Custom Velcro Patches for Caps

Custom Velcro Patches with 1-day RUSH and 10-day regular turnaround. Custom patches no minimum! You can order just 5 or 10 patches here. High-quality custom Velcro patches at low prices! PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A PRICE QUOTE.


Custom Velcro Patches by Houston Embroidery Service

We manufacture high-quality Velcro patches at low price; we can deliver your patches in 3 working days (at an additional cost).

Velcro consists of two strips of thin plastic sheet with one covered in tiny loops and the other with tiny flexible J-hooks. Our Velcro patches are perfect for any business or organization that uses jackets, hats, and other items for more than one person. Each person can have their own patch displaying their name or additional information. Simply switch the patches using the handy Velcro fastener. Please click here to see our morale patches.

Custom Velcro Patches are Easily Attachable

Easy to attach. Have a sewing service sew the loop side of the Velcro. This is a one-time job. Once the loop side is sewn to clothing, it won’t fall off. Great for when you need a different patch for each event. Simply take off the old Velcro patch and attach the new one. This is the convenience you want when you need flexibility.

Custom Velcro Patches can Attach or Detach, Quickly

These are great looking embroidered patches with any design and look you want, but affixed to hats and clothing with reliable Velcro. This is a top-quality fastener technology that will hold your patches firmly on the item for as long as you like. Then when you’re ready to remove patches, just peel them off.

Custom Velcro Patches are Flexible and Convenient

Velcro patches give you remarkable flexibility and convenience. You save a lot of time and money while getting your employees to work sooner. Your team and management are going to love their Velcro patches from Houston Embroidery Service. We recommend to sew on patches for jackets (full back).


Custom Velcro Patches on Japanese Barudan Embroidery Machines

Our custom Velcro patches are made with superior computerized equipment built in Japan. While other embroidery companies get lesser quality with cheaper Chinese machines, we made the costlier decision to step up to Japanese Barudan embroidery machines. They are respected throughout the industry for their quick work, ability to handle high volumes, and remarkable detail and consistency.

Custom Velcro Patches made with Madeira Thread (Optional)

Our custom Velcro patches are made with very high quality but an inexpensive thread that gives you excellent results. We use very popular but more expensive Madeira thread upon requests. Madeira firefighter thread works best for fire-resistant embroidered patches. We also use fire-resistant Velcro for fire-resistant embroidered patches.

Custom Velcro Patches Background Material

We mostly use polyester twill fabric that gives excellent results. Our customers love it. We also use Felt, Nylon, Real Leather, Fake Leather, Canvas, and other types of woven fabrics. It’s your choice. In short, our custom Velcro patches are made the way you want. Just tell us what background material you want for your custom patches.

Custom Velcro Patches Advantage

The advantage to Velcro patches really comes into focus when the same clothing is used by more than one person. One individual can remove his name Velcro patch while the other worker affixes his name tag. Many companies use rental uniforms where this Velcro patch process works easily and conveniently. Please also check out our iron on patches.

Custom Velcro Patches Make One Jacket for Ten Events

You may just need Velcro patches for a particular business or sports event. We can create that for you, giving you the official identity, your team needs to be effective. Business people who frequently attend trade shows, domestic and international, need to show their companies names, event names, event location, and year on their jackets or hats. Just ONE jacket or hat with unique Velcro patches is enough for ten or twenty events.


Please contact Houston Embroidery Service for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Simply tell us what you need, and we will create it for you. We handle all orders both large and small. No matter who you are, you will always get our best effort, most impressive work, and most exceptional value. Please email us your logo at