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Are you a team member who wishes to show off the beliefs and goals of your team using quality designs and artwork? Then this is right for you. Using custom patches for hats allows you the opportunity to have a specialized identity made for you as a representation of your team goals. These embroidered patches created using thread and fabric on different backings, would offer you quick and simple ways to beautify your hats, caps etc.


At Houston Embroidery Service, we specialize in the design and production of different custom patches for hats. As s renowned custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas, we are ready to create custom patches irrespective of the quantity in very affordable with numerous backing options.

Our services at a glance include;

Before you place your orders, we have carefully created some frequently asked questions for a quick understanding of our design production process and other services.

What type of fabric and thread do you use while making these custom patches?

Our choice of embroidery thread is the Madeira embroidery thread. It is known as the most popular, the finest, and the most expensive thread on earth. Consequently, given its pricey characteristics, we only make use of it on request especially for creating embroidered patches that are required to be fire resistant. Visit this page for more details on embroidered patches required to be fire resistant.

 For the most of the time, we use Chinese thread, which is also a good thread, for creating our, please end custom patches for hats. Should you require us to use the Madeira embroidery thread, please ensure to place a special request for that. Click here to read more about Madeira.

Our choice of fabric is polyester twill, Felt, Nylon, Real Leather, Fake Leather, Canvas, and other kinds of woven fabrics when you place a request.

What different backing options are used for your custom patches for hats?

Since custom patches for hats are often required to be embroidered, we apply various backing methods. These methods include include; the Velcro backing wherein we use a lineal fabric strip with tiny hooks that readily attaches itself temporarily with another fabric strip made of smaller loops till it can be pulled apart, peel and stick; the Sew on backing option which requires the owner to sew the patch onto the fabric using a sewing machine or manually using the needle and thread; the Iron on backing option requires the use of heat press on the patch which goes further to melt the gum enabling the patch to stick to the fabric as it cools off, etc.

Will the edges of my custom patches for hat be sharp?

Yes. We apply the technique of Hot-Cut Edge also called Satin-Stitch Edge to ensure your patches are void of standard rounded edges. In addition, your order will come off as patches with sharp detailed edges bearing fine levels of detail and intricate designs. This does not come at any additional cost.

Why do our custom patches for hats stand out amongst others?

Our specialty and delight in your satisfaction gives us the added advantage of creating and delivering outstanding products. At Houston Embroidery Service, our extent of high quality service delivery involves availability of a variety of patch options on fabric types, sizes and shapes. We create this custom patches using the best embroidery threads. This is to ensure you enjoy excellent designs with detailed custom patches for hats artwork. Most embroidery services often employ cheaper brands of embroidery machines. However, we use the best machine, the Barudan Machine, in order to ensure you get satisfying patch making services. Known and respected throughout the patch making industry, this machine gives us benefits in form of promptness, high volume turn out and precise consistency. With its technicality, we are able to produce exact designs for your customized hat patches. For more information on this machine, visit this page. In addition, our final products are embroidered custom patches with rare features. Learn more about all embroidered patches we design via this page.

How much does it cost to purchase custom patches for hats?

For each custom patch ordered, the cost is dependent by the number of stitches made. This implies that our prices come off as very affordable using this calculation. There is no such thing as minimum to orders. In our bid to ensure you purchase within your budget, we give you the flexibility of ordering whatever number you desire. Thus, you can be assured that you won’t have to break a bank to purchase our custom patches for hats.

What is the time delivery for my custom patches for hats order?

All orders placed with us are delivered in a timely manner. Before we proceed with creating your order, we often require you confirm the design sketch to meet your desired design needs and specifications. Once this hurdle is crossed, we initiate production and dispatch right away.  Thereafter, the custom patch will be delivered to you within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you reside in US. Should you require the patch urgently, we also offer RUSH service options for delivery times of 3-days or 5-days.

Where our custom patches for hats are applied

Custom patches for hats are ways people identify with their peers and group goals. Often times, it could also be personalized to make a statement on your attitude to life or personality in entirety. However, most of our orders usually originate from baseball fans and teams as well as truckers. The list also extends to other groups who are identified by their caps or hats such as sports team, local business, or school event. One can decide to apply our patches on beanie or on leather hats. Depending on your request, we have available different options for your hat patch needs.

