Top 10 Fantastic Looking Basket ball Uniforms of Famous NBA Teams
Top 10 Fantastic Looking Basket ball Uniforms of Famous NBA Teams

After glorious years with Adidas as official apparel partner, NBA has now signed a contract with Nike to manufacture the uniforms for the franchises. In the past,we have seen plenty of fantastically-designed kits with on the field with custom patches of their team.Some of them topped the list of the best kits in the history of this game.

Today, we will take a look at the best NBA uniforms that have ever graced the field. Here they are:

1.    Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls is more famous for Michael Jordan than anything else. He changed the game with his outstanding performance on the field,and it made him a global star. The phenomenal popularity of Michael Jordan helped popularize the Chicago Bulls and the beautiful outfit they donned during their matches.

The undisputed champions of the 1990s era, the uniform of the Chicago Bulls has remained unchanged since the Michael Jordan era. The classic cursive lettering is still visible on the jerseys of the players, and the white and red colors are the primary colors in their kit.

Chicago Bulls has recently changed their uniform for home and away venues and added new custom-made patches in the outfit. Now the team will be seen in the red kit for the home leagues, while the white will be their kit for the away venues.

2.    Portland Trail Blazers

The evergreen uniform of the Portland Trail Blazers has remained the same for almost half a century, and it demonstrates the authority of the team on the field. The red and black colors in the uniform already give it an edge over the uniforms of other teams that have less intense colors.

Portland Trail Blazers has experimented with the primary colors to give different looksfor home and away venues. The stripes are the other addition in the uniform that gives it a unique look along with the custom uniform patches printed on their kit. Portland Trail Blazers looked their best during the era ofClyde Drexler.

3.    Minnesota Timberwolves

The very thought of Minnesota Timberwolvesoutfit brings to mind the Frankenstein-esque fonts and the pines that decorate its jersey and shorts. The pines are used as imagery since Minnesota is rife with pine trees. The white color of the lettering gives the design a more substantial look. This kit is perhaps the best uniform that the Minnesota Timberwolves has ever worn.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

4.    Los Angeles Lakers

The early retirement of Magic Johnson deprived the Los Angeles Lakers of a star player. But their uniform remains the reason for the fans to love the Los Angeles Lakers even today. The 1980s era came as a resurgence for both the performance of the Los Angeles Lakers and its uniform. It was the time when the 3D lettering emerged on their jersey for the first time, and it looked really impressive. The team won five titles during the 1980s era.

5.    Boston Celtics

One of the most successful teams in the history of NBA, the uniform of Boston Celtics has not changed much ever since it first appeared in the league back in 1946. The classic green and white jersey and shortsare still their primary outfit in the field. The only changes are the font style that is now a sans-serif and the inclusion of the names and logo of the team. Boston Celtics recently included the custom embroidered name patch of General Electric as part of its deal with the company, and it adds to the style of the kit.

6.    Denver Nuggets

For most of the years, the most visible thing on the kit of Denver Nuggets was the logo of the franchise. It showed the imagery of mountains that harbor the Denver city. The mountains were shown against the backdrop of rainbow colors. The emblem of Denver Nuggets was changed in recent years.Now it gives a clean and sharp look. The blue color takes the lead on the chest and back, while the yellow color fills the collar, shoulder, and waistband of the outfit.

7.    Toronto Raptors

The only NBA team from Canada, the uniform of Toronto Raptors has gone through few changes over the years. Earlier, it featured a dino dribbling with the ball and showed the name of thefranchise above the imagery.However, it was the purple color of this outfitthat became notableduring the 1990s.

The design of uniform was recently modified, and a new logo was added to the kit which features a ball under a shield.The logo is printed on the shorts, and the chevrons are added on the sides of the jersey.

The purple color from the original kit is no longer a part of the outfit, and the team now uses a combination of white, red and black in its uniform for games in the home andon the road. The wordmark “Toronto” is now replaced with “Raptors” in cursive style.The recent changes give a fresh look to the uniform and make it look even more appealing.

8.    Orlando Magic

No team has ever donned pinstripes like the Orlando Magic did during the peak of their game. With this kit, it went on to playthree playoffs during the season between 1993 and 1997.During this season, the uniforms were white,blue, and black. Ithas the logo of the franchise on the chest and the numeral underneath the logo.It remains one of the iconic uniforms in the history of NBA.

9.    Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets are known for two distinct things. First is the teal color of their sports dress and the second is MuggsyBogues who is the shortest basketball player ever in the history of the NBA. The team had a fantastic first ten seasons after it joined the NBA league.

The uniform of the Charlotte Hornets was the best thing that made them stand out from the competing teams. It was the first NBA team to use pinstripes in its kit. It was seen as a refuge from plain jerseys that were common at the time.

Besides, the cursive logo of the franchise adds substance to the design of the outfit. Charlotte Hornet is credited with popularizing teal and pinstripes in uniforms during the 1990s era.

10. Memphis Grizzlies

One of the most interesting outfits in NBA history, Memphis Grizzlies an offshoot of the Vancouver Grizzlies which changed its name after it relocated to Memphis. It is the only team in Memphis that represents the city in major NBA leagues.

AfterCharlotte Hornets, it is the second-best team that rocked with teal during the 1990s. The logo of a roaring bear is another noticeable design element on their outfit. The concoction of white, black, brown, and red colors accentuated the beauty of teal even more and distinguished Memphis Grizzlies from the rest of the teams.

These are some of the best-looking uniforms of NBA teams. Hope they inspired you enough to make a customized sports dress with custom sew-on patches.

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