

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custom embroidered patches

7.    Justin Trudeau

Killer looks, slim physique and an impressive French diction, Justin Trudeau is a complete package of a man with many style facets. On the official affairs, we often see him wearing the slim-fitted suits. And we see him on the streets with a pair of denim jeans with the chicest shirts.

He is often photographed in his signature rolled-up sleeves pose which can make any woman miss a heartbeat. At an age of 47, Justin Trudeau proves that the young guys make the most stylish premiers.


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