Custom Velcro name patches is our best seller! Need only 1 to 5 custom name patches in 1-day? Not a problem. We can make custom name patches in low quantity (with Velcro or iron on) and can dispatch in 1 day by dhl. Please send your query to get the price quote.



We are Houston Embroidery Service, a leading embroidered name tags manufacturer and distributor in Texas. We make custom embroidered name patches as well as other custom patches at economical prices with several backing options. Our embroidered name patches for the uniforms come in various methods like embroidery, and printing. PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A


Embroidered name patches

Every person has a name, names tapes are the simplest type of identification. Custom embroidered name patches are utilized in most places like motorbike clubs, companies, teams and also military units which in their very own instance use ocp embroidered name patches if you have a team, staff or military unit you might such as to recognize its members by their names on their clothes specifically with a name patch as well as this is where we are available in!

Our embroidered name patches are absolutely the ideal answer for you. With our name embroidery, you get to personalize just about anything with your names on it. Our ocp embroidered name patches (specifically developed for the armed forces) are of top quality and also course created to stand truth test of time.

Custom Velcro name patches vs custom iron on name patches.

Custom Velcro name patches (Velcro backing)– it includes use 2 strips of slim plastic sheets covered with small loops and the other with little versatile hooks that adhere when pressed together as well as divided when rived. This method can additionally be discovered on tennis shoes for children. It’s a typical technique and its advantage is that it adds versatility– the ability to utilize custom Velcro name patches on different cloths.

Custom iron on name patches (iron on backing)– it is additionally referred to as heat seal backing involves a thin layer of unique adhesive that fastens on the material when heated up using completely dry iron thereafter coming to be hardened when it’s cools off. Custom iron on name patches easy to use.

The sew on backing– this is done utilizing a sewing machine. It’s the best as well as permanent method to apply embroidered patches.

As well as finally, the peel and stick backing– also known as adhesive backing or sticky backing works like a sticker. It is a short-lived backing approach that can conveniently be eliminated and also reused for 4– 6 times.

So what would you like? Custom Velcro name patches or custom iron on name patches?

Custom name patches manufacturing cost

When you put an order for custom name patches with us, we compute the cost based upon the number of stitches made therefore making it cost effective for you. We do not have minimum to orders thereby providing you the flexibility to buy any type of variety of custom name patches for you needs. So, i can assure you it will not cost you much to have us make your custom Velcro name patches or custom iron on name patches. This prices method additionally applies for our embroidered name tags. Please send your inquiry, discuss the quantity, as well as various other details after that we will give you an accurate estimate.

Embroidered name patches production time

All our services are fast lane, so your custom Velcro name patches or custom iron on name patches should not take long to get to you. However, we may need to experience a couple of processes like having you confirm the style as well as the very first example of custom name patches for authorization. When these are finished, we will certainly commence production quickly and dispatch the order. We make use of dhl for our deliveries implying you ought to have your custom name patches provided within 3– 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the us. There are likewise choices for super-rush 1-day or rush 5-day turnaround.

Buyers of our embroidered name patches

Our buyers are firms, organizations, advertising agencies, institutions to clubs, government authorized suppler of fatigue clothes military systems and also other uniform companies who call for custom iron on name patches or embroidered name tags on their members’ clothing. Embroidered name tags, custom iron on name patches, and custom Velcro name patches are our best sellers. We deliver all embroidered name tags, custom embroidered name patches, along with consistent name patches quickly and supply free of charge distribution worldwide by dhl. Typical turn-around time 10-working days, as well as 3-day rush distribution at extra rate.

Everybody needs embroidered name patches

From army consistent embroidered name tags to custom name patches on the jumpsuits of mechanics, insect control guys, and so forth, lots of companies utilize uniform embroidered name tags. They inform others the identification of the specific placing on the attire. They serve as an icon of pride and also permanency for the individual. Embroidered name tags even be made to include the firm logo design along with work as advertising and marketing, so you intend to acquire them right by collaborating with Houston Embroidery Service.

Custom name patches backing options

Embroidered name tags from Houston Embroidery Service be available in four major types. There are a lot of methods to make custom name patches, from text color along with layout to background and likewise boundary stitching. They can be located in various sizes and shapes. If you can consider a style, there is a great opportunity that a custom patch maker can match it very closely. When individuals inquire about the kinds of embroidered name tags we offer, what they typically wish to recognize is just exactly how those embroidered name tags can be linked to the shirts, caps, coats, bags, and also aprons.

For uniform name patches, all four significant add-on options are used:

  1. Custom sew on name patches: this is most likely the sort of patch people are most accustomed to. It is stitched onto a piece of fabric using a sewing machine. Fastening embroidered name tags by doing this is the best in addition to many durable choice. It is very easy to find a sewing solution supply in any type of town; the expense is additionally affordable to have your name patches sewn on your attire. Please keep in mind that the custom sew on name patches are various than the custom Velcro name patches.
  1. Custom iron on name patches: if you select custom name patches with this type of backing (iron on), you will definitely need to use an iron to “stick” them to the textile in question. The heat of the iron activates a glue in the backing, creating the patch to connect when it cools and additionally strengthens. This is the simplest method to connect custom iron on name patches to the clothing. Please look into ourcustom iron on patches.
  1. Custom Velcro name patches: these name patches are implied to be handled as well as also off as you favor as well as also switched out with numerous other patches. For name patches, this is possibly helpful for business where there might be a suitable amount of turn over. Custom Velcro name patches permit numerous wearers to wear one coat with their very own name tags. Please check out ourcustom Velcro patches.
  1. Custom adhesive name patches: they have a backing that is essentially like that of a sticker. When you peel off the slim paper covering the backing, you can stick the patch to material. This technique works 1 to 2 times just. After that, custom adhesive name patches can still be sewn on utilizing a sewing machine. Likewise, you can stitch the Velcro to the patches and transform them custom Velcro name patches.

Embroidered name tags by a local custom patch maker

Benefits of getting custom iron on name patches with Houston Embroidery Service. Why should you get your custom name embroidered patches from us?

We do not require a minimal number of patches to order. While the us militaries can require to get countless army embroidered name patches yearly, we comprehend that a great deal of small businesses do not need patches in big amounts. Moreover, we comprehend that there are lots of individuals who might want custom name patches for their very own personal usage.

Need to order only 10 custom name patches? Great. 5? No problem. A solitary custom name patch that’s just for your private usage? You’re at the ideal place.

We provide this adaptability to customers as a result of the fact that we use an excellent single-headed embroidery maker for small-quantity orders like 5 or 10 custom name patches.

We take customization seriously! This is your custom name patches. It ought to look the ways you prefer. Interested in really felt? Actual leather? Neon/polyester with high sparkle? Glow-in-the-dark thread?

These are simply a few of the feasible methods you can tailor your embroidered name patches to your taste.

Profits? If you require custom name patches, Houston Embroidery Service has you covered.