These 12 Desktop Items Make the Best Promo Products for Your Brand
These 12 Desktop Items Make the Best Promo Products for Your Brand

In today’s hustle-bustle world, it is difficult to grab the attentionof people with a promo product. The classic promo products like a tee or a tote bag with custom patches of your brandare a good option, they are meant for the outdoor audience. What about the people in the indoors? This is where the desktop promo products come into play.

Desktop promo products are perfect gift items that you can give to your employees and customers to do free advertising of your business. And there are plenty of reasons to do that. Firstly, desktop promo products are the stuff that people use in their daily lives. Secondly,if people put them on their desk, they will grace their desktop. And since these promo products are on top of a desk, they can quicklycatch the attention of the people.

So let’s find out some of the best promo products that can fill thedesktop of your target audience and promote your brand:

1.    Pen/Pen Holder

There can’t be more useful desktop items for people than a pen and pen holder.People need a pen in their daily lives to quickly make a note of something or jot down a‘to-do’ list. So these items are a big savior for them in their hectic life.

By giving people a pen and pen holder, you can allow them to quickly pick a pen and writing ends for a team meeting or note down the crucial tasks of their lives on time. The most definite place for these items is a desktop which will make it easier for the onlookers to notice the logo of your business.

2.    Clock/Calendar

A clock/calendar is a timeless promo product that you can gift your target audience to promote your business. But it has to be something thatnot only fills a desktop but alsolook fantastic to the eyes of viewers.A Bluetooth speaker alarm clock/calendar is an excellent choice for people who need both functionality and style.

Choose a digital clock that is made from a metallic material with a sleek design so that it can attract the eyes of the onlookers and make a style statement as well.

3.    Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is the most common item that you will find on the desks of people. In fact, many people are fetish about their coffee mug and print their name or an object on it just like fashion nerds print custom made patches on their favorite clothing.

Similarly, you can gift a customized coffee mug to your clients and workers with the name and the logo of your company. So every time they will take a sip on the coffee mug, they will be promoting your business.

custom patches
custom patches

4.    A Replicaof YourProduct

People like promo products that say something about a brand. Therefore, you can gift your employees and customers something like a replica of your product that they can put on their desktop.

For example, if you are a car retailer, you can gift your target audience a miniature model of a car with a logo and name of your company. Similarly, if you are a real estate developer, you can gift them alittlemodel home of your current project.

5.    Smartphone Stand

A smartphone stand is a necessity in today’s life.Asmartphone stand can make it a handy option for the people to access their phone while they are busy using their laptop or tablet. If you are going to gift your star employees a new smartphone, then you must pair it with a smartphone standwith the brand name and logo of your company.This will be an excellent gift package for your employees as they will like toshow off their smartphoneand use your smartphone stand as the tool, giving free advertisement to your brand.

6.    Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves music. Bluetooth speaker is a rage nowadays, and they are ubiquitous everywhere. People love Bluetooth speaker for their mobility. Besides, it looks fabulous on the corner of a desk. So why not gift your workers and clients something that can turn on their mood and promote your business as well.

7.    Padfolio/Notepad

This is yet another fantastic combo of desktoppromo items you can give away to your target audience. A padfolio with a notebook can be a valuable gift for your employees and customers as they canplace it on a desk and they can also carry it to different places. Put a logo on the front panel ofthe padfolio so that people can see it every time they set their eyes on the padfolio.

custom patches
custom patches

8.    Letter Opener

A letter opener is a handy tool for your employees and customers which saves them from accidentallytearing an important letter,making it a good promo product for a business. Therefore, you can add it to your promo products of this year and gift a metallicletter opener that uses the name and logo of your company on the handle.

9.    Digital Photo Frame

The traditional photo frame doesn’t fit today’s digitally-enabled desktop. A digital photo frame is a modern alternative of the oldphoto frame that only looks good on the walls. Buy a batch of digital photo frames from a company and then customize it bycarving a laser-engraved logo on its front or back panel.Choose the right set of colors that match the theme of your brand.

10.  Sticky Notes Holder

Sticky notes are another common item that you will find on people’s desktop. These little notesare significant for the vital role they serve to the people. People use sticky notes to remind them about the tasks that need timely completion. But they too can be misplaced on a desk and this is where this promoitem has a role to play.

With a sticky notes holder, people can put all theirimportant notesin one place so that they can easily use them whenever they want to make a note of an urgenttask.

11.  Tablet Folio

A tablet folio is a versatile product that allows people to keep their tablet in place, use it for viewing files, and carry it to different places.A tablet folio with a custom logo of your company will serve as a promo product that will hook the attention of the viewers walking pass the desk of your employee or customer.

12.  Caddy

A caddy is a little container that people use for different purposes. Some use it to keep their food items likenuts and candies, whileothersstore their small accessories like a clipper or scissors. With this desktop promo product, you can allow people to keep their little valuables and save them from being lost, and you promote your business in the process.

Desktop promo products are cool and handy. With their constant presence on top of the desk of your employees and customers, you can increase the publicity of your business.

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