The 3 Top-Rated Industrial Embroidery Machines for Professional Embroiderers
The 3 Top-Rated Industrial Embroidery Machines for Professional Embroiderers

Embroidery is a big business and it generates more revenue than any other form of garment decoration. According to a survey Statista, embroidery has the highest revenuepercentage (45%)in America as compared to other garment decoration services.This is why it is one of the hottest garment decoration businesses in North American region.

If you are a novice in embroidery service and want to start your embroidery shop, then buying embroidery machines is the first thing you need to take into consideration. However, buying an industrial embroidery machine is a different ballgame than buying a home embroidery machine since the two are different in various ways.

Unlike a home embroidery machine, an industrial embroidery machine is a heavy-duty machine that performs more sophisticated and complex embroidery works on a larger scale. Besides, an industrial embroidery machine has a higher speed and accuracy than a home embroidery machine which results in lower lead time and higher productivity.

This article lists some of the best industrial embroidery machines you can buy for your embroidery shop. The list is based on reviews by customers and industry experts. No matter if you want to do direct embroidery on a garment or want to produce embroidered patches, these machines are the best to create any type of embroidery work.

1.    Barudan Pro II: BEXT-S1501CB11

Barudan makes one of the best embroidery machines in business and this machine is another addition in its many high-speed industrial embroidery machines. Like majority of industrial embroidery machines,it alsohas 15 needles which can stitch over an area of 19.6” X 14”. With a servo-driven single head, it can sew at a speed of up to1300 stitches/minute which is enough to complete big projects.

This machine has two cap frames to embroider on different panels of a cap. The curved radius cylinder arm makes it easier for you to switch caps without any hassles. Besides, you can embroider a cap on a sewing field of 13.25” X 2.25”. So you can create some cool custom embroidered patches for your clients.

This machine by Barudan has some exceptional technological features that make it a favorite of professional embroiderers. It comes with LAN/USB support which enables you to import any design in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it has an incredible 4000 premade designs which give you more choice to do embroidery work.

And with an amazing 10 million stitch memory, you can create just about any design on any surface. It comes with 6 different hoops to embroider on different surface sizes. The color control panel of the machine gives you instant control for setting the right colors and stitches for a job as well as preview a design. Automatic thread trimming is available in this super fast machine.

2.    Tajima TMBP-SC1501

Tajima TMBP-SC1501 is the next best industrial embroidery machine in the business.It excels in speed and accuracy which is always a rare combination to find in any embroidery machine. The multiple features in this machine helps embroiderers do more jobs in less time.

The specifications of this embroidery machine deserve a mention. Firstly, it has an impressive speed of 1200 stitches/minute which is a requirement of professional embroiderers. Secondly, it has 15 needles that can work over a sewing field of 19.6” X 14”.

In addition, it has 100 premade designs which are enough for any professional embroiderers to play around with their embroidery work. In addition, it has a 2 million stitch memory which comes in handy to accomplish big projects.

However, the most praiseworthy feature of this machine is its slim cylinder which helps you overcome glitches of embroidering on stuff like socks, sleeves, and pockets. It comes with a cap driver which is preinstalled on the machine and you can use it to produce embroidery on caps with accuracy.

The improved design of this machine enables you to embroider on big-sized items such as bags, jackets, blankets, and bedsheets. Another good feature of this Tajima machine is its hooping system which is compatible with different hoop sizes and makes it possible to embroider on big and small surface areas.

Tajima TMBP-SC1501 has many other technological features which you might not find in other industrial embroidery machines. It is integrated with a color LCD screen that you can use to set design parameters before you proceed to the production step.

The position marker and needle-based LED lamp are other noteworthy features of this embroidery machine. The position marker allows you to align the hoop and garment with a needle hole. The needle-base LED lamp helps you clearly see the needle area to make sure that the stitching is being done accurately. And there is an automatic thread trimmer which automatically trims the thread once embroidery is done.

Taking into consideration the entire features of this superb industrial embroidery machine, we can say that it is certainly the one of the best machines an embroiderer can have in his shop.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

3.    Brother PR1000e

Brother PR1000e is another super fast embroidery machine for the pros. These multi-functional machines have all the features to produce excellent embroidery works.It has 10 needles that can produce embroidery on a sewing field of8” X 14”. It can produce up to 1000 stitches/minute which is good enough for producing designs on larger runs.

It comes with a 110 pre-made designs which make your job easier as you can cut down on the time that goes into creation and production of an artwork. In addition, it has innovativeEye technology which empowers you to scan a design within a frame. With its Snowman embroidery positioning marker, you can control you’re the position of your needle and place it on the right location of a garment.

You can interact with the machine using a 4.4” X 7.3” LCDpanel. With this LCD panel, you can set fonts, colors and stitchesin real-time. So you can make last-minute changes without having to get panicked.The InnovaChrome LED color system is a highlight of this machine which enables you to see the thread colors using the LCD screen. Besides, it has 3 USB ports gives you the freedom to transfer designs in a timely manner.

The automatic thread cutter makes trimming a thread even easier as you can just tap a button to trim the thread. All in all, this embroidery machine by Brother is a safe bet for a large-scale embroidery shops.

Embroidery is only as good as the machine that you use to produces it. The above-mentioned are some of the best industrial embroidery machines for professional embroiderers. Buying any of these machines will be a valuable investment that will benefit your embroidery business in the long run.

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