Just how To Iron On Your New Patch

You have your brand brand-new iron-on patches in hand, and also they look excellent. There’s simply one problem: You aren’t quite certain how to affix them.
Have no anxiety. We’ll stroll you through the process of exactly how to iron on your new patch, detailed. Even if you aren’t specifically crafty, relax. The iron-on patch procedure is easy as well as does not call for a lot more than an iron and a little bit of perseverance.


Before you begin, double-check the garment or material you intend to place the patch on. Larger textiles like jeans or cotton are generally the best for patches. Be added careful if you’re mosting likely to make use of polyester material, as polyester can in some cases shed or come to be blemished if the heat is left on the material for also long. Fragile materials such as silk or lace are not good candidates for patches.

Area the patch on the garment prior to you try to iron it on to obtain an idea of how it will look, as well as find the very best placement for the patch. If you have numerous patches, strategy in advance to ensure you’ll have space for them all. You don’t intend to reach the last few patches and also realize you don’t have adequate room!

Iron the item that will obtain the patch. Lay the garment or material on an ironing board or another level surface that can hold up against the heat of the iron. Make certain any type of folds or wrinkles in the garment are smoothed out prior to trying to position the patch.

Next, place the patch on the garment or material in the place of your selection. Once again, check for any creases or folds around the patch. Extremely thoroughly, lay a slim towel over the patch while making certain not to disrupt the patch. The towel protects the patch from the straight warm of the iron, which can singe or blemish the patch when entering into contact with the hot steel.

Make certain it is turned OFF and also does NOT have any type of water in the tank if your iron has a vapor setting. Place the curling iron over the location with the patch, and hold it there for about 20 secs. Push down firmly, and maintain a constant hand. Make sure not to move while using stress, so that the patch doesn’t change on the textile.

Get rid of the iron and also allow the patch to cool momentarily or two. Remove the towel as well as check the patch. Replace the towel and also apply one more 10 secs of stress with the iron if there are any kind of edges that aren’t totally secured. The edges must lay totally flat against the fabric or garment when the patch is totally secured.

Now you’re done! Your patch prepares to wear or reveal off. Some people choose to sew around the edges of the patch for added safety, yet it’s not necessary. The adhesive is waterproof, however we suggest hand-washing the garment rather than running it via a cleaning machine. Enable the garment to air dry. The rubbing of a clothes dryer might create the sides of the patch to lift.

See? We told you it would be a easy and also fast process. If you have any type of follow-up concerns, please feel free to ask. We’re happy to assist!


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