Here Are The 5 Best Countries to Travel in Central America
Here Are The 5 Best Countries to Travel in Central America

Central America is comprised of sever small countries that have some of the best places on Earth.It has a rich history and is for the archeological and historical sites that captivate the fantasy of the tourists.

The continent is also known for itslush greenery due to the rainforests that spread over a sprawling area of land. Besides, you can see the wildlife in action, experience the pristine beaches and get a sight of the many active volcanoes.

Since it is summertime and people flock to this continent in large numbers, we list here some of the best places you can visit to witness the true beauty of Central America. All you need is a pair of shorts with custom patches, a hat and an itinerary:

1.    Costa Rica

One of the most popular countries from the Americas, Costa Rica is known for its pleasant weather, warm-hearted people and wonderful beaches. Let’s first talk about the thing that the place is frequently visited for: beaches. Costa Rica has the most beautiful beaches that offer aserene vibe where you can do the yoga or retire after a long stressful day.Jaco, Playa Grande and Tamarindo are some of the best beachesof the country. For the animal lovers, Costa Rica has some beautiful breeds of animals ranging from jaguars and American crocodile to sloth and king vulture. You can see all these creatures in action in the national parks of the Costa Rica, such as Tortuguero National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula.

The country has an excellent transportation network which is primarily run by buses and taxis. All in all, Costa Rica is a dream destination for anyone who wants to have a blast during the summer.

2.    Guatemala

While not a favorite of beach lovers, Guatemala offers many lucrative activities for people who have an interest in the exploration of the ancient world. The country has many historical sites including the Mayan Civilization that dates back to as early as 8000 B.C.

Antigua is the go-to city for the thousands of tourists who travel to this place for its colonial architecture that belong to the time of the Spanish rule of the country. Tikal is another place of interest for visitors as it has some of the ruins of the Mayan civilization. Among the many artefacts, the place is known for the ancient temples that are known for their artistic facades.

If you are an adventure lover, then you can head straight to the town of Livingston where you can take a thrilling motorboat ride and travel through the gigantic rainforests and can see the many aquatic animals. You can even experience the emerald pools in the Emeraldriverthat flows under the famous Limestone Bridge. Traveling the city is a breeze as you can find many buses that commute to anywhere in a city. You can even hire a cab, minivan or a minibus to take you to your desired destination.

3.    Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American region. It is famous for the volcanic islands and rainforests which are ranked among the largest in the world. It is known as one of the cheapest places to travel in Latin America. The biodiversity of this country is another reason why it is a hotspot for tourists. It contains 7% of the total biodiversity of the Earth. So you can see some of the rarest species including the famous freshwater sharks.

However, the most favorite part of this country is Lake Nicaragua which breeds freshwater sharks. It is the nineteenth largest lake in the world and is the largest lake in Central America. Thousands of tourists take a boat ride through this lake to get a view of its scenic beauty.

The lake flows through the city of Granada and Ometepe Island. The latter is known for the active volcanoes which is quite a sight for the visitors. Besides, you can travel the many islets near Granada where you can laze around and have fun.

Scuba diving is the best thing to experience while you are on a visit to this country, especially when you are at Corn Islands. The country rates highly for its transportation and food. You can have some delicious local delicacies at much economical rates.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Panama

The beautiful land of the Panama is a bridge to the South American and North American territory. Of course, Panama City is the tourist attraction of the country which is home to nearly half of the total population of the country. Nonetheless, it is no less than any modern city of the world.The city has some of the tallest buildingswhich create a skyline.

The city has the shades of the Spanish architecture which reflects the history of this country that was once ruled by the Spanish rulers.In addition, Panama has some of the most tempting archipelagos that include San Blas Island, Bocas del Toro and the Pearl Islands. The San Blas Island is home to some of the best craftsmen who make the stuff inspired from the Panamanianculture.

The famous Panama hat is one of the examples of the craft of the people from this country. You can also get one made from a local artisan and can use your own custom patches for hats.

The country is particularly known for the Panama Canal which is older than a century.The canal is a delight to watch for the tourists who take a cruise ride to travel the canal.A canal system is built on the lake to allow the ships and cruises to pass through the canal. The visitors can see the canal using one of the many spots that are reserved specifically for the tourists.

Lastly, you should visit Panama to experience some of its best beaches that will revitalize you after a long week.Some of its best beaches are situated on the islands mentioned above.

5.    Belize

We all know Belize for the Great Blue Hole that looks stunning from the aerial view. But there is more to this country than the crater we often see in the travelogues. Belize is defined by the diversity of the natural sightings that include rivers, beaches and forests.

Besides, the country was once the epicenter of the activities of the Mayan Civilization, so you can see some of itsshades in this country. But Belize is known more as a heaven for the scuba divers and snorkelers since the country has some of the fantastic islands on Earth.

The pristine islands tempt thousands of visitors to turn to this country and get immersed into one of the best waters in the world.Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and tobacco Caye are some of the best islands to get wet on a sunny day.As for the transportation and food, you can expect only the top-rated service.Visit this country if you want to beat the heat during the hot summer season.

It’s summer time and the Central America has some of the best places to help you find refuge from the hot weather. Make these countries your next destination for a happy summer holiday.

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