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We will digitize your logo to get its stitch count; so, we can prepare an accurate price quote.

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Custom Patches
We do custom patches, embroidered patches, printed patches, custom Velcro patches, clothing labels, custom keychains, as well as other promotional products. Adhering to is an overview of our items.

Custom Patches for Organizations
Right Here at Excellent Custom Patches, we are well-known experts at making custom embroidered patches/ morale patches for cops, firemens, dining establishments, solution staff members, armed forces, and also far more. If you need a custom patch that functions perfectly with your clothes or uniform, we can produce it for you. And also make equally as many patches as you need.

Custom Patches for Everything
Excellent Custom Patches makes custom embroidered patches for hats, coats, golf shirt, bags, and also various other clothes posts. You can have a particularly developed and also developed patch put on any cap or hat of your option. Wonder what they resemble? We can make one patch as a sample absolutely free. We’ll electronically place it on a cap, send the digital mock-up to you, and you can happily forward it to your consumer for their approval. You’re certain to obtain lots of interest as well as compliments from your customers due to the fact that our patches are amazing.

Custom Patches for Everyone
We offer a selection of producing techniques including embroidered, dye sublimated (published), and also woven. This provides you exactly the appearance as well as performance you need for your sort of work or task. You can connect these patches with Velcro, iron on, and also sew on. This is perfect for sporting activities teams, Army, Navy, Police, Scouts, solution groups, food service and so a lot more. We can make exactly the patches/ name tags you wish to place on baseball caps, biker coats, police attires, sports uniforms or really great t-shirts for your bowling team. They take place bags, vests, handbags – you call it!

Custom Patches by a Specialist
We are called Excellent Custom Patches for a factor; it is since we concentrate on outstanding, durable, perfectly performing embroidery. We make our embroidered patches on high-speed computerized Barudan embroidery machines that do remarkable job really rapidly. We get superb information, little letters, small outlines, big filled locations with all the high quality you can potentially desire.

Transform Artworks right into Embroidery Designs
First, we make your style on a computer program (Wilcom) that develops a digital embroidery file. We send the embroidery documents (dst) to an embroidery device where it goes to function making your patch to look much like the design art. Most individuals that view this process are amazed at the accuracy. And the patch practically means looks a lot a lot more outstanding than the online design. It’s a great deal of fun to view a brand-new patch revived. The mixing of thread and shades to create a true work of art that connects sensation, ideas, as well as feature to anyone who sees it.

Barudan Machines
While numerous providers utilize Chinese made devices, ours are the finest built in Japan. The Japanese old needlework tradition melds with their globe famous ability for developing sophisticated innovation. We utilize their popular Barudan embroidery machines to obtain the exceptional looking patches we produce for our consumers. While your patch style can be extremely straightforward with 1 or 2 shades, most people go with a number of shades. The optimum thread colors we can work on our makers are 12.

Embroidered Patches (The most common type).
Embroidered patches are our specialized. We create top notch custom labels. Iron on, Velcro, peel and stick, and also other backing options are available. You can save a lot of your time and money using our custom embroidered patches rather than stitching on shirts/caps. We digitize all logos in-house; we have actually experienced digitizers who deliver the best possible results. You can contrast our custom-made labels’ quality with any kind of embroidery business worldwide. We make DIY embroidered patches for you. The options are printed patches, and woven patches (likewise called custom iron on clothing labels). If you do not like the embroidered patches, attempt our custom iron on labels. We make custom Velcro patches in needlework, printing, and also woven technique.

Printed Patches (Dye Sublimated).
Printed patches or dye sublimated patches are so preferred nowadays; they conserve your time and money. If your logo has a great deal of little text as well as information, printed patches is the best choice to pick from. A logo with lots of shades is not possible for embroidery. The most up to date embroidery machines have 15 needles; so, we can make a logo design in 15 shades optimum, however in the dye sublimation technique, there is no restriction of shades. These emblems can be choses if you require custom Velcro patches. We do custom display published back patches for jackers. We have methods for custom back patch printing; color sublimation and screen printing. Display printed patches are great if you need your emblems in cotton twill or canvas product. Please additionally have a look at our custom iron on clothing labels.

