Want to Become A Mr Charmer Try Polo Shirts from These Brands
Want to Become A Mr Charmer Try Polo Shirts from These Brands

A Polo shirt or simply a polo is a type of shirt that is different from a typical shirt. Unlike a regular shirt, it has a protruding collar and has a placket that has buttons on it. It has a longer back shirt-tail than the front. Polos are in fade these days and it is among the most liked shirts in North American.

The history of polos can be dated back to the end of the 19th century when outdoor activities became part of the daily lives of British rulers. The design of polos got a major revamp during the 1920s when René Lacostecame up with a new cut of polos. It had shorter sleeves and had a buttoned-placket on the front. