Let Your Hairs Do the talking 10 Tips to Get Healthy Hairs
Let Your Hairs Do the talking 10 Tips to Get Healthy Hairs

Your hair can make or break your personality. Nonetheless, the majority of people take their hairs for granted which results in their poor health and eventual loss. The major culprit is your overall lifestyle. Healthy hairs not only enhance your looks but are also a sign of good health. To get thick, shiny and springy hairs, you need to be cautious about your life routines which including everything your diet and sleep to the product you are applying on your hair. If you aspire to get the best hairs, here are some of the expert tips you need to take into considerationeveryday:

1.    Pay Attention to Your Diet

The diet has an important role in your looks and your hair are no exception. Eating nutritious foods keeps your hair robust and shiny. Our hairs need a regular intake of superfoods that are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. So you need to add this essential nutrient in your diet to ensure that the health of your hair is up to the mark. A balanced solid and liquid diet is important to ensure the health of your hair. It can include foods like nuts, beans, fishes, meat and whole grains. In addition, you need to include juices and smoothies a part of your daily diet to replenish the daily loss of nutrients that cause damage to your hair.

To keep having good-looking hairs, you need to have juices made from fruits and vegetables like apple,cucumber, carrot and Aloe Vera. Since these foodsare rich in vitamins and proteins, they will help revitalizes yourhairs and boost their growth.

2.    Don’t Shampoo Daily

Shampooing your hairs daily deprives it from the essentialoils that promote the growth of your hairs. Therefore, you need to use less shampoo on your hairs. Just cut down on your use of shampoo and shampoo your hairs onlytwice or thrice in a week.

You can even use home-made remedies to substitute the shampoo. Using a mixture of egg and curd is one way you can get the shine in your hairs and keep it free from dirt and grease every day.

3.    Apply Hair Conditioner

Combing is a bigpart of our daily hair grooming. Combing on dry hairs can damage the scalp and break the hairs and this is where the role of a good conditioner can come into play. Using a viscous hair conditioner can significantly reduce the friction between hairs and allow smooth combing of the hairs which minimize the scratches on the scalp and reduces the breakage of hairs.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Don’t Overlook the Scalp

The health of your hairs is fundamentally connected with the health of your scalp. Just like the skin of your face, the scalp exfoliates everyday and the dead cells accumulates on the surface of it. To keep your scalp in a sound condition, you need to flush out the dead skin of the scalp by scrubbing it on daily basis.

Use a good hair scrub and give a gentle message to the surface of your scalp. This will remove the dead cells of the scalp as well as the dirt and debris that have settled on it.

5.    Take a Rinse of Mild Cold Water After a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath opens up the pores of the scalp andthe cuticles of your hairs. Rinsing your hairs in mild cold water after a hot bath closes down the pores of scalp and seal the cuticles. This doesn’t allow the dirt to settle deep down the epidermis of scalp as well asstrengthens the cuticles so they don’t easily break.

Therefore, you should make a habit of rinsing your hair with mild cold water after a hot bath to keep your scalp and hairs looking good. To remind yourself of the task, you can put a cloth in your bathroom with custom embroidered patches that read “Wash Your Hairs With Cold Water.”

6.    Keep the Heat Styling Device Between Medium to Low

Exposing your hairs to too much heat can scorch the hairs and affect its natural pigment. To keep your hairs in the best appearance, you need to heat style your hairs in moderate temperatures or it will damage the texture of your hairs and make it appear dull and burnout.

7.    Keep Your Hairs Wet

Dry hairs are more likely to break than wet hairs. This is why you need to keep your hairs wet and hydrated throughout the course of a day so that they don’t break or develop split ends. The best way to keep your hairs wet is by applying anoil-in-water cream that uses a mixture of oil and water to keep your hairs wet throughout the day.

Using your fingers, you can apply anoil-in-water cream to the strands of your hairs. Make sure that the cream works through every strand of your hairs and goes till the tip of the hairs.

8.    Use a Hat When You Are Under the Sunlight

Exposing your hairs constantly under the sun lightens your hairs and changes its tone. The effect is caused by the ultraviolet(UV) rays that destroys the melanin (pigment of hairs). Since the hairs are dead cells, theycould not retain their original color.

To protect your hairs from the damage of UV rays, you need to wear hats every time you go out in the sun. You can wear a chic hat with custom patches so that you still look stylish without showing your hairs.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

9.    Get a Cut After Every Few Weeks

Getting a haircut on regular basis keeps hairsfrom developing split ends that break the hairs.Having split ends not only reduces the length of your hairs, it also makes them look dull and scruffy.

Besides, long hairs take more time and efforts to comb. Short hairs, on the other hand, makes you look clean and suave and adds to your style statement.

10. Use Proper Combing

Combing is such an important thing in hair’s health as the rest of the things mentioned in this article. Improper combing damages the scalp breaks the hairs and entangles the cuticles. To ensure springy hairs that fall naturally, you need to properly comb your hairs.

Firstly, you need to use a wide-tooth comb that comes in handy when detangling wet hairs. Besides, you should apply a mousse to keep your hair smooth enough for a gentle combing. Use a mousse to smoothen your hairs so that you can comb them out easily.

Don’t rub the scalp or it will cause the irritation. Don’t use comb of your siblings orspouse to avoid contracting parasites. Clean out the comb after every use.

Your hairs can make you look like a Hollywood star. Just take into consideration these tips and you can become the next Johnny Depp or Taylor Swift.

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