Woven Patches (Cloth Patches).
Custom iron on clothing labels or woven patches is another excellent choice to decorate a tee shirt, cap, or jacket. When we can not put even more details in a small sized embroidered patch, we choose a custom iron on labels. We offer woven labels and also woven patches at affordable rates. They are extremely light-weight. We can make iron on labels in 8 thread shades optimum. If your logo design has more than 8 thread shades, you need to consider our printed patches instead. Our custom iron on labels come with the classic merrow boundary, as well as additionally be done as custom Velcro patches. If you require patches for caps or bags, you might need to discover our custom morale patches as well. I understand you will love our Velcro patches.

Got questions? We are always prepared to address. Contact Excellent Custom Patches today. No-obligation discussion. We’re in friendly New York where every custom deserves our best initiative. Please email us your logo at patch@excellentcustompatches.com.

Distinct Offers!
Superb Custom Patches generates a lot of tailored embroidered patches for official companies like Military, Police, Firefighters, as well as EMS. We similarly produce custom patches for sporting activity groups, scouts, healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants, and laboratories. These very wonderful embroidered patches are perfect for caps with an NFL or NBA logo design. They are additionally preferred amongst bicyclists. Every person can have the appealing tailored patch on their uniform. Got a t-shirt or jacket? We can produce a customized patch just for you. This advertises your brand identity. It works terrific for services at trade shows. Your personalized patch lets various other firm individuals comprehend that you are, resulting in even more successes and also contacts. Please call us today to discuss your custom labels needs.

Here embroidered patches for sale. Right Here at Excellent Custom Patches, you can conveniently acquire premium custom embroidered patches at low prices. We additionally utilize wholesale patches to participants of PPAI, ASI, and SAGE.

Needlework Services.
Exceptional Custom Patches, a custom embroidery, was established in 2008 in New York. We supply embroidery solutions, help marketing organisation, marketing and advertising business, signs makers, various other custom embroidery organisation, and also members of PPAI, ASI, as well as SAGE. As a custom embroidery, we help our clients to choose a logo design thread, item and dimension colors, pick a best back-support strategy, create a brand-new art work or tailor an existing one. We are the biggest custom patch maker in Texas. We are simple to work with; we have email as well as phone aid. We follow your guidelines to make your custom patches.

Custom Patch Maker.
As a custom patch manufacturer, embroidered patches is our main item since we are a custom needlework. we also provide marketing products. nowadays marketing products are made use of by nearly every organisation in the United States in addition to in Europe, Asia and also Africa. One of the most popular as well as typical things are advertising drinkware, custom tote, logo writing instruments, advertising USB drives, custom desk accessories, wellness promotional items, custom schedules, promotional power banks, and a lot more items around. decorated garments with embroidery solutions has advantages over all other marketing products.

Backing Options.
We make custom Velcro patches, big iron on patches, stitch on badges, stitch on motorcycle patches, as well as stitch on name labels.

We offer a number of backing as well as various other options for custom patches, tailor-made iron on clothing labels, woven patches, printed patches or dye sublimated patches, and custom made patches.

Iron on patches are liked amongst our customers here at Excellent Custom Patches. We generate beautiful custom patches with iron on backing. Big firms make use of warm press devices to make use of iron on patches. People and local business can merely utilize a house iron to apply them. The second most preferred backing is Velcro. The J-hook side is sewn on the back of the patch. The loop side is sewn to the garment. This allows patches to be exchanged easily. When 2 or even more people utilize the precise same attire, Perfect for.

Iron On Backing.
It is a superb as well as easy way to utilize custom patches. All you need is a tee t-shirt heat-press equipment or, also a house iron. Locate the custom patches on the t-shirt or cap, you require to cover it with an item of thick 100% cotton material to avoid burning. We send the guideline for “How to Apply”. Whether you have small or big custom patches; iron on is a great backing. Embroidery iron on patches is also possible. If you are stitching custom patches on hats, or sewing patches on leather vest, iron on backing allows you to do that. All iron on patches are sew on patches too. It does not have any type of troubles. Adhering to are advised patches with iron on backing:.

· Embroidered letters– One of the most prominent techniques to personalize and customize t shirts, caps, hats, golf bags, sports bags, backpacks, and similar products. Big iron on patches similarly excellent to decorate layers.

