Check Out These 12 Best Garment Fabrics for Winter
Check Out These 12 Best Garment Fabrics for Winter

Winter is here, and we need some good clothing to layer up. But it should not come at the cost of your style. There are plenty of elegant fabrics that you can wear during winter to keep yourself warm and elegant. From flannel to corduroy, we present here some of the best materials that will serve as both stylish and functional:

1.    Wool

Wool is a common fabric that is used in the majority of winter clothing.It provides a layer of insulation against cold and windy weather conditions. It is also a water-resistant fabric which makes it useful clothing to protect yourself in winter.

Wool is used in practically all types of winter clothing with custom patches due to its ability to trap heat and air. Wool looks equally good on both casual and formal apparels.

2.    Flannel

One of the most common fabrics to produce winter clothing, flannel is a soft material that is used in shirts to keep you warm during the winter. A flannel shirt with thetartan pattern is a standardpiece of clothing that you can wear during the winter. Besides, people wear aflannel coat over a shirt and jersey to layer them up. Flannel is known for its soft texture and elegant look.

3.    Merino

Merino is yet another type of wool acquired from sheep wool. It is known for its long staple that measures between 2 inches and 4 inches. It is one of the best fabrics to wear in the winterseason. This wool can be blended with other wools such as cashmere and silk. There are plenty of upmarket brands that manufacture apparels made from Merino using the custom embroidered patches of their brand.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Corduroy

Corduroy is made from the tufted cord which creates ridges in the fabric. The quality of corduroy fabric is measured in the number of ridges per inch. In technical language, it is called “wales.” Corduroy fabric is commonly used in winter clothing to provide warmth and comfort. This fabric is used in both pants and shirts.

5.    Tweed

The clothing material of the Scottish and Irish people, Tweed is a sturdy fabric that endures the harsh climate without losing its quality. Tweed is made from thick wool which gives it an extra layer of warmth to keep you away from cold. This fabric is often used in outwear pieces of clothing, such as coat, blazer, and jackets. A suit made from tweed looks fantastic on men.

6.    Leather

Leather is a fabric made from animal hides. It is one of the most highly valuable fabrics and is known for its elegance and sturdiness. Leather adds an aura of style in your clothing. So when you wear it during the snow and sleet, you will not only protect yourself from the harsh effects of cold, but you will also make a strong style statement.

However, if you are an animal lover and hates the killing of animals, then you can go for biofabricated leather which is made from synthetic methods but looks as refined as original leather. You can wear leather coats and boots with custom made patches and roam around the city without worrying about the weather.

7.    Fur

Fur is one of the oldest fabrics that people wore to keep themselvescozy in chilly weather. Natural fur has long been a shield for our ancestors to survive theextreme winter. Animals like Beaver, Fox, Mink, and Rabbit are used for making the high-quality fur.

But today, you can find better alternative of the real fur. A faux fur is a contemporary option for the traditional fur which uses acrylic polymers to produce a fabric. A faux fur looks as good as any traditional fur,and an animal doesn’t have to sacrifice his life to provide this fabric.

8.    Cashmere

Cashmere is a type ofwoolthat is mainly used in sweaters and cardigans. This type of wool is obtained from the skins of goatfrom Kashmir which inspired its name. It is similar to sheep wool, but it is heavier than sheep fleece as it is produced from a double fleece which adds more volume to this fabric.

The cashmere-made sweaters and cardigans are famous around the world for their warmth and comfort, and you can wear them while it is cold outside.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

9.    Cotton

Cotton is another excellent fabric to keep you guarded against the cold breeze and snowfall. It is a natural fiber which is used in majority of clothing materials including the winter wear. Cotton is a versatile fabric as it can be used in both summer and winter season.People around the world weardifferent winterdresses from cotton that include shirts, pants, sweaters, and cardigans.

10.   Velvet

Velvet is a precious fabric that is obtained from the fiber of silk. It has a warm feel and looks exquisite on the body. The material is often used in suits, shirts, pants, and other pieces of casual clothing.Velvet is the best alternative for other winter clothing as it looks beautiful and stylish.It istypicalclothing to wear on special occasions like wedding, party, and anysocial events.

Velvet has many other fabrics with different degree of drape and shine. The most common among them isvelveteen and velour.

11.  Gabardine

Gabardine is known mainly for producing coats and jackets. But it is also used in different pieces of clothing like windbreakers,trousers, and uniforms.

The fabric is produced by weavingthe cotton and polyestertightly. Just like the majority of wool fabrics, clothing made from Gabardineneeds to be dry cleaned. Gabardine is themainfabric in many high-end apparel manufacturers that include the likes of Burberry and Nordstrom.

12.  Silk

Silk is another valuablefabric in this list. It is a naturally produced fiber that makes the best of clothing and suits. Silk is associated with class and elegance and clothes made from silk are priced higher for their exclusivity and style. But they are not the only qualities of this fabric as silk is also useful windbreaker.

You can wear a thick silk fabric as protection from the cool breeze during the chilly climate. So you can snuggle into this fabric to keep yourself warm and cozy during the winter season.

These are some of the best fabrics you can wear during the winter season. Add them to your wardrobe to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter.

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