Here Is a List of the Most Well Dressed Celebrities
Here Is a List of the Most Well Dressed Celebrities

Being a celebrity and luminary adds the extra pressure to constantly look your best at every occasion. For people, celebrities are the inspiration for getting ideas about dressing up. We have some of the most prestigious names from showbiz, entertainment and sports business who are known for their superb sense of dressing and self-grooming.

In this article, we will look at some of the most well-dressed celebrities who are known for their incredible dressing sense and style:

1.    Rami Malek

One of the most stylish names from Hollywood, Rami Malek has a killer sense of dressing that he often flaunts in his public appearances. The Oscar-winning actor has earned a reputation for being a show-stealer when it comes to dressing up.No he doesn’t wear funky t-shirts or denim jackets with custom patches. He has the class and elegance to carry the aura of a Hollywood star.

Rami Malek is famous for wearing the air tie shirts that he often wears on the red carpet.In his Oscar speech, he was seen wearing a tuxedo.And god! He was looking really hot. His choice for bold colors and elegant suiting are what make him one of the most well-dressed celebrities of recent times.

2.    Naomi Campbell

The British supermodel Naomi Campbell had walked the ramp for the who’s who of the fashion industry including the Gianni Versace, YSL, Chanel, Prada, Valentino andLouis Vuitton to name a few. When you’ve worked for such big fashion brands, you are naturally inclined towards grooming yourself and dressing up.

Naomi Campbellhad some iconic moments when she dressed her best and stole the show with her fantastic dressing sense. Her choice of apparels and bold style are the most noticeable aspects of her fashion profile.She can wear the most outrageous outfit and make it a fashion trend the next day. And since she is going to be 50 the next year, she has more reasons to defy her age.

3.    Lady Gaga

Only Lady Gaga has the audacity to wear an outrageous dress and make it a trend. She can drape an outfit with custom made patches and it will become the headlines the very next day (remember the meat dress she wore at the 2010 MTV Music Award!).

We saw her at Oscars wearing the off-the-shoulder gown by Brandon Maxwell and we saw her in the strapless dress by Calvin Klein. She looked fabulous in her every avatar and the fashion critics ranked her one of the best dressed women of the running year.

4.    Bradley Cooper

The rising star of one of the highest grossing movies, Bradley Cooper has redefined the style of dressingwith his sharply-tailored suits. His choice of Italian cut suits have earned him one of the most well-dressed men in the tinsel town.

The wayfarer sunglasses are the signature accessory of the star that he flaunts in the public appearances. His bomber jacket is another staple clothing he layers over a tee while he is strolling on the streets.Undoubtedly, he is one of the most well-dressed men of the modern times.

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5.    Emma Stone

We got impressed by the acting chops of Emma Stonein the La La Land and she bagged an Oscars for the same. Over the course of time, she has emerged as the true Hollywoodstarwho wooed the audience with her fine acting skills and killer sense of style.

From being a nerdyteenager to becoming the hottest Hollywood celebrity, the dressing sense of Emma Stone has come of ageto rank her among the most stylish divas. In her recent appearances on the red carpet and film festivals, she was seen wearing beautiful gowns and robes.

6.    Timothée Chalamet

The star actor from Call Me By Your Name, Timothée Chalamet has proved that talent and style make the best combination. Known for his offbeat sense of style, Timothée Chalamet never shies away from wearing suits that have eclectic patterns and colors.

We often see the young star in various styles of suits and off-duty attires that are different in designs, patterns and colors. Among his most common outfits are the two-piece suits, jackets and t-shirts.In this year, he continues to charm his fans with his unique dressing style.Timothée Chalamet loves wearing Alexander McQueen.

7.    Meghan Markle

The story of Meghan Markle from being a Hollywood doyen to becoming the Duchess of Sussex has filled gossip columns. Her life has changed now as member of the royal family. But her style profile has remained unchanged. She is still the reigning fashion diva who wears the most elegant dresses. In fact, she has become morepoised and graceful after donning the royal crown.

Her fashion sense took a new turn after she became the royal princess and tied the nuptial knotof Prince Williams. But she didn’t let the rules of the royalty change her sartorial choices. We saw her wearing the trousers in public appearances. We saw her with the prince flaunting the handbag.

And there is regal side of the Meghan Markle when we saw her wearing the royal blue dress at the gala concert. She looked stunning in the gown designed byStella McCartney for her wedding reception. Meghan Markle mesmerized us in her every avatar.

These celebrities wow us with their dressing sense. We look up to them as a sourceof inspiration for our sartorial choices.

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