Top 11 Streetwear Brands for Street Fashion Enthusiasts
Top 11 Streetwear Brands for Street Fashion Enthusiasts

The word “streetwear” brings to mind the thoughts of jeans, jackets, sneakers, T-shirts, and hats with fancy design and custom patches. The growing influence of streetwear has led many fashion brands to create apparels that are casual and comfortable and stilllook fashionable.

So if you are afashion enthusiast who likes to flaunt his style in streetwear, we have rounded up here a list of some of the best brands that will make you look snappy and stylish:

1.    Supreme

One of the finest streetwear brands, Supreme has come a long way from being an upstart in skateboarding and lifestyle products to becoming a household name in the fashion business. What made this brand stand out from the rest is its product line of fresh and modern apparels that keep changing with time.

Theyruled the streetwear market with their astute selling strategy that doesn’t follow the conventional “demand and supply” model. Today, Supreme is the biggest streetwear brand that sellshigh-quality casual clothing to people in North America and abroad. Supreme has joined hands with luxury fashion brands like Nike, Levi’s, and Louis Vuitton.

2.    Stüssy

What started as a T-shirt company became the leading manufacturer in streetwear, and today it sells its products in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Stüssy had early success with its graphictees,and then it dabbled in surfing and skating products. It soon carved a niche with its eye-popping designs and top-quality attires.

Stüssy has worked with Nike in many of its products including the best-selling SB Dunks and Huarache Lights. It continues to enjoy higher sales with its fashionable clothing that features its different custom patches for clothes.

3.    A Bathing Ape or BAPE

BAPE is a Japanese streetwear brand that is known for its funky style of clothing. The rappers are fond of this brand for its shark hoodies that come in camouflage prints and bold motifs. The outfit became a rage for therappers in Japan, Hong Kong, England, and North America.

The brand was sold to I.T Group in 2011, but the legacy of BAPE continues to inspire the people who are in the hip hop culture and wants to make a social change.

 Custom Patches

Custom Patches

4.    The Hundreds

The Hundreds is a popular streetwear brand that sells the best T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and denim jeans that personify the true essence of Californianhip hop culture. The company was founded by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar who made it a top casualwear brand in North America.

The website of The Hundredshas become a go-to source for the fashionistas and style nerds who can read the best articles by the fashioncritics. It has a phenomenal number of more than a million unique visitors who surf the blog to get insights into the latest fashion trends and streetwear fads.

5.    SSUR

Ruslan Karablin is the founder of this imperial art-inspired streetwear brand. He is a Russian born designer who uses Russian imagery and camouflage prints in his products. Among the many clothes that are available on his online store, the graphic T-shirts, sneakers, and hats with bold prints and custom made patches are the hottest products that get the highest number of orders.

The products of thisstreetwear brand reflect the Russian lineage of the artist which differentiates it from the other brands.SSUR has collaborated with big brands like DC Shoes and CLOT,and it has launched a new brand by the name “The Cut.”

6.    Crooks & Castles

The favorite of the likes of Jay Z and Kayne West, Crooks & Castles is a brand that offers everything from tees and pants to hats and shorts. TheMedusa T-shirts are the staple of this American brand that featuresimagery fromGreek mythology. The company has the best Chains hoodies that show the different imageries, wordmark, and custom embroidered patches.

7.    10 Deep

If there is one brand that has successfully stood the test of time, then it is the 10 Deep. The brand hasconsistently been on top of streetwear brands ever since it emerged on the fashion arena. Think of military jackets, camouflage blazer,and cowl-neck sweater and you will inadvertently think of 10 Deep.

The brand is particularly praised for its innovative designs that are printed meticulously on the garment. 10 Deep doesn’t shy away from trying new designs and patterns, and this is what adds variety to its products.

8.    HUF

HUF is a high-end streetwear brand that rocked the streetwear fashion ofSan Francisco during the 1990s. Founded by the Keith Hufnagel,theimmense success of HUF came after the popularity of his apparel, footwear, and skate gear. Since then there was no looking back, and the company continued to make high-quality streetwear attire that includes pullover, hoodie, denim jacket, and long-sleeve T-shirt.

9.    Hellz Bellz

If there is one brand that fashion-forward women can count on, then it is definitely Hellz Bellz. The brand is owned by the American designer Lanie Alabanza-Barcena who has designed clothes for celebrities like Rihanna and Patricia Field.

Under the banner of Hellz Bellz, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena has designed fashionable street clothing that includestops, bottoms, headwear, outerwear, and accessories. Apart from integrating the hip hop culture in her clothes, she also blends the manyelements of punk.

10. Undefeated (UNDFTD)

Undefeated has remained the most successfulsneaker brand in streetwear since its inception.Eddie Cruz and James Bond launched the brand at a time when the streetwear market was running short ofgood sneaker designs.

Though the company sells other wearables, it is their collection of sneakers that get the best reviews from the fashion critics. The inspiring story of UNTFTD began when the designer Raif Adelberg created the personalized version of Nike Air Force 1 for the Eddie Cruz. And as we know, the rest is history. Today, Undefeated collaborates with biggies like Nike, Adidas, Champion, and Converse.

11. A-Cold-Wall*

The only brand from England in this list, A-Cold-Wall*was a brainchild of a 23-year old Samuel Ross who wanted to make it big in the fashion arena and he had the right social upbringing to do that. Born in Northampton,he brought up seeing the gang violence, and he wanted to get himself out of the cloutto do something creative.It was when he decided to launchA-Cold-Wall*. His decision proved right as A-Cold-Wall*has become an accomplished streetwear brand that purveys everything from T-shirts, trousers, and jackets to hats, bags, and accessories. Streetwear is everyday clothing, so the emphasis is put on comfort and style. These are some of the best brands that blend these two essential elements in casual apparel. Continue reading our blog to get more information on fashion and style.

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