The 6 Most Beautiful Places for nature Lovers
The 6 Most Beautiful Places for Nature Lovers

The sprouting flower, the flowing river, the scenic landscape, and the open sky, traveling to naturally beautiful places can have a strong effect on the psyche of people and it is what makes them bring closer to nature. This article unravels some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world where you can see nature in action:

1.    Vatnajökull, Iceland

Vatnajökullis one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth. The place is famous for its formation of ice and glaciers that and the nature lovers get besotted by its sublime beauty. It has a vast area of ice cave that attracts thousands of hikers and trekkers throughout the year.

Besides, Vatnajökull has a beautiful national park namely Skatefall where you can see the breathtaking views of waterfalls and magnificent highland plateaus. The area is surrounded by the cliffs of basalt columns where you can view the scenic beauty of the Svartifoss waterfall.This place is a paradise for photographers who want to capture the manifestation of nature. All they need to do is wear a cozy jacket with custom patches, pick their camera toolkit and head to this place to get some good clicks.

2.    Plitvice, Croatia

Located at the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Plitvicecan mesmerizes you with its majestic waterfalls and lakes which look surreal and out of this world.It has the popular Plitvice Lakes National Park which accommodates more than 90 waterfalls and 16 lakes. The place can be the ultimate destination for nature lovers who can get spellbound by the visual treat of this place.

Spring and autumn are the best time to visit Plitvice Lakes since the place is less crowded and the water levels are higher. So you will have a good chance to see this marvelous place and immerse into its beautiful splendor.

The place is a hotspot for the hikers who can use the eight different routes to hike around the area. In addition, you can find plenty of cozy accommodation services where you can unwind after a long day. The accommodation service offers everything from mouthwatering cuisine to something as insignificant as a hanky with custom embroidered patches.

3.    Zermatt, Switzerland

The splendid alpines, the ice-packed valley and the fantastic glaciers, Zermatt offers you an exotic view of the natural beauty of Switzerland. It is known for its range of the famous Matterhornmountain. It is 15,000 feet in altitudeand you can get a view of the entire Zermatt from the peak of Matterhorn.

The place has many other mountain ranges where you can indulge in skiing, skating and mountain climbing. The other notable mountain ranges include Gornergrat, Oberrothorn and Breithorn. To visit the different places around the Zermatt, you can take services of a local transportation service or travel through the cable cars, chairlifts and gondolas. Zermatt offers convenient accommodation and fantastic meals and you can find everything from traditional continental foods to local delicacies of the Swiss culture.

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4.    Durmitor, Montenegro

This wonderland is situated in Montenegro and is known for its dreamlike sceneries and fantastic landscape. Durmitor is included in the Dinaric Alps which is a hub of tourists and it sees a footfall of thousands of tourists every year.

The landscape ofDurmitor is formed from the interaction of lime with water and ice. It has the famous Durmitor National Park which has pristine rivers and glaciers that fall into the Tara River which flows under the deepest gorge of the Europe. Durmitor also houses 50 peaks that rise to more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

The place offers plenty of recreational activities for the people who want to interact with the nature.From mountain climbing and hiking to rafting and canoeing, you can experience the various adventurous activities in this place to get closer to the nature.

5.    Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal

Peneda-Gerês National Park is situated in the provinces of Trás-os-Montes and Minho and is spread over an area of 72 290 hectares in Northern Portugal. It was created in 1971 and it includes the oldest villagesof the area that still practice the old cultural activities of the locality.

Here you will find a vast field of meadows where livestock of the local peasants feed their food. From deer and wolf to horse and boar, you will see many different animals in this place. Besides, you can experience the pleasing beauty of Peneda-Gerês by seeing it through various standpoints.

Some of the sightseeing places of this place include Castro Laboreiro, Vale Da Peneda, Soaja, Peneda and Lindso to name a few. Go to this place if you want to see the nature in action.

6.    Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

The sprawling field of tulips is what best defines this place from Netherlands. The incredible beauty of Keukenhof Gardens has been captured in a number of films and documentaries in the past and it continues to lure the filmmakers, documentary makers and photographers to shoot this heaven on Earth. So what makes this place a favorite of the creative people. Obviously, it is the natural setting of Keukenhof Gardens that makes people fall in love with this place.

Spread over a vast area of 32 hectares, Keukenhof Gardensinvites thousands of people every year to come to this place and watch the swaying tulip bulbs. Keukenhof Gardens also hosts the biggest show of the lily flowers every year where you can see the most beautiful lily flowers on Earth. Being a nature lover, you can visit this place to find solace under the aroma of tulip flowers or laze under the open sky to immerse into the beauty of this place. Natural beauty has a soothing effect on our minds. All the aforementioned places are known for their natural setting and sceneries.

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