Promo products belong to a category of marketing items that fit into every business. Whether you are an apparel retailer who sells the best clothing pieces using embroidered patches of different companies or a travel agency that caters to tourists who want to travel the world, you can make use of promo products to attract your leads and grow awareness of your business.

Statista has some interesting statistics to share with you regarding the viability of promo products as a marketing tool. According to a survey of the website, the sales revenue of promo product distributors in America is $24.7 billion. In addition, every American man and woman owns 10 promo products on an average, the website reveals.

These statistics give you just a broad idea of the growing trend of promo products and how much they are part of the people’s lives. Being a promo product manufacturer, you need to be aware of the top businesses that invest in promo products so that you can pitch your best promotional items to them.

To make your job easy, we’ve listed here some of the top buyers of promo products that you can attract this year:

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Education sector is the biggest buyer of promotional handouts that purchase these items to increase their exposure to public at large. The majority of buyers in this industry include schools and colleges that position these promo products to attract their target audience that consists of students and teachers. Some of the common giveaways in education sector include bags, pens, notepad and stationary items.


Financial industry ranks second as the major buyer of corporate gifts. Since financial institutions turn the wheel of economy of any country, they have a big audience that they want to reach. From government and private organizations to public at large, they cater to a sizeable population of a country.

For this reason, financial institutions can be a major buyer of promo products and they can be one of your profitable clients. Calculator, cash cube, credit card holder and chocolate coins are some lucrative swags that financial institutions can order as promotional merchandise.


Healthcare is another big consumer of promo products. The red cross is a symbol of healthcare industry and healthcare professionals use it on their promotional merchandise as a way to remind people of their healthcare facility, such as a hospital, clinic, lab or dispensary.

The healthcare industry needs swags like first aid kit, thermometer, travelers medical kit and hot/cold pack to remain in memory of the patients so that they can remember them whenever something goes wrong in their body.

4.Non-Profit Organizations

There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in America alone, according to Statista. This is a huge number and their demand for promotional handouts can convert into your profits. Since a non-profit needs financiers and supporters to run an organization, it needs promotional items to attract their target audience. The common freebies that non-profits will likely need include wristband, lanyard. tote bag and T-shirt with custom embroidered patches.


Construction business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Some of the top-ranked companies belong to construction industry and they make billions of dollars every year. So they will not think twice to spend some bucks on corporate gifts which can help them reach their brand to new markets.

From contractors and engineers to builders and developers, there is a wide range of audience who wants to buy swags to get into the minds of their clients as well as spread word-of-mouth publicity of their business to new markets. Some apt promo products in construction business can include things like engineer hats, pens, tape measure and notepad etc.


Yes, you read it right. Government sector is one of the largest purchasers of promotional handouts. People from public offices, state and government agencies as well as candidates of election campaigns buy promo products to promote their organization as well as spread their political manifestos and slogans.

In addition, they need promotional items to keep themselves in front of their competitors. So you have a wide array of audience from government sector who can purchase your promo products to reinforce their organizational mission or political agenda.

7.Trade, Professional Associations & Civic Clubs

Trade, Professional Associations & Civic Clubs are a group of people within an organization who represent and act on behalf of a specific industry. They aim to educate people about an industry as well as perform marketing and advertising activities to promote that industry to public at large.

They buy giveaways to reinforce their business mission and to spread their agenda to general public and people in the power. They can buy promo products relevant to their specific industry, ranging from bags and apparels to drinkware and tech products.

8.Real Estate

The size of real estate industry has multiplied over the past few decades and today it is listed among the fastest growing industries of the world. There are too many real estate developers, agents and realtors in this business than what would be the figure in the early 1900s.

When there is so much money in a business, the competition is always cutthroat and businesses strive harder to attract clients. This is why, people in real estate business are among the leading buyers of promo products. You can provide them with some suitable promo products, such as key ring, magnet business card, calendar or a miniature home.


Automotive industry is again a booming business that earns billions of dollars and the competition is fierce. So you have a good chance of getting big orders of promo products that fit into this industry. Automotive industry is run by three major businesses: automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers and service parts suppliers. Based on these major players in this industry, you can offer giveaways like key ring, car charger, travel safety kit and sun shades to name a few.


Professionals make up the trained and certified experts in different fields. They can be lawyers, doctors, certified public accountants (CPAs) and architects. These professionals need swags to build their brand and grow awareness of their law consultancy office, clinic or accounting firm.

Depending on their needs you can pitch them popular giveaways like T-shirt, mugs, pens and caps as well as specific products that match their field.

These all are some of the top buyers of promo products. As a manufacturer or distributor of promo products, you can pitch promotional items to these buyers in order to make more profits from your business.

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