The 6 Most Stylish Celebrities to Watch Out For This Year
The 6 Most Stylish Celebrities to Watch Out For This Year

Celebrities have the charisma, attitude, and style acumen to look their best on the red carpet or while they are under the radar of the paparazzi. While People magazine releases its list of the most stylish celebrities every year but it is quite subjective.

So this year, we take a critical look at the style files of some of the famous celebrities and here we list the most stylish celebrities based on our style criterion:

1.    Ryan Gosling

We know Ryan Gosling as someone who is extremely hot and a fantastic actor. Being a style icon, he is known to popularize the many unconventional clothing styles that is rarely seen on the red carpet. He wore the velvet suit on the premier of his movie “The Palace Beyond the Mines” and made it a trend.In 2018, he wore the burgundy suit at the screening of First Man and it became the color of the year.

You will hardly see him wearing over-the-top clothing items like layered outfits with a jacket that has random custom patches. He is always prim with his style sense.

A big part of Gosling’s style profile is credited with his killer looks. He has the best stubble that complements his well-chiseled facial contours. Andhe can look his best with any hairstyle. With a desirable body and charming smile, he can rock any occasion any day.

2.    Emma Watson

The Harry Potter star has the looks and charismato attract anyone. She has been the poster face of women style and has been featured on many popular fashion magazines that include the giants like Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire and Marie Claire.

The style profile of Emma Watsonis bold, ethical and varied. She is often seen wearing the ethical clothing that conforms with the green environment. We have seen her in the Little Black Dress, off-the-shoulder gown and backlesstops and she managedto woo us in her every avatar. Emma Watson is the model for many big fashion labels including the Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Noah.

3.    Daniel Craig

From being a style underdog to becoming the star of the red carpet, Daniel Craig has come a long way to be the next hottest fashion celebrity in Hollywood. Part of his newly-acquired style persona is inspired from his on-screen look of James Bond.

In his earlier days, we saw him in the big-sized shirts and jackets with custom back patches that just didn’t look cool on his petite body. But today, he is a more refined man who can carry any dress with poised and elegance. His rugged face and well-toned body make him one of the sexiest men from Hollywood today. We wait for his next venture Bond 25 that is likely to kill more girls than he did in the previous installments of the movie.

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4.    Bella Hadid

The inspiring success story of Bella Hadidis as inspiring as her style acts. She is younger sister to Gigi Hadid who is herself a fashion celebrity and one of the leading supermodels of the modern era. The success comes the easy way toBella Hadidthan her sister and she became one of the most recognized faces of the modelling world within just few years.

Bella Hadid is a blonde with a billion-dollar face. However, the secret of her incredible success is her style mantra that is as varied and versatile as she is. She can wear a jumpsuit and still look elegant. She can carry a high-slit dress and still look understated.

And she can wear a plainsuit and turn heads.She is the pretty face for the paparazzi who can’t stop following her to get a shot.Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are her favorite brands that she likes to wear on the events.

5.    Rami Malek

Rami Malekis a new entry in the list of themost stylish men on Earth. He is currently among the sexiest men. Interestingly, he is going to share the screen space withDaniel Craig in the next installment of the James Bond series. So we are waiting to see the man who will woo more girls.Well, onlythe time will tell.

The well-defined contours, bulging eyes and an expressive face are the strongest assets of Rami Malek’s personality.As long as his dressing sense is concerned, heis known for wearing the most elegant suits to grace the red carpet. He looked dapper in the black tuxedo that he wore during the Oscars Award this year. He was the show-stealer as he not only looked stunning but also walked away with an Oscars trophy in the leading role.

And we know him as the man who rocked the air tie shirts. He dons these shirts every time he appears on the ceremonies of popular fashion events, red carpet affairs and award shows.

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6.    Rihanna

The reigning queen of the fashion world, Rihanna has many feathers in her hat as a professional. She is an accomplished singer, a talented actor and a supermodel. The style profile of Rihanna has been opulent, functional and inspirational. She has worn every type of outfit whether it is a tux suit, an animal-print outfit, or a tracksuit. Besides, she has the audacity to wear the most outrageous dress with absolute poise. Rihanna has a big role in the resurgence of athleisure that she is often seen wearing on the London streets. Here is a juicy tidbit: she is the creative director of the world’s leading sports apparel brand Puma and is responsible for all the striking footwear designs of the women. These are some of the most stylish celebrities from around the world. Their style sense is distinctive, inspiring and timeless. They can inspire you to become as stylish as they look on the red carpet or behind the lens of the camera.

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