Here Are 6 Of The Most Iconic Shoes the World Has Ever Seen
Here Are 6 Of The Most Iconic Shoes the World Has Ever Seen

Throughout history, shoes have evolved as a piece of clothing that is both a basic and luxury item. The past few decades have seen a gradual transition in the design of shoes. Today, you see the outrageously high heels, elegant ballet flats, and the sassy Christian Louboutin. These shoes are sold by famous brands under different labels and custom patches.

This article will explore the evolution of these shoes through history:

1.    Ballet Flats

As its name suggests, ballet flats got its name from the ballet dancerswho would wear these shoes during the 16th century. They replaced the high heels of that time and appeared in Royal Academy of Dancewhen ballerinas donned them in their performances.

The shoes got immense popularity after Audrey Hepburn wore them in her movie“Funny Face.”Sincethen, ballet flats have emerged as iconic shoes for women who can wear them in different occasions. The shoes complement all kinds of outfits whether you are wearing a gown or a trouser.

2.    Platform Shoes

The earliest precursor of platform shoes can be dated back to 15th century when they were known as Zoccoli and were popular in the Venice. The modern reference of platform shoes can be traced back to 1930s when Salvatore Ferragamorolled out the cork sandal.

By 1970s, platform shoes were a rage in the western world where they became a symbol of style.They were commonplace during the disco era of the 1970s and got phenomenal popularity after the release of the movie “Saturday Night Fever.”Afterwards, theybecame the hottest fashion accessory in both the men’s and women’s wardrobe.

The famous fall of Naomi Campbell in 1993 Spring/Summer ramp walk brought these shoes to the limelight of the fashion world. The heel was the most noticeable part of this types of shoes that go as high as 30.5 centimeters.

3.    Armadillo Shoes

The Armadillo Shoesbecame famous after they were showcased in 2010 Plato’s Atlantis catwalk showby Alexander McQueen.It was thesocialite Daphne Guinnessand the pop star Lady Gaga who worelongarmadillo shoes made by the Alexander McQueen which brought these shoes under thespotlight of media.Today, Armadillo Shoesare considered a style statement and is worn exclusively as a high fashion clothing item.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Ugg Boots

The famous ugg boots are made from sheepskin which made them a perfect footwear for the shepherds who would put them on while herding the livestock. Ugg bootsreached the commercial market during the 1930s when a number of Australian manufacturers started making them for the masses, while some retailers began selling uggs under the custom made patches of famous brands.

Ugg boots became more famous during the 1990s when it reached the American market and gained 80% of their sales in California where they were worn by the surfers. However, they got international attention after the American Olympian team Lillehammerdonned them during the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Afterward, it was Sienna Miller who wore the shoes during the 2004Glastonbury Festival and it was in the news the next day. And since then, the uggs have come a long way to become a valuable asset in a women’s wardrobe.

5.    Ruby Shoes

The famous ruby shoes were part of the character Dorothy Gale in the movie The Wizard of Oz. The shoes were inspired from the original novel by L. FrankBaum that featured the shoes in silver color. However, the color of the shoes was changed from silver to red by Noel Langley who wanted to make use of the Technicolor technology that have just emerged at the time.

To produce the ruby shoes, the costume designer Gilbert Adrian used 2300 sequins, Swarovski crystals, glittering organza and red glass beads. Ruby shoes are still considered one of the most iconic shoes of all time.

6.    Stiletto

Stiletto redefined the feminine fashion and gave it a sassy taste. It personified the image of the modern woman who is free, confident and pompous. It started the trend of increasing heels and decreasing hemlines. The name of Stiletto is inspired by a knife that is slim and sharp. It became the staple footwear of the courtiers during the medieval era who would attend the royal proceedings wearing the stiletto. But it was gawky and bland at that time. The design of the shoe continued to get sharp and refined over the course of time. By the 1960s, they were the most stylish shoes for women.

Today, the stiletto is one of the highest-selling shoes in the world and is worn by celebrities, style divas, supermodels, and socialites.

7.    Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin gave women her most loved shoes that we know as Christian Louboutin. This stiletto has a distinguished red sole which makes it a favorite of millions of fashionistas around the world. It is a brainchild of Christian Louboutin who was working in his atelier when he saw his assistant applying red nail polish. This led him to apply red color in the sole of the stilettos made under his eponymous label.

Christian Louboutin has garnered immense popularity due to its unique design and it has become a staple item of clothing in the closet of the girls.

These are some of the most iconic shoes you can see in references of fashion history. They are known for their unique design and style.

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