Revealing the History of 6 Iconic Logos of All Time
Revealing the History of 6 Iconic Logos of All Time

A logo is the face of a business. It creates the right brand image and conveys the main idea behind a brand. The world has seen some of the iconic logos in recent history. Some of them have even become the emblem of a specific industry.

For example,when we are hungry and want to dine out, we inadvertently think of the Golden Arches of McDonald’s. When we think of technology, we can’t help but think of the iconic logo of Apple. Similarly, when we want to quench our thirst with a chilled beverage, the emblem of Coca-Cola flashes in our mind.That’s the power of branding, and a logo is a driving force behind it.

In this article, we will drill down the history of the world’s most famous logos and what makes them so unique:

1.    Apple

The Apple logo is one of the most recognized brand identities in the world. But it was not the best logo when it was first designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne who was the co-founder of Apple. The first logo of Appleillustrated the famous legend aboutthe discovery of gravity.

The logo was a graphicrepresentation of Isaac Newton and how he discovered the gravity. It showed Isaac Newton reading a book under a tree, while an apple is about to plunge on him. It remained brand identity of Appleonly for a while, and the company changed it due to its complicated design.

The next logo was an applewith a partial bite. It used rainbow colors to give it a human connection.Rob Janoff designed it,and we can say that he did a fantastic job. The new logo looked appealing, simple, and clean. It remained the logo of Apple for many years before a monochrome logo replaced it.

However, the fundamental design elements of the original Apple-shaped logo remained the same throughout its history. Today, the company uses different versions of the Apple logo and makes it a part of branding for its various products. People wearT-shirts with custom embroidered name patch of the Apple logo to look cool.

2.    McDonald’s

The logo of McDonald’s is one of the most famous brand identities in history. The Golden Archesare a symbol of popular culture in American and abroad. It is currently the largest fast-food company in the world, and a big part of its success is cited with its timeless logo design that features two arches which look like an “M.”

However, the first logo of McDonald’s was not much appealing,and it took some years for the company to make a logo that can genuinely stand for the corporate identity of a food restaurant.

After Ray Croc took over the company from McDonald’s brothers, he wanted to rebrand everything in McDonald’s,and the logo was his primary concern.In 1961, he hired a designer to create the McDonald’s logo, and it is when the first“Golden Arches” logo came into existence. Earlier, it included a line passing through the golden arches, but it was removed after some revisions.

This logo remained the part of McDonald’s brand for seven years, and it was then changed by the modern “M” logo which has a yellow color and doesn’t include the name of McDonald’s. The simple design and the right combination of colors are what make it one of the most popular brand identities of the modern world.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

3.    Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the largest brands in the beverage industry, and its brand identity has a strong impact on its rich history. The first black and white logo of Coca-Cola appeared in 1886in SpencerianScript. It was designed by Frank Mason Robinson who is considered to be the man behind the branding of Coca-Cola.

This cursive style logo is still the primary brand identity of Coca-Cola. The colors were added in the logo design in 1958, and it is printed onCoca-Cola beverages and its merchandise products. The only thing added in the original design is a wave that goes under the wordmark.

The Coca-Cola logo is visible on all its products with the same design, and people love to use promo products with custom patches of Coca-Cola.

4.    Chanel

Chanel is a premier apparel and fashion accessories brand. Coco Chanel founded it in 1909.The phenomenal success of this upmarket fashion company is credited with its simple and unique logo. The interlocking “Cs” are one of the most famous logos in thefashion industry that demonstratesclass and sophistication.

The Chanel logo was patented 15 years after the launch of the business. There are many legends of the Chanel logo. The most credible storiesassociate the design of interlocking “Cs”with thewindows ofChâteau De Crémat that resembles interlocking “Cs.”Coco Chanel would frequently visit the placeduring formative years of her life. Regardless of the fact, we love the logo of this brand for its simple and artistic design. No wonder we see so many people wearing the apparels with custom embroidered patches of Chanel.

5.    Mercedes

The logo of Mercedes symbolizes the excellence in the automobile industry. It was founded by Karl Benz who is the inventor of the first gasoline-powered engine. His invention led to the creation of Benz & Cie. which later merged with Daimler Motors Corporation who was one of its competitors. The amalgamation of these two automobile giants began a new era of luxury cars that offered comfort, class, and performance. But the golden time of Mercedes started after the emergence of its three-pointed logo.

The first logo of Mercedes was created in 1902 by Daimler Motor Corporation, and it featured a wordmark. The iconic three-pointed logo of Mercedes was designed in 1909.

It represented the diversification of Mercedes corporation in land, air, and sea. It is still the primary logo of Mercedes and signifies its dominance in all three modes of transport. The only addition we saw in this classic logo is the ring that encircles the three-pointed logo. This logo of Mercedes is visible on its series of automobiles and promo products of the company which features custom made patches of Mercedes.

6.    Shell

The Shell logo has inspired a generation, and it continues to be an iconic logo of the current era. The company emerged as a result of a merger between Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Transport & Trading Company. The synergy of these two rival companies helped scale the business of Shell corporation in the world, and it gained rapid growth within a few years. Today, it is the world’s leading oil-producing company.

The logo of Shell has won accolades from people, and media and it is considered among the best logos of the twentieth century. The previous black and white versions of Shell looked like a Sea Shell. They were bland, and they lacked appeal. They represented the company between 1900, and 1930 and by then it got a yellow color in its design.

In 1948, a new logo was introduced that resembled a hot air balloon and featured the name of the company. This logo changed several times over the years until it got a sharp design in 1971. This version continued to be the corporate identity of Shell for more than four decades, and it is still the official logo of Shell. However, the new logo doesn’t have the name of the shell company.

Logos are the identity of a brand. These logos are an inspiration for logo designers who want to try out different ideas. Let these famous logos be a part of your creative process to create a masterpiece work.

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