These 6 Supercool Running Shoes Can Enhance Your Fitness Spree
These 6 Supercool Running Shoes Can Enhance Your Fitness Spree

A pair of running shoes is an asset to the wardrobe of every person. But it can become a liability if you make a wrong choice. Since the role of running shoes is essential to keep you in shape, you need to pick the right pair of running shoes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

But when you want to buy a pair of running shoes, a question always strikes the mind? What makes the best running shoes? Well, the answer to this question can be subjective but every shoe has some basic features that make it a blessing or agony for a wearer. Here they are:

Weight: Every running shoe is manufactured with a certain weight. The weight factors into the needs of individual runners. Lighter running shoes use less amount of cushioning and usually offer higher stability, while a shoe with heavy cushioning has lower stability. They both are used by people in accordance with their specific needs.

Drop: In a running shoe, a drop is the measure of the difference between the toe and the heel. Usually, a drop of a running shoe lies anywhere between 8 millimeters and 12 millimeters. However, the drop of a running shoe can go up to 0 millimeters which is called a“zero drop.” The choice of a drop depends on the individual preferences of a runner.

Cushioning: Cushioning is used in the sole of a running shoe. The cushioning of a running shoe defines its weight and the ability to absorb the impact. Again, the choice of cushioning is different for different runners.

Now we will look at some of the best running shoes in the market and how they rate on a performance scale:

1.    Adidas Originals Terrex Two Parley

This shoe is a result of collaboration between Adidas and Parley for The Oceans. This shoe is made from the recycled plastic obtained from ocean debris. The product is an initiative to reduce the ocean pollution and save the marine life from the menace of plastic waste.

The shoes have a super fit and thefeet snugs comfortably into the shoes. With a primenit upper and marbleised sole, it is one of the best fitted shoes in the market. You can wear it to take a rigorous jog without hurting your feet.

Don’t make the mistake of taking off these shoes out in the park or you will lose them forever. The thieves just love them. Put embroidered patches of your name on these shoes to keep themprotected from any theft attempt.

2.    Under Armour HOVR Infinite

Under Armour HOVR Infinities a delight for professional runners who want some extra features in a shoe. With this shoe, they can augment their running and learn the data of their entire running activity. The HOVR foam in the midfoot has a mid-sole cushioning which controls the pronation of their feet and gives them an edge over the other runners.

Besides, it is integrated with a sensor that the runners can connect to Under Armour’s MapMyRun app through Bluetooth to analyze their performance data. So it gives a more scientific approach to the idea of running.

3.    Saucony Omni Iso 2

Saucony is known for making the best stability shoes.Due to high demand of Saucony shoes, many retailers are also selling replicated shoes using fake monograms and custom embroidered patches of Saucony. So beware of the copycats.

These shoes by Saucony area treat for runners who want moderate stability at a little cost. It comes with a tailored fit that makes it a more comfortable wear for a runner who can wear it for a short jog or long sprint.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

This shoe by Saucony is different from the previous models of Saucony as the company made some changes in the upper and midsole. Saucony Omni Iso 2 can be divided into three components: topsoil, midsole, and insole. This construction is called the FORM FIT system. This is what makes Saucony Omni Iso 2a better option for the runners.

The other highlight of Saucony Omni Iso 2is its design which uses silver, black and lime green as the chief colors. The overall design is extremely eye-catching. All in all, this pair of shoes definitely deserves your investment.

4.    New Balance Fresh Foam More

New Balance Fresh Foam More is a shoe for you If you love a rigorous run. The most distinct thing in this shoe by NB is the size of its midsole which is quitethicker. This feature gives an added advantage to the runners as it helps them absorb the impact during a strenuous running session.

It comes in three colorways. The knit design and black upper is a visual treat to look at. Although, this shoe has more cushion in the midsole, it gives the desired stability to your feet during a sprint.They are designed ergonomically to keep you in high spirits during the running sessions.

The 34mm heel and the 30mm forefeet make you feel taller.The flex grooves in the Fresh Foam feature of NB provides an added firmnessto help youmove faster.

The only thing that might turn you off in this shoe is itshigh price tag. The shoe is available for $160 but that is what you pay for its superior quality and higher functionality.

5.    Adidas Sport UltraBOOST 19

Adidas Sport UltraBOOST 19 is a newer version in the product line of Ultraboost. However, it is a more practical and comfortable product from the lot. The most praise-worthy feature in this shoe is the heel counter which keeps your heel firmly inside the shoe and doesn’t hurt the heel.

Unlike the previous shoes in Ultraboost, Adidas introduces a new heel collar in this model to give a firm hold to the back of your feet. This pair of shoesby Adidasperforms up to the mark on an overall scale and lives up to the quality benchmark of Ultraboost shoes that the company previously made.

6.    Hoka One One Mafate Speed 2

Hoka One One Mafate Speed 2 is a fresh model of the famous Mafate shoes. Hoka rolled out this Mafate model after a long time but the wait is paid off. This shoe is for the people who love going for trail running. It has manyfeatures that make it an excellent shoe for the runners who want to jog or run over the mountainous terrains. Constructed with a 35mm heel foam and a rubberized upper, Hoka One One Mafate Speed 2 is a safe bet for the runners who want added grip to keep themselves stable on a terrain. Besides, it comes with a 5mm lug which further ensures traction on rough surfaces. The low stability is the only downside in this shoe since it uses heavy cushioning in the shoe. But if you have a strong ankle roll, then it should not worry you. Overall, it has all the qualities of a good running shoe. Running shoes can make or break your fitness sessions. A wrong pair of running shoes can wreak havoc in your jogging and running sessions and can hurt you badly. Therefore, you should make this decision wisely and only select the best pair of running shoes from this list.

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