Top7 Blank T Shirt Suppliers You Can Trust
Top7 Blank T-Shirt Suppliers You Can Trust

Running a custom t-shirt business requires a constant supply of blank T-shirts. The quality of prints depends on the quality of blank T-shirts that you customize for your clients. Whether you need to print or embroider a logo, monogram, custom patches, or any artwork, you need a good quality blank T-shirt to create fancy artwork on a T-shirt.This is where the role of a good T-shirt supplier comes into play.

To help you get supply of finest blank T-shirts, we give you a list of some leading blank T-shirt suppliers that are known for their quality products andfeasiblerates. Here goes the list:

1.    American Apparel

American Apparel is a Canadian clothing manufacturer, distributor and designer that supplies superior-quality of blank apparel to printers all over the world. The company is currently owned by Gildan Activewear but its brand name is ingrained in the American market and abroad which is why it still sells its products under its original brand name.

American Apparel makes T-shirts in range of materials including cotton, triblends andpolycotton. The T-shirts by American Apparel are known for their lightweight, soft texture and durability. You can expect a vibrant print on a T-shirt by American Apparelwhich lasts longer than other brands. The rates of this brand wereearlier higher but has seen a downtick ever since Gildan Activewear took over the business.

2.    Tultex

If you need quality blank T-shirts at the best price, then Tultex is the supplier you can always trust. The company runs an entire plant of production where it treats cotton to manufacture the finest blended T-shirts that can produce eye-popping prints.

The majority of T-shirts that are made by Tultexhas a composition of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which is excellent for absorbing the ink. The ultra-soft fabric and smooth texture of its T-shirts retain the ink longer than T-shirts by other brands.

The company offers many lucrative discounts and offers all throughout the year and offers quick turnaround for its clients. Go for this brand if you want to get a supply of reasonably priced T-shirts in a timely manner. The tees are available in all ranges of styles, sizes, and colors.

3.    Gildan

Gildan is a Canadian manufacturer of blank apparels that make top-rated T-shirts for garment decorators. The USP of this brand is the variety of products that it offers to its clientele. You can get T-shirts in every style, size, fit and color to meet the requirements of your clients.

Some of the best-selling products of this brand are hoodies, V-neck, crew neck and long sleeves. If you are running a retail facility where you sell T-shirts, then Gildan can provide you with all types ofT-shirts to match the style needs of your clients.It offers free shipping and discounts for certain quantity of orders. Check with the company to know their pricing structure anddiscounts.

4.    Plain-T-Shirts

Plain-T-Shirts has been operating for 25 years and has set its feet in blank T-shirt business. This British blank T-shirt supplier is known for producing the best priced tees that are rated excellent on an overall scale. Plain-T-Shirts make T-shirts from 100% cotton yarn that are perfect for producingbeautifulprints that pop well on fabrics of its tees.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

Plain-T-Shirtshave stock of blank tees in variety of colors and you can order them a consignment in different hues and shades to match the demands of your clients. In addition, it deliverscustomized T-shirts which mean you can order tees in your particular style and color and it will manufacturer the lot according to your specific needs. No matter if you want to create appealing logos oruse custom made patches on the t-shirts, Plain-T-Shirtscan supplysuperior-quality T-shirts to produce eye-catching designs.

The T-shirts by Plain-T-Shirts are also suitable for direct to garment printing (DTG). Since it makes the plain white t-shirts with little micro threads, you can use its T-shirts to produce full-color prints without any traces of missing inks. The company offerssame day delivery for the printers in London.

5.    Fire Label

Fire Label is another brand from UK which is known for quality of their blank T-shirts. They manufacture T-shirts in all range of styles and colors. The most common of them include hoodies, polos and regular T-shirts. It has been rocking the textile and clothing industry for more than 50 years and it has done extremely well all these years.

Fire Label has T-shirts in all range of styles and colors. From crew neck and V-neck to long sleeve and slim fit, it has every kinds of T-shirts in its stock. So you can buy from this supplier all different styles of blank T-shirts to meet the demands of your clients.

Fire Label providesplainT-shirts, polos and hoodies to cater to the needs of printers, retailers, schools, universities and other organizations. They also servecompanies with the best T-shirts to fulfill the goals of their marketing and promotional activities.

6.    Wholesale Blank T-Shirts

Wholesale Blank T-shirtsis an Australian blank apparel company that boasts to run a big network of distributors in Australia and abroad. The company claims to provide the T-shirts in most popular styles and colors. It also takes pride in providing excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

Wholesale Blank T-shirts can also offer bespoke T-shirts if you want T-shirts in certain colors, styles and sizes. As for its products, the company sells every kind of T-shirts for men, women and kids. Whether you need a polo T-shirt, hoodie or a singlet, you can contact this company to get your order delivered in the best price. It promises timely delivery at the time of your choice.

7.    Just T-Shirts

Just T-Shirts is another Austrian-based supplier of blank T-shirts that you can trust for getting plain T-shirts. It has a presence in blank T-shirt business for more than 20 years and doing extremely good with its variety of T-shirts.

It doesn’t set a limit for a minimum number of orders and you can order T-shirts in any number starting from 1 item. You can either place an order from its stock of various T-shirts or order customized T-shirts by giving them details of colors, sizes, and styles.

Just T-Shirts have T-shirts in any size no matter if you need tees for the adults or toddlers. The T-shirts made by this company are suitable for all different kinds of garment decorators no matter if you are a screen printer, sublimation, or an embroiderer.

So if you want to get better prints, then you should buy from any of these leading blank T-shirt suppliers.

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