· Embroidery applique– Everyone suches as table linens, table covers, cushions, pillow covers enhanced with embroidery applique. Youngsters furthermore place this product on their t-shirts, blues jeans, towels, and institution bags.

· Custom iron on labels– Small garments firms utilize custom iron on labels to make a blank apparel branded. This is the most basic means to start your really own apparel line. There are a number of blank clothing suppliers that market blank clothes at wholesale expenses. Merely buy from them as well as place your iron on material labels; isn’t extremely easy?

· Printed patches– Dye sublimation printing approach is obtaining increasingly more attention from the market’s giants. Nearly every clothing producer is utilizing this printing technique. It simple and affordable. We create printed big iron on patches with a great border.

There is no backing for stitch on bike patches or stitch on name labels; you have to use your sewing machine to attach sew on motorbike patches or stitch on name labels due to the truth that they allow in size and you can-not attach making use of sticky assistance.

Keep in mind: Iron on patches do not stick on 100% nylon, satin, and also various other comparable materials. Please do sufficient testing before putting an order.

Velcro Backing.
Custom Velcro patches can be woven or embroidered. The most effective use of Velcro is custom Velcro name patches for groups, employees, or doctors. Adhering to are a number of typical and custom Velcro patches with Velcro assistance to decorate garments and garments:.

Velcro hat patches– It is really simple and also useful to make use of emblems on hats or caps using a little heat-press maker.

Velcro patches for knapsacks– Student, particularly young students enjoy to enhance their knapsacks with sticker labels as well as emblems. They keep changing their knapsacks look; Velcro backing is a fantastic as well as suitable for them.

Velcro patches for coats– There are thousands of motorbike clubs worldwide, as well as countless motorcyclists. They all make use of specifically developed coats, particularly, leather layers and also vest. They take part in lots of motorbike occasions or bicycle rider rallies; Velcro support allows them to be ready for the next event without acquiring new coats. Firemen Velcro patches,, EMT Velcro patch, as well as tactical Velcro badges likewise have their worth.

Please note that custom Velcro patches can-not be used as sew on badges however stitch on motorcycle patches or stitch on name labels.

Plastic Backing.
If you require a wonderful and also smooth-look for the back of your patches, you need this support after that. Patches with this support maintain their form, also after countless cleans as well as regular usage. They are sew on badges; it shows they are put on the apparel making use of a sewing machine. Bear in mind, you can-not use these patches using iron since they are sew on badges.

Button Loop.
Many people do not such as to put a logo on their tee shirts, entirely. They must place an embroidered badge on their upper body when they look into a trade convention or attend an organisation event. Button loops are great for them. Patches with a switch loop can furthermore have iron on backing. Users can merely hang their branded signs to a tee shirt button. We can add button loops to stitch on name labels, custom Velcro patches, large iron on patches, sew on badges, and also sew on motorcycle patches. We can attach this loophole to little or huge iron on patches as an optional accessory.

Hot-Cut Edge likewise called Satin-Stitch Edge.
Instead of the basic rounded edges, hot-cut patches have sharp, comprehensive edges. Great for emblems with great levels of information as well as comprehensive designs that genuinely stand out!

Encouraged for unusual form; kiss-cut or custom-cut form; we can-not usage Merrow-machine to do sides of a “celebrity” form logo design. We offer satin-stitch boundary at no additional cost. This is excellent for stitch on name labels, sew on bike patches, custom Velcro patches, big iron on patches, and also sew on badges.

Overlocked Border similarly called Merrow Border.
Overlocked border is the standard as well as conventional strategy for fabric badges. We finish the embroidery then cut the emblems using a pair of scissors. We do the border; it needs added time, product, and labor. Consequently, we bill some added fee for Merrowed border. Stitch on name labels, stitch on motorcycle patches, sew on badges, custom Velcro patches, as well as huge iron on patches proper for merrow border.

Metal Thread.
Steel threads are readily available in a couple of colors just; they anticipate an eye-catching and also beautiful appearance. It is much more costly than rayon viscose or polyester thread.

