The 8 Most Recognized Logos of Famous Fashion Brands
The 8 Most Recognized Logos of Famous Fashion Brands

What do the fashion brands Ray-Ban, Fendi, BulgariandRolex have in common? They all have the most recognized brand identities that embody the aura of these global fashion brands.These brands are known for their luxurious products that conform to the latest trends in a specific industry.

When it comes to the brand identities of these high-end fashion brands, they all have the logos that are timeless and look relevant in every era. There are many fashion brands that have some of the best logos. But very few among them deserved to be mentioned. Here are some of our favorite logos of the world’s most famous fashion brands:

1.    Fendi

When we think of fur and fur products, we inadvertently think of Fendi. This Italian luxury businesshas a logo that perfectly exudes the luxury aura of this brand. It is a combination of two ‘F’ letters with theone in inverted form. This logo was created by none other but the genius Karl Lagerfeld in 1965.

The letters stand for ‘Fun Fur.’ This logo was initially used on the fabric that line the fur coats. It is said that Karl Lagerfeld created this logo in just 5 seconds.He used the black color in the logo to represent the supremacy of Fendi as a fashion brand. Today, Karl Lagerfeld is notamongst us but his creative manifestation is reflected in this logo and it will continue to live with the Fendi brand.

2.    Ray-Ban

The medical equipment manufacturer Bausch & Lomb founded Ray-Ban in 1937 after collaborating with AmericanAir Corps Colonel John A. Macready who needed better sunglasses to avoid the harsh hues of sky that would distract the aviators. The result was a pair of sunglasses thatminimized the strain of hueson theeyes.

This breakthrough product needed a solid brand identity to promote this brand in the market and this is when the famousRay-Ban logo was created. And as we know the rest is history as the Ray-Ban logo has become a symbol of class and sophistication and it is one of the most popular brand identities in the fashion world.

3.    Burberry

The oldest fashion brand in this list. Burberrywas launched in 1856 as a company that manufactures outwear clothing. It is best known for its trench coats that it started selling after it invented gabardine in 1879. The first logo of Burberry was made part of the brand in 1901 when the company ran a contest for the logo design. The final design featured an equestrian riding a horse with a shield and flag in his hands that read ‘Prorsum’ which translates into ‘forward.’

This logo became the official trademark of Burberry in 1909. In 1999, the logo was changed and a wordmark was introduced to represent the company. It stayed with the brand for almost twenty years and underwent a slight change in 2018 when Riccardo Tisci took over as Chief Creative Officer of the business.

The new design stands true to the personality of Burberry. It was designed by the famous graphic designer Peter Saville who changed the serif typeface of the logo and replaced it with sans-serif in bold text. It made the logo look even classier and more elegant.

4.    Rolex

The logo of one of the most prestigious watch companies is a true reflection of its brand. Rolex was founded in 1905 and since then it has used the same logo which is a wordmark with a five-pointed crown. So what is special about the logo of this exclusive watch company? Well, it is a visual expression of the luxurious watch that the company produces.

The emblem represents the supremacy of this brand in the watchmaking business and reflects an element of royalty with a simple and neat design.

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5.    YSL

If there is one logo that genuinely deserves to be called a masterpiece, it is the YSL logo. What is commendable about this logo is the use of different typefaces in three letters of the wordmark. The emblem was designed by Cassandre who blended the sans and serif typefaces with Roman and Italic. The result is a fantastic logo design that looks simple and clean.

The brand saw a major change in itslogo in 2012 when Hedi Slimane was appointed as new creative Director of the brand. He dropped the ‘Yves’ from the brand and cropped the name to Saint Laurent. This move stirred some controversy and attracted some flaks from the fashion critics. A notable Parisian boutique Colette rolled out t-shirts that have custom patches on front and it read ‘Ain’t Laurent Without Yves.’

6.    Bulgari

Simple, clean and timeless, the logo of Bulgari is as eternal as the brand itself. Founded in 1884 bySotirios Voulgaris, this luxury fashion brands sells the most exquisite jewelry, watches and leather products. The logo of this Italian brand was created in 1921. It was a wordmark that read S.Bulgari.

It was later changed to ‘Bvlgari’ in Latin alphabet after the sons ofSotirios Voulgaris took over the business in 1934. The ‘U’ letter in the name was replaced by ‘V’ to give it a stylized look. Some people say that the letter was added to denote the surname of the founder of Bulgari.

Since then, it has remained the brand identity of Bvlgaribrand and represents its business throughout the world.

7.    H & M

Known as Hennes in the past, H & M is afast-fashion brand from Sweden. It is the second largest retailer in clothing business with stores in 62 countries. When you are operating on a global scale, you have to come across as a serious business and a logo is what gives you that face. H & M has a logo that rightfully represents its business across five continents.

It is a simple wordmark that shows the letters ‘H &M’ which stands for ‘Hennes’ and ‘Mauritz’. The latter name was merged when ‘Hennes’ acquired ‘Mauritz’ in the year 1968. The logo uses an ampersand in between the two letters which were intentionally added to catch the attention of the youth who are the clientele of this brand.

The italic typeface and red color in the logo also adds an element of youthfulness in its design. No wonder it is one of the most popular fashion brands among the youngsters.

8.    Gucci

Gucci is the highest selling Italian brand that operates in different parts of the world. This Italian luxury brand was launched by Guccio Gucci in 1921. It sells everything from suits and jewelry to handbags and biker jacket with custom back patches.

The wordmark of Gucci symbolizesgrandeur andopulence and it is the most prominent thing on the clothing of this brand. The logo of this exclusive brand was designed by the son of Guccio Gucci who used interlocking double ‘Gs’ to denote the initials of his father. Little did he know that this would become one of the most recognized logos in the coming years.

Fashion brands are known for their creative ideas that are reflected in their products. The logo of these fashion brands do just that. They reflect the creativity of design in the creation of theirbrand identities and created a logo that stand for their business.

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