People Who Buy And Use Our Custom Patches For Hats

Our buyers are individuals, teams, organizations, schools, and other organizations that require custom patches for their headgear. Individuals who purchase these patches often do so for personal needs. Often times, they can also order for Camo themed patches in addition to other personal design needs. These patches can often be placed on beanies, caps or leather hats. Some basketball and trucker teams often order our patches which they apply on their caps to show off their team spirit and any other values they carry. School teams can as well order for patches which they affix unto their caps or hats for various events.

Individuals who want to send across a message with their headgear make use of our labels too. For example, they can customize texts, images and use iron on or any available adhesive backing method to attach them. Companies as well make use of custom patches for hats to showcase their brand or what they do. It serves as a great way to showcase different responsibilities undertaken in the workplace. Companies also use these patches to include details during the course of a special event that might be coming up.

Another major customer of our custom patches for hats is the U.S. military. For this type of request, we often use different color schemes to create blending patches perfect for their caps. The simple procedure is to inform us of the type of cap it would be applied on as well as final design of artwork to be designed. Usually, we get a lot of orders from individuals, teams and organizations.

You too can be a part of our customers right away. Hop on this wagon of people by letting us design a personalized patch befitting for your needs and ultimately boost the awareness of your brand. If you have not ordered from us before, truly your organization is missing out on something of vital value.

The History Of Custom Patches For Hat

The history of custom patches for hat can be traced back to the advent of patch making which occurred a long time ago. The creation of custom patches for hats dates back to time of patch making. This was when patches began their journey into the world of fashion in the late 19th century. During this time, patches were in great circulation as this era was known to be the hippie movement. At this time, as flowers, various peace signs, and patches made for protests were worn on jeans and denim jackets by young Americans. Before the fashion world took over the purpose of these hats custom patches for hats were solely made for organizations, teams, companies as a means of identification.

As the trend boomed in clothing, the rave for custom patches for hats increased.  The choice of the process needed for creating these patches began to diversify. In 1863, the advent of embroidery was revolutionized in after many other inventions that occurred between the 18th to 19thcentury. This was invented and introduced into the patch making industry by Isaak Groebli from Switzerland. It was relevant until the 90s. At this point, the multi-needle machine operated a two-thread system which was powered by hand-turned crank.

Recently, hat patches were noted to have entered into the retail markets with a sharp rise noted. Either for individual or collective purchases, custom hats for patches have now become a way to show patriotism, make a statement or to cheer one’s favorite team. One does not need to be in the basketball team to show allegiance as a fan neither does one need to be an astronaut to order a NASA hat patch.

Custom Patches for Hats: The true difference between Baseball Caps and Trucker Hats!

Nowadays, the use of custom patches for hats has revolutionized from being used in formal occasions into informal purposes of all kinds. They have become a fun and easy way of brand identification, making a political statement or to tell a joke.  Recent years have shown the use of embroidery as a standard way to brand baseball caps and trucker hats found just about anywhere. However, a salient question arises; what is the true difference between a trucker hat and a baseball cap?

Given their styles, one can easily take one for the other. The trucker cap is a type of baseball cap and thus this makes both headgears seem quite similar with both worn backwards by ironic hipsters and frat-bros. Yet, differences exist between the two with respect to structure and style.

A baseball cap is usually made from cotton fabric and closed on all sides featuring a center seam and two additional seams diagonally placed. It has an adjustable snapback to accommodate any wearer size. Given this construction, custom patches for hats such as team logo, player name or team brand can easily fit well on baseball caps. Embroidery can be directly applied as well. The first baseball caps were introduced began in the mid-1800s and made from straws. Amateur players increased their popularity. As the years moved past, their importance moved into a covering over the eyes away from the sun.

On the other hand, a trucker cap often has a mesh body whose construction is seamless with a front panel made of foam. It has a standard one-size-fits-all snapback with the front area being taller and more vertical than seen in a baseball cap. Usually, trucker hats are giveaways from equipment vendors or major distributors to farmers, truck drivers, or other rural workers who wish to promote their products. It was introduced in the 2000’s by celebrities who were seeking exposure to their brand.

For the best custom patches for any type of hat, we are beyond doubt ready to provide excellent services as we are invaluably a well known custom patch supplier in Texas. Whether your patches are for company, group, team, or personal, we will make it happen. No matter the style or size of headwear, we undoubtedly know how to make your patch fit in perfectly while being of the highest quality. Get stated right away and order custom patches for hats from us now.