Custom Printed Patches 3″ (Your Logo) 2026


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We make custom-printed patches for your logo image sized 3” (Height+Width/2) with iron-on, velcro, or self-adhesive to attach the patch on clothing/bags.

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Custom Printed Patches 3″ (Your Logo) 2026

Custom-printed patches are a creative and fun way to express yourself and make a statement. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors allowing you to customize your  logo. Patches can be stitched, ironed, or glued onto clothing, bags, hats, and more. They are a great way to show off your style and make a unique fashion statement. Custom-printed patches are also popular among businesses, groups, and organizations to promote their message. With a unique design, custom-printed patches can be an eye-catching way to stand out from the crowd. Not only are custom-printed patches an excellent way to stand out, but they are also durable and long-lasting making them a great investment.

Custom-printed patches are a great way to promote a political campaign or candidate. With the ability to create patches with slogans or political logos, you can help raise awareness and support for your cause.

Houston Embroidery Service makes printed patches with dye sublimation printing technology. We can print any image, artwork, or logo. There are no limitations in colors or details. We print everything and anything on polyester fabric to make printed patches.

We recommend this printing method when a logo has many tiny details and gradient effects that are impossible with embroidery. We print a logo or graphic onto 100% polyester twill fabric; then, we cut into the shape and do a merrow border.

We make printed patches with iron-on, hook and loop (velcro), self-adhesive, and plastic lamination attachments. We simply don’t attach anything to make sew-on patches. Please read more about patch backing options.

Our regular turnaround time is 15 working days for orders of up to 1000 printed patches. We may take a longer time for larger quantities orders. Please get in touch with us and discuss your project deadline.

We also offer rush turnaround for printed patches; we have two rush services: 5 working days at a 50% additional fee and 3-working-day at a 100% additional fee. Please call us to check availability.

Our patches manufacturing facility is in Karachi, Pakistan. We use DHL to ship our products; they take 7 to 10 days. Sometimes, they take longer than usual. It depends on the weather, flight availability, and their customs department processing. Please get in touch with your local DHL office to get updates about your package.


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