A List of 9 Mens Coats and Jackets to Stay Warm This Season
A List of 9 Mens Coats and Jackets to Stay Warm This Season

America is hit by extreme cold, and the temperature in some cities in America is colder than Antarctica. As the winter sets new records in the American region, it is about time to layer yourself with a warm coat. Since men spend more time in the outdoors than women, they are more at risk of getting frostbite and cold.

So to stay safe during this winter, we bring here a list of the best coats and jackets men can wear during the chilly weather. Here they are:

1.    Bomber Jacket

The most common type of jacket that men can wear, the bomber jacket got its name from American army pilots during world War I who donned it during their flights. This is why it is also known as a flight jacket. However, it became a common piece of clothing after people started wearing them in their daily lives.It is a perfect jacket for men to wear during the winters.

A bomber jacket comes in a variety of fabrics and styles. The most popular among them is a leather-made jacket with fur lining that insulates the body heat and keeps you warm and cozy.

A bomber jacket is astreetwear that you can sport with custom back patches,and it will look chic and stylish. So you can still look great while keeping yourself protected from the cold weather.

2.    Topcoat

A topcoat is worn as the outermost layer of your clothing. It is an excellentcovering for your bodyduring freezing temperature, and it can be worn with multiple clothing pieces for layering. It is usually made of gabardine which is a staplewinter fabric and offers ahigher level of warmth and comfort.

Besides giving you the much-needed protection from cold, atopcoat adds an air of elegance in your style and looks fabulous over any type of garment. So you can snug into this coat when you need to leave for the office or go to themarket.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can be both functional and elegant for a winter day. Made from 100% denim, it looks exquisite on a male body and keeps the cold at bay. To add an element of streetwear, you can even wear a denim jacket with custom sew on patchesand sport a casual look with an air of elegance while also enjoying the chilly weather.

3.    Field Coat

Field coat made its way to men’s clothing from the army wardrobe. A standard field coat is characterized by four pockets on the front and the many other inside the jacket. It is essential clothing for men’s winter attire and can protect them from heavy snow, sleet, and rain.

A field coatis made from weather-proof materials which don’t let the air, snow or rainwater pass through the outer covering of the jacket which meansyou stay protected during the cold weather. And it comes with a hood so that you can protect your head from the hard blows of heavy snow and raindrops.

A field coat looks best with a pair of denim jeans and a tee. You can wear it over several layers to keep yourself guarded during the nasty wintertime.

4.    Biker Jacket

The very thought of biker jacket brings to mind the images of the guitarist Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols who would wear a leather jacket with custom made patches on the back. While Sex Pistols is credited with popularizing the biker jackets, it is originally the clothing of the military personnel during World War I. The incredible popularity of punk culture gave it a further boost, and it became the symbolic item of the 1970s fashion and continued to inspire the men’s clothing for years to come.

Made from leather, it is essential winter wear for the men on the bikes. So if you are someone who spends his time on the bike, then this jacket is your shield against the harsh wind and snow.

5.    Duffel Coat

A duffel coat is an ultimate protection for your body during the extremely cold weather. The iconic toggle-fastening gives this outerwear a unique look which adds a sense of style to your overall appearance.It is made from awoolen cloth like Meltonwhich provides you a strong covering against the frigid weather.

A duffel coat is knee-length in size and covers your entire torso and thighs. You can don this coat for a long walk to your home or when you want to feel the snow outside. It come in various patterns and colors, so you have plenty of choices to match yourstyle needs.

6.    Trench Coat

A trench coat is classic winter wear for men. Like many other coats in this list, this coat also has its roots in the military. A unique feature of this type of coat is the many buttons that run down to its front.A trench coat has a plaid lining that provides insulation to body heat.

A trench coat usually comes in a double-breasted style, but there are also single-breasted versions. It comes with a waist buckle as well as straps around the wrist and shoulders which block the rainwater.So you can stay dry while strolling to a market or coming back home after work.

The trench coat was made famous by Burberry when it invented the gabardine fabric which became the primary material in this coat. Today, it is available in gabardine, poplin, and leather.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

7.    Pea Coat

Just like a bomber jacket was the outwear for army pilots in World War I, a pea coat was donned by the navy officers during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, and it has remained unchanged since then. The modern design of the pea coat is inspired by the American navy coat that was double-breasted in design and used Melton cloth as the main fabric.

A pea coat uses buttons on the front and has wide lapels on both sides. A standard pea coat is long enough to cover your torso and ends just below the waist. In other words, you are very much in a warm covering.

8.    Parka

Parka is every men’s favorite winter jacket. It is made of wool, the king of all winter fabrics. It comes with a fur hood that protects your head and face from cool breeze and snowfall. The great thing about this outerwear is that you can wear it on a variety of clothing and still look fashionable during the cold winter days. Winter has reached new heights with the beginning of this year. Layer yourself with these fantastic coats and jackets and stay away from the cold.


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