Check Out These Different Types of Labels
Check Out These Different Types of Labels

Labels are an integral part of packaging a product. They come in different styles and colors depending on the branding and packaging requirements of a product. However, there is three basic classification of labels based on their purpose. Let’s discuss each of them one by one:

·       Brand Label

Just like monograms and custom patches, a brand label is used to show the brand identity of a product. It is used on all types of products for branding purposes. For example, brands like Adidas and McDonald’suse labels on their products for the branding of their business.

·       Grade Label

Grade labels are used for grading a product or marking its quality. For example, Dunlop Tyres use grade labels to denote the size and rating of their tires. Similarly, Levi’s uses grade labels on their jeans to mark the weight of its denim material.

·       Descriptive Label

A descriptive label is another classification of label that is used to provide complete information and details about a product. For example, Abbott Laboratories uses printed labels to inform its consumers about the contents used in its products as well as the instructions for the dose.

Now we will be looking at different types of labels based on their material and style:

Woven Label

One of the most common types of label, woven labels are made from threads. The types of a woven label depend on the material used for its production. Based on its material, a woven label can be named a taffeta woven labels, damask label or a satin woven labelsto name a few.

Just like custom embroidered patches, woven labels are commonly used in clothing products where they are sewn into the fabric of a clothing piece for branding or providing information about a product and its use.

Printed Label

A printed label is another common type of label that is used in packaging of a product. This label can use just the logo of a company or provide information about a product or its content.A printed label is made from different materials, such as paper, metallic foil and vinyl etc.

A printed label is cheaper as compared to a woven label and can beproduced faster than other types of labels.Unlike a woven label, a printed label is used on top of a product or its packaging.

Peel-And-Stick Label

Peel-and-stick labels a removable kind of label that uses an adhesive to stick on a product. They are used on a number of products for different reasons. They are most commonly used on products to show their brand name, give information or instruction about those products.

In addition, they are used in redeemable coupons that consumers can use to redeem an offer and get discounts on a product or service. The good thing about a peel-and-stick is that you canuse an underlay in this label. So even when you remove the label from a product, the information will stay to the surface of the product.

Die-Cut Label

A die-cut label is a specially designed label that is used as part of branding a product. These labels are used to fit the branding and aesthetic requirements of a product and are made in a particular shape to be used on a product. This label is also used to overlay a removable label.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

Fold Out Label

A fold out label is just like its name. It is designed in folded style and each of its fold contains information regarding an item which could be a medicine, a beauty item or a tech product. Unlike a peel-and-stick label which uses different layers of labels,a fold out label is a single piece of label that is folded to contain information about a product.These labels are made from paper and are commonly used in pharmaceutical products.

Resealable Label

Resealable labelis another common type of label that is used in packaging of a product. It is a kind of label that is used above the opening of a product and can be put back once the opening of a product is reclosed.This type of label is perfect for products that are opened and closed multiple times after a use. Resealable labels are often used on food items and toiletries and are used to show the instructions of their use every time a user opens them.


This type of label is a combination of fold-out label and resealable label. This label is excellent for adding more information in a label and can be used on health and safety products and provide users with detailed instructions regarding the use of a product or a medical procedure. Besides, this type of label is used for providing the same information in different languages.

Prime label

A prime label is a primary label that looks more elaborate and over the top than the rest of the labels on a product. This label uses different kinds of decorations and enhancements and is used on the center of a product. This type of label is often used on food and beverage products to temp the consumers.

These are some of the most common types of labels that companies use on their products for packaging and branding purposes. They come with a range of backing options, such as iron-on and self-adhesive, so you can use them on a product depending on the technical and aesthetic requirements.

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