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Embroidered Firefighter Patches

The Two Different Types of Embroidered Fire Rescue Patches

Whether you require Houston Fire Department patches or New York City Fire Department patches, your uniform typically will have two different kinds of embroidery patches: ordinary patches and fire-retardant patches. What’s the difference?

Flame-Resistant Firefighter Patches

Often called FR embroidered patches, these are made with a special FR thread. This thread is Oeko-Tex certified and 100% Aramid, which has Nomex branded fibers that come from DuPont. It is a thread that was specially designed for use in aeronautics, fire and safety, motor sports, and other industries with specific safety standards. Because of all these things, FR patches are incredibly expensive. They should be used only in situations where safety is a primary concern.

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Ordinary Embroidered Firefighter Patches

These types of patches are made with regular thread. Because of this, they have no heat resistance and can burn up in a fire. Compared to FR patches, they are far less expensive, so they should be used unless an FR patch is required.

Regardless of whether you are buying FR patches or ordinary patches, most firefighter patches should be sewn on because they are meant to be added once and stay on. FR firefighter patches can be quite pricy. Couple this with the fact that most fire departments aren’t exactly rolling in money, and you want to ensure the embroidery service you use gets your patches right the first time. Go with Houston Embroidery Service to get the quality and service you need. Please read more about our custom Velcro patches.

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Embroidered Firefighter Patches