These 9 Promo Products Can Uplift Your Non Profit
These 9 Promo Products Can Uplift Your Non Profit

Promoting a non-profit is a little trickier than promoting for-profit business. Apart from spreading awareness of your business to public at large, you need to attract the funders in order to finance your business. So you have to do more efforts than what a for-profit business does. With promo products, you can do both these tasks without spending an arm and leg. Don’t believe us? Let’s check these stats by Quality Logo Products:

Now that you know the vital statistics about the role of promo products, we list here some of the best giveaways for non-profits:

1.    Fruit ShapeTote Bag

A tote bag is one of the most common promo products that businesses gift to their target audience. The fact that it is a household item that people use to shop grocery items makes it a viable promotional item for promoting a non-profit organization.

A fruit shape tote bag is any bag that resembles any fruit, such as a strawberry, watermelon or banana. So get a logo or embroidered patches on a fruit shape tote bag and gift it to your clientele to spread the word of your charity or social enterprise.

2.    Silky Soft MicroFiber Cloth

Silky soft microfiber cloth is a common itemfor cleaning and wiping household items.This promotional handout is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamidewhich add quality to this item. Unlike other wiping clothes that have arough surface, a silky soft microfiber cloth doesn’t scratch the surface of any item. People can use this giveaway in their daily lives to keep their items free from dirt, dust and stains.

3.    Poly Pro Lunch to Go

Gone are the days when lunch bag would look bland and unattractive. With Poly Pro Lunch To Go, people have an eye-catching promotional handouts that they can carry to their office without looking like a nerd. This promotional swag comes in range of colors and styles.

It has a front pocket with a zippered fastener and a strap to carry while you are on the roads. It is a perfect carrier for food when you are going for an excursion, camping or a beach picnic.

You can print a silky soft microfiber cloth with slogan of your social enterprise or custom embroidered patches to make people aware of your business.

4.    HotMates Reusable Hand Warmers

HotMates reusable hand warmers are an excellent alternative for clunky hot/cold packs. This little wonder uses stainless steel to trigger a crystallization process that warms the liquid inside in a matter of seconds. You can reuse it after putting it in boiling water. The great thing about this product is that it is completely environmental-friendly and doesn’t produce toxic carbon gas or other substances.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Magnetic Clip Whiteboard Set

Magnetic clip whiteboard setcan be a lucrative corporate gift for people who want a more organized way to make notes and to present important information to a quorum of attendees. Just an impression of your brand identity can make it a mobile advertisement of your business.

Magnetic Clip Whiteboard Set comes with different colors of markers, magnetic squares and rounds, magnetic clips, chart tapes and adhesive.

6.    Desk Set with Carry Box

Desk Set withcarry box is a stationary set that has different accessories for office use. It includes items like a pen, pencil, stapler, staples, memo clips,scissor and tape. This set can serve as a handy promo product to grow the visibility of your brand. All you need to do is put a logo of your company and you will good to go to promote your business.

7.    16 Oz. Double Wall Saturn Tumbler

A tumbler is one of the most common types of swags that businesses gift to their target audience. The 16 Oz. double wall Saturn tumbler is one such type of tumbler made from insulated material that doesn’t let the temperature of your beverage escape the container.

So if there is acold drink orhot coffee in this mug, it will not increase orlower its temperature and the drink will remain hot or cold.Punch the name of your brand on this container and let more people engage with your non-profit organization.

8.    The Vidalia Notebook

The Vidalia Notebook is a notebook and does what its name suggests, i.e. making notes. People use this book to jot downimportant dates, appointments, and upcoming events. So it is a useful giveaway that people can use to mention important information.

A brand name, logo and slogan of your non-profit on this promotional handout will let people know that you are making a difference in people’s livesas a charity or social enterprise.

9.    Seed Balls in Clear Tube

Planting seeds is one of the many ways we can save the Earth and make it a safe place to live. The idea of seed balls pushes forward this message to public at large and provide them with a solution to curb the growing menace of air pollution andglobal warming.

When you are a non-profit organization, you carry additional baggage of social responsibility and environment preservation comes under that onus. Seed balls in the clear tube are one such product that you can distribute to your clientele to encourage more people to grow plants and contribute to the idea of a healthy planet. The above are some of the most viable promo products that non-profit can offer to their target audience. Make them part of your marketing activity the next time you promote your charity or social enterprise.

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