Custom Patch Maker.
Exceptional Custom Patches makes state of the art Custom Patches for each need. We do custom help promotional service, advertising agencies, graphics as well as indications, embroidery and screen printing, SAGE, ASI, PPAI suppliers, and also regional merchants. We develop Iron On Patches for firms and also companies of all dimensions around the United States in all 50 states. We also establish Iron On Patches for garments makers. They use our labels to enhance their popular clothing. When you require outstanding Custom Patches, let Excellent Custom Patches be your trusted supplier.

Premier Custom Patches.
When you desire premium custom patches produced specifically for your firm or group, Excellent Custom Patches is the leader. We are proud to produce tailored Iron On Patches for the uniforms of our Armed Forces and also First Responders. We make a good deal of Iron On Patches for the Army, Police, Firefighters around the US, considerable Flight Crews, Medical, Security, and lots of work teams that need their own name tag patches on uniforms. As well as of course, it’s continuously fascinating when we reach create Iron On Patches for sporting activities teams. We have actually dealt with a few of our favorites players. Please call us to talk about developing your Iron On Patches!

Iron On Patches and Velcro Patches.
Here at Excellent Custom Patches you can use our patches in a number of numerous techniques. We make Embroidered Patches with distinct assistances like iron on as well as Velcro. We furthermore provide self-adhesive backing, plastic lamination backing, button loops, as well as various other backing as well as accessory choices. We are a complete tailored patch firm with years of experience. We’ve dealt with every market and all type of services and organizations. Get in touch with us with your distinct needs for your Velcro Patches!

Just how We Process Your Orders for Custom Patches.
Complying with are our 6 easy activities to refine an order for Custom Patches:.

Action 1. A buyer sends their logo layout art work; talked about the required quantity, dimension, backing option (Velcro or Iron on), and various other information for an estimate.

Action 2. We digitize/design the logo design as well as return a digital sample, and the price quote. We additionally review the delivery time.

Action 3. The purchaser approves the given price quote and makes the full payment in advance.

Step 4. We produce an example for the authorization; we send out a type with a picture of the pre-production sample.

Tip 5. The buyer indicators the authorization document and go back to us.

Activity 6. We run the production and send off the order in the provided time; we utilize DHL that takes 3-4 days to ship in the United States.

Quality Assurance Department.
We provide needlework solutions and have actually experienced team who manage the high quality of our Custom Patches. We are a custom needlework; therefore, our high quality controllers are knowledgeable embroiderers with considerable experience in the custom needlework sector.

Our QCs analyze design information, lays out, fill areas, and the back side of the Custom Patches to ensure the bobbin thread setups.

The adhering to are NINE (9) steps our QCs comply with:.

1. Analyze dimension; make use of a ruler to gauge the ended up dimension of the patches.

2. Look into all the text/letters in a logo design as well as match it with its initial logo style artwork.

3. Inspect the puckering issues, using the material stabilizer, as well as thread trimming.

4. Assurance the backing (Velcro/Iron on) is according to the standards as well as used correctly.

5. Make sure the boundary kind (Hot-Cut/Merrow), and also the shade is based on the directions.

6. Count the finished Custom Patches completely; we send out 3-5% added Custom Patches.

7. Assurance the high quality of all the Custom Patches is 100%; we do not send any type of solitary custom patch with any little concerns.

8. Ensure the packing is excellent and clean; we make small packets using the bobbin thread. We do not make use of rubber band; rubber melts, and also it might harm some/all the Custom Patches in a package.

9. Repeat all prior activities two times for every single order. Publish the list with every order and also utilize a pen to mark each action.

Free Pantone Color Matching.
Why is Pantone matching essential? Shades on a screen constantly various than the ones on the PMS * color publication; matching PMS publication colors with on-screen colors does not function. The only method to match the shades precisely, 100%, is making use of a physical PMS shade publication. If you are using a PDF PMS shade book, you are accepting the difference in colors, rather. To prevent this distinction, all embroidery solutions use PMS.

We match any kind of thread or product shades with the offered PMS shade codes totally complimentary. It helps our customers to acquire the specific thread or product colors they need for a task. For history textile, we use Dye Sublimation technique to match the called for PMS shade. We constantly attempt to match as close as possible but keep in mind that Pantone has over 3,000 colors. Madeira, the largest embroidery thread brand, has around 500 thread shades. There is one thread color for 6 Pantone colors.

