Here Are 9 A List Spanish Fashion Labels That You Should Wear
Here Are 9 A List Spanish Fashion Labels That You Should Wear

Spain has a profound impact on art. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that the country has art in the air. The artistic depth of Spanish culture is strongly manifested in its fashion which is chic, trendy and highly modern. In this listicle, we will discuss some of the most popular Spanish fashion brands that you should know:

1.    Zara

Zara is the world’s largest apparel retailer with over 2000 stores in 96 countries. It has an amazing brand value of $18.4 billion. Zara is a fast-fashion clothing brand that sells everything from apparels and accessories to outerwear and beauty products.Zara has everything for every individual whether you are a man, woman, kid or an oldie. At Zara, you can buy a clothing piece at a price ranging from $10 to more than $100.

2.    Mango

Mango is one Spanish fashion brand that is going toe-to-toe with Zara. Launched in 1984, Mango has reached every region of the world with its more than a thousand stores in 91 countries. While Mango sells all kinds of apparels, it is particularly known for itsset of women-centric clothing that attractsthe women of all age and body type. The leather boots and statement rings are two most liked products by this brand.

Besides, the brand sells the best biker jacket that you can wear with embroidered patches. All in all, Mango is a top-rated Spanish brand that is known for its high-end apparels that you can buy at affordable price.

3.    Bimba y Lola

In 2005, Uxía and María Domínguez founded Bimba y Lola after the names of their pet dogs and since then it has emerged as one of the leading fashion houses from Spain. The brand is famous for its fancy patterns, loud colors and sporty apparels.

Bimba y Lola opened its first store in Bilbao, Spain and went on to open stores in other countries as well. Today, it has stores in all major parts of the world including South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Bimba y Lola has some of the coolest clothing pieces you can wear to glam up yourself.

From its animal print shirts and glitzy jewelry to its stylish jackets and leather boots, Bimba y Lola has the chicest clothing items to wear on any occasion. The ankle boots by this brand has gained immense popularity among the youth and teenagers.

4.    Stradivarius

A subsidiary of Inditex, Stradivarius is an equally popular Spanish brand that attracts younger audience. The brand was launched in 1994 from Barcelona and went on to become a global brand with stores in 68 countries. The staple products of this brand are its belted trench coats, printed scarves, funky jeans and biker boots that you can wear with some fancy custom embroidered patches.

5.    Pull & Bear

If you are a patron of edgy clothing, then Pull & Bearshould be your go-to source to upgrade your wardrobe this year. Pull & Bear was founded in 1991 as a menswear brand.It later diversified its clothing range into women’s wear.

For the lovers of grunge and hip hop fashion, Pull & Bear offers plenty of sartorial choices that includes shirts, jeans, shoes and accessories that has style elements of the 1970s and1980s. Pull & Bear has a large ensemble of clothing that includes every types of attire including formal, semi-formal, casual, outerwear and outdoor outfits.\

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

6.    Adolfo Dominguez

After undertaking the business from his father in early 1970s, Adolfo Dominguezstarted working on his designer label for the next few years before he rolled out his designs in Madrid in 1981. That was the beginning of his eponymous label which became a strong influence in fashion.

The incredible success of his label help him increase the outreach of his brand to other regions. Today, it has a strong presence in Europe where it predominantly sells its products through its online stores.It sells everything from t-shirts and polos to skirts and jumpsuits for both men and women.Adolfo Dominguez is known for making subtle pieces of clothing that looks striking and eye-catching.

7.    Desigual

Desigual is a Spanish fashion label that stands true to its name which means “unequal.” The brand sells apparel in the most unusual designs that have irregular designs, colorful patterns and striking patchwork. The brand is also very unusual in its style of advertising. In one of its ads, it asked the people to come undressed to its Madrid outlet and get an outfit for free.

Desigual has a wide range of clothing pieces that you can buy to meet your style preferences. It produces all types of apparel for every group of people from teenage to old age. The quality is second to none in the business.

8.    Massimo Dutti

Although Massimo Dutti is an Italian name, it is a Spanish brand that is known for its wardrobe collection of men, women, boys, and girls. Launched in 1985 as a menswear brand, it branched out in women’s clothing in 1995. Today, Massimo Dutti has more than 700stores in all major continents of the world where it sells apparel like t-shirts, pants, suits, jackets, coats, shoes and accessories.

However, the specialty of Massimo Duttilies in its tailored clothing that is meant for dressing the men and women in the workplace. For women, the brand makes the chicest separates in muted colors that look stylish and elegant.

9.    Bershka

Bershka is another company from Inditex which is known for its range of apparel that is available in both physical and online stores. Bershka is known for its ultra-modern and urban style of clothing pieces that are loved by both men and women. With its 1000 stories, it operates in 71 countries where people buy its clothes for their fresh and new designs. Bershka is popular among the youth who are into pop culture and want to wear apparels that conform to their taste. At Bershka, you can buy jackets, knitwear, blazers, jeans, tees, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and jewelry. It has every ensemble of clothing for everyone. These are some of the A-list Spanish fashion brands that offer high street fashion in avant-garde designs. Check out their online stores to pick apparel for your wardrobe.

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