The 7 Sunglasses Brands
The 7 Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses or shades are one of the essential accessories as they protect our eyes from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) sunrays and make us look cool during the day. In American, sunglasses are the most common accessory that you will find people wearing on the street. The most common sights are the bikers who wear leather jacket with custom patches and wear the sunglasses to look macho.

But choosing the right shades can be tricky since you not only choose a shield against the sunlight but also makes a choice of style. A big part of the decision process depends on the label that you want to wear. If you do it right, you have won half the battle.

To make this job easier for you, we have compiled here a list of some of the best sunglasses brands that you can consider to protect your eyes this summer without making you look like a nerd:

1.    Ray-Ban

The very thought of Ray-Ban brings to mind the visuals of Tom Cruise wearing a leather jacket with custom motorcycle patches with a pair of Ray-Ban. For a man, he is the ultimate inspiration to wear a Ray-Ban. But he is definitely not the only Hollywood star to don a Ray-Ban.

From Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn to Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren, Ray-Bay has been a favorite of some of the biggest names in the tinsel town. And you too can sport a look of a Hollywood star by wearing these cool sunglasses.

The company is known for its stylish sunglasses with Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster being its highest-selling products. You can find the various lens that include the famous classicaviator lensas well as the modern shapes of lenses. It has a range of styles for both men and women.

2.    Persol

One of the oldest sunglasses brands of the world, Person is synonymous with durability, style and craftsmanship. The sunglasses by this company can bring out your style statement andcan last a lifetime. Launched in 1917, this Italian company began producing sunglasses for the athletes and aviators and soon it became a popular brand for the people in Italy and abroad. It reached the American market in 1962 and has dominated its market since then.

Persol is credited with creating the ‘Meflecto’ or‘flexible stem system’ which makes it easier for the stems to cling on the face of the wearer.And it is the first brand to introduce the first folding sunglasses which it called ‘714.’

Today, the company sells the most elegant sunglasses in different lens styles ranging from pilot and oval-shapes lens to square and rectangular lens. These shades are available in tinted lens in green, brown and blue colors.

custom patches
custom patches

3.    Maui Jim

Maui Jim was launched in 1980 by Jim Richards in the Hawaii. By 1988, it was a major seller of sunglasses in the North American market. The company is particularly known for its unique lens technology which gives a sharp view of the surrounding. Besides, the company also makes polarized-lens sunglasses which are effective against UV sunrays.

Maui Jim has top-notch sunglasses for men and women and they come in the different lens style including the aviators, round lens, rectangular lens and square lens. Maui Jim is one of the largest sellers of sunglasses in the world.

4.    Oakley

Oakley is a popular sunglasses brand that was originally founded as a performance equipment and lifestyle product brand in 1975. By 1990, it became a household name for sports enthusiasts.

Oakley launched its first range of sunglasses in 1984 which it called ‘Factory Pilot Shades’ that resembled goggles and meant to be worn by the sports enthusiasts. The 1990s saw a rapid increase in the sales of its sunglasses among the athletes.

Today, the company manufactures world-class sunglasses for sportsmen. They come in different shapes and styles to suits the need of a particular type of sports. All the shades made by Oakley are trendy, funky and durable. And they are pricey too.

Whether you are a mountain climber, trekker or a scuba diver, the company has the best shades to keep your eyes protected from the harsh effects of sunrays.

5.    Carrera

This Austrian brand began selling sunglasses in 1956 and it has maintained its superb quality and durability since then. Carrera was launched by an Austrian businessman Wilhelm Anger who started the company to sell eyewear products to the sportsmen. Later, it renamed to Carrera International and sponsored major sports events like Formula 1 racing, 1988 Winter Olympics and the 1987 America’s Cup.

Carrera is a popular name among the celebrities.Hollywood stars and pop stars have a particular liking for this brand. Known for its patented ‘Optyl’ plastic which is a lightweight material that is used in the manufacturing of the frame of the sunglasses.The frames are a bit old-fashioned and you will struggle to findsunglasses in modern shapes of frames.However, the prices are reasonable and you can find a pair of shade between a range of $150 and $200.

6.    Moscot

One of the oldest eyewear businesses operating today, Moscothas kept the bar high in sunglasses business in its history of more than 100 years. Founded in 1915, Moscot is an exclusive eyewear brand for the people with a high taste in style. Obviously, the prices are higher than what you pay to a pair of sunglasses from a regular brand.

Moscot has sunglasses in classic and bold designs which make a strong style statement for a day look. The Lemtosh are the best-selling sunglasses by this company which were made famous by Johnny Depp and became an integral part of his signature look. And there are many other celebrities who just can’t make a public appearance without a pair ofMoscot shades. The most notable mentions are Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leonardo DiCaprio.

custom patches
custom patches

7.    Warby Parker

The youngest brand on this list, Warby Parker was launched in 2010 as an online retailer of sunglasses. It uses a social enterprise business model based on the policy of ‘Buy One, Give One’which means the company pays for the production of a pair of glasses on its every sale.

Warby Parker produces sunglasses in every possible styles and shapes. Men can find the popular aviators and oval-shapes sunglasses, while women can opt for the cat eye sunglasses and tortoise-shell sunglasses.The company is known for selling the most economical sunglasses that you can get at a price range between $95 to $200.

These are 7 best sunglasses brands where you can buy the best shades to keep you protected from sunrays and make you look as cool as you are.

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