Top7 British Fashion Brands to Up Your Style Game
Top7 British Fashion Brands to Up Your Style Game

Britain is known as a fashion hub and London is considered its capitals. Some of the world’s renowned fashion brands belong to the English people and they are doing extremely well in the business. From Burberry and Paul Smith to Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, we list here some of the top-rated British fashion brands that exist in the world:

1.    Burberry

Brand is the oldest British fashion and apparel brand. It has a long legacy in business that spans more than 150 years and it continues to preserve its glorious business with its high-end clothing pieces. It was launchedin 1856as an outerwear apparel manufacturer during the era ofsecond British Empire.

The invention of gabardine is the first claim to fame of this British brand which is a chief material in a trench coat. But it is also known for range of other fashionproducts that include items like apparels, handbags, boots and beauty products.The huge popularity of Burberry has transcended the national barriers as it is now a global brand that has a presence in allmajor part of the world.

2.    Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the most celebrated British brands that got phenomenal success during 2000s. It is particularly known for its outrageous runways that featured unconventional concepts. Alexander McQueen frequently collaborated with supermodels to walk the ramp for its clothing line. Among the many famous names include Kate Moss who was a frequent showstopper in many of its runways. Alexander McQueen has earned a reputation of being a brand inspired from Victorian andGothic-inspired clothing. The brand produces beautiful apparels that are praised for its traditional designs and aesthetic value. Alexander McQueen is particularly a favorite of the ladies who love this brand for its fantastic ruffle dresses and embroidered outfits. The famous wedding gown of Kate Middleton was designed by Alexander McQueen and it has remained one of the most iconic pieces in fashion history.

3.    Vivienne Westwood

When a business starts with just four shops and then expand to become a global brand, then it itself proves the stature of that brand. This is the story of Vivienne Westwood which was launched in 1970 and went on to become an international brand. Vivienne Westwood has left a strong mark in fashion world for her many punk-inspired apparels including clothing items like platform shoes, leather jacket with embroidered patches and bondage cloth to name a few. Vivienne Westwood was the force behind her eponymous label. She had strong influences of punk culture which became inspiration for the designs of her clothing pieces. Vivienne Westwood is known for its innovative designs that make a unique fashion statement and are liked by the people and celebrities.

Vivienne Westwood has worked with many renowned celebrities that include the likes of Marion Cotillard, Camilla Parker and Pharrell Williams who regularly wear this brand. Her clothing line includes items like shirts, coats, knitwear, tops, skirts as well as jewelries, shoes and bags etc.

4.    Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is an eponymous label founded in 2001 in collaboration with Kering. Stella McCartney collaborated with many brands all these years but it was its collaboration with Adidas in 2004 that brought the brand into international fame.

What sets this brand apart is its sensitivity towards animals as the brand don’t use fur or leather in its line of product.Stella McCartney has joined hands with PETA to protect animal rights and practicessafer methods in its production facility to reduce environmental damage.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

While Stella McCartney is a brand that caters to both men and women, it makes the best cuts for women outfits that look bold and beautiful.The brand sells everything from shirts and tops to pants and skirts. Besides, you can find some really cool accessories, jewelries, fragrances, wallets and handbags.

5.    Stephen Jones

One of the most popular milliners of the world, Stephen Jones is a brand that is known for making the best headwear for men and women. The eponymous brand was launched in 1980 by Stephen Jones. It has remained one of the top-selling brands in milliner business.

Stephen Jones makes every type of hatfor people of any generation. It has a vast variety of headgear ranging from fedora and bucket hat to beanie and bonnet. No matter if you are a teenager or an oldie, you can find some of the best hats that you can customize with iron-on embroidered patches to sport a particular look. Stephen Jones has joined hands with a number of designers and fashion experts to collaborate on future projects and the synergy has been successful. It is one of the top British fashion brands that you can trust for buying good hats.

6.    Paul Smith

Paul Smith is another big fashion label from English land. If Stella McCartney is the Queen of women’s clothing, then Paul Smith is the King of men’s apparel. Founded in 1970, the brand is deeply rooted in English culture and adds British elements in each of its ensembles that it features in annual runways. Paul Smith has wide-ranging clothing pieces that include everything from t-shirts and jeans to jackets and suits. In addition, you can buy some excellent accessories, such as belts, bags, wallets, sneakers and boots.All products by Paul Smithreflectutmost class, sophistication and elegance which is typical of British people.

7.    Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinnessbegan as a handbag business in the year 1989. The eponymous label was a rage during the 1990s and celebrities like Emma Watson, Kate Moss and Fearne Cotto were clients of this brand. Today, Lulu Guinness is an internationally recognized brand that makes accessories like handbags, clutches, purses, and travel attire. Recently, the brand has added clothing and footwear in its range of products. Although there is only a limited variety of apparel and shoes in its stock, you will find them good enough to add to your wardrobe. The red lips are the trademark of this company that it used as monograms on its products.

These are some of the finest fashion brands from Britain. Try them out this year to dress like a true fashion enthusiast.

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