A List of 9 Best Dressed Men of 2019
A List of 9 Best Dressed Men of 2019

History tells us that men have inspired fashion trends in every passing decade. From James Dean in the 1950s to Ryan Gosling in the 2010s, we have seen some of the most handsome men who set new trends with their choice of clothing.

This list will take a look at some of the best-dressed men in 2019 and why they deserve to be the inspiration for fashion buffs:

1.    Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has an impeccable style that makes him a favorite of many fashion lovers. Apart from having killer looks, he has an incredible fashion sense that woos hearts of people. Last year, he was seen wearing polo shirt in majority of events and the polos became the talk of the town!

He can equally pulloff the formal wear which he proved on thepremier of his move ‘The Place Beyond the Mines’ in New Yorkwhere he donned a velvet suit and he looked stunning. And who can forget his bowtiesuit at the 74th Golden Globes Awards where he walked away with his first award. With a charming face and flawless style, Ryan Gosling is definitely the best dressed man that every boy can look up to.

2.    David Beckham

The style sense of this star soccer player has evolved with time.From the rugged look of a brat to a classy style of a man, David Beckham has emerged as a true style icon. At the age of 43,he is the most apt person to describe the idea of ‘aging gracefully.’He is one man who can pull of a casual look wearing a tank top with custom patches and bandana and look classy at the same time.

And there are many formal events when he was clearly the “show-stealer.”And since we are still in 2019, you can easily recall the royal wedding of Prince Harry last year where Dave killed everyone with his three-piece suit. It was a gray suit with a double-breasted vest and black derby shoes. Certainly, this guy has that charisma and style that make him one of the most stylish men on Earth.

3.    Charles, Prince of Wales

It is not surprising to see the Prince of Wales looking so timelessly stylish at the age of 70. Can’t be wrong with his style since he is constantly under the watch of the paparazzi. Being the heir apparent of British throne, the man carries a regal aura that adds weight to his personality. He can wear a sport coat and still look as royal as he looksin a three-piece suit.

Whether it is a double-breasted suit or his military uniform, he rocked every look with his majestic style that he inherited from his royal lineage.

4.    Rami Malek

The year 2019 is looking a great year for Rami Malek as he has won his first Oscars trophy forthe portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” However, he is morefamous for his style sense than his acting skills. He is featured on the cover of many popular fashion magazines including GQ and Vanity Fair.

He is credited with popularizing theair tie shirt that buttons up to the neck. He is praised by fashion critics for his choice of bold colors. Rami Malek is one of the most photographed celebrities on red carpet. He belongs to the rare breed of celebrities who are both extremely talented and stylish.

5.    Donald Glover

Donald Glover set the bar higher for the fashionistas in the past few years with his 1970s look. The singer and rapper has a love for V-neckknits and silk shirts which he isoften seenwearing on the red carpet.Donald Glover is considered the new trendsetter for silhouette suiting which he often wears in social events.

His unbuttoned looks on the red carpet have garnered media attention and made him the hottest men of the music industry.He is the man who can wear a shirt over and over again and still manages to look different.He can switch from donning a denim jacket with custom made patches to wearing a tuxedo and can make you feel stunned at the same time.

6.    Henry Golding

This British-Malaysian actor has climber the fame ladder in a very short span of time. Started his career as a host for a travel show, Henry Golding then dabbled in the profession of acting which is working for him. But his claim to fame is his fashion sense which is visible on the red carpet events where he easily turns heads of the paparazzi with his impeccable style.

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He came under the spotlight of fashion commentators when he wore the famous golden suit at the2019 SAG Award. The way he carried the dress attracted the attention of the fashion critics who went gaga over his look of the 50s era. He has a love for jackets and watches which are two permanent elements of his style.We look forward to see him in more avatars this year.

7.    Michael B. Jordan

2018 was a great year for Michael B. Jordan as he was applauded for his performances in Creed II and Fa Fahrenheit 451. He breathed life into the character of Adonis Creed with his chiseled body which he showed during the bouts. And he looked even chicer outside the ring.

But it was his sartorial choices that made more news than his acting gigs. He popularized the big lapels with his fabulous look on the premiere of Creed II in London. His blue velvet tux at the 91st Academic Awards was the highlight of the event and got the attention of the fashion critics who listed him among the best-dressed men of the event.

8.    Timothée Chalamet

One of the youngest Oscar nominees, Timothée Chalametoutdresses many of his contemporaries who are twice older than his age. He decked out the red carpet with his brisk presence that is characterized by a blazer and a tee. The Lady Bird star looked cool on every red carpet event in the previous year and he continued to rank higher on the list of stars who rocked the ceremony this year. Well, we hope that he continues to inspire our fashion taste in the future as well.

9.    Chadwick Boseman

The blue-eyed boy of Virgil Abloh (Art Director of Louis Vuitton), Chadwick Boseman has experimented with both pastel colors and animal prints and he came out as a winner. His Givenchy outfit at the Oscars filled columns of fashion magazines who dubbed it one of the best dresses in Oscar’s history. The Black Panther star is experimental with his clothing and this is what sets him apart from his contemporaries. He can wear the most outrageous costume and make it a trend. And that’s all. This is the list of the best-dressed men of 2019 based on my opinion. You might disagree with some of the people on this list.

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