Stitch-count Based Prices.
Unlike other needlework solutions, we make use of the stitch-count based rates technique. It makes good deals of sense when you utilize “pay as you go” rates calculator. Dimension based costs are, occasionally, extreme for an easy logo. The number of stitches varies logo design to logo design; a 3″ round logo layout with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches.

So, how do our competitors (the various other custom needlework company) determine the price? Do you believe they would base the cost on 15,000 stitches?

Never! They frequently base their prices on the higher stitch-count.

Isn’t it unreasonable for you? If so, stop being billed unfairly, TODAY!

An American Company with Overseas Manufacturing.
We are a registered LLC company in the state of Texas. We get our payments in our domestic checking accounts; we get the traditional bank checks in addition to the modern eChecks.
Collaborating with a TRUE American firm shows supporting the regional economic situation.

Complete Satisfaction is ACTUALLY Guaranteed Here!
We obtain signed authorization for each custom embroidery order for Custom Patches; we request our customers to authorize the authorization paper by hand. We define all the information, PMS/ Madeira colors codes, and also attach a picture of the pre-production sample. We fix the whole/partial order if we fail to generate specifically the identical end product. We likewise supply our time payment plan or a full/partial reimbursement. This is our initial problem to please each and every customer. We do not have any single dissatisfied customer. We remain in the business considering that 2008!

Custom Patches No Minimum.
Yes, this is 100% genuine!

You are at the ideal area if you require simply one customized embroidered patch for your specific usage. We take orders for Custom Patches No Minimum!

Exceptional Custom Patchess has its one embroidery machines; that’s why we have the capacity to offer our customers the possibility to purchase Custom Patches No Minimum. Below at Excellent Custom Patches, you can order one, 5 or ten patches for your very own requirement.

All Threads as well as Material Are Available Here!
Thread Options: Glow-in-the-Dark, Smooth Metallic, Twisted Metallic, Neon/Polyester with high luster, Fire resistant, and others.

Various Other Options: Reflective material, Fire resistant fabric, Real Leather, Felt,.

Rhinestones, and various other ornamental options.

Please just let us know simply what you need; we will do our finest to create distinct personalized iron on patches for you!

Free Design Setup for Custom Patches.
Converting an art data (a logo layout picture) to a needlework file called embroidery digitizing. We do not credit digitize a logo design for embroidered patches. The genuine worth for this solution is around $30 for the tiny logo styles as well as $150 for coat back logo designs, yet we do it free of charge!

Yes, it applies! We are not kidding.

Please place an order for Custom Patches and also see exactly what we do.

Free Artwork Modification.
Some logos misbehave for needlework; some logos have a great deal of little information, outlines, letters, and gradient effects. These kinds of logo design layouts are not “embroidery-friendly” We simply change these art work to make them “embroidery-friendly”.

Custom Patches are Shipped by DHL/FedEx.
Unlike our competitors, we constantly make use of DHL or FedEx to delivery Custom Patches to our clients in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and also other countries. We do not bill any solitary cent for the specific shipping. DHL/FedEx provides in 3-4 days in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the countries found in Western Europe. The shipment time is around a week for Eastern Europe, South Korea, and also various other nations.

Please note that we are exempt for any type of import obligations or tax obligations imposed by your customs department.

Estimate with Real Samples Photos *.
We digitize all logo designs and then emerge examples for each and every patch price quote. We do not bill for making a real sample for Custom Patches (Embroidered patches or Printed patches).

Turn-around Time.
Our routine turn-around is:.

10-12 service days for as high as 500 patches with approximately 20K stitches.

20-25 service days for 1000 to 3000 patches with as long as 20K stitches.

35-45 service days for 4000 to 10,000 patches with as long as 20K stitches.

Rush 4-5-day turn-around at 50% added expenditure for approximately 200 patches with as high as 20K stitches.

Super Rush 2-3-day turn-around at 100% added cost for around 200 patches with roughly 20K stitches.

* The above talked about turn-around time is computed after getting your signed authorization.

* We utilize DHL that takes 3-4 days to provide; usually, they take more than 3-4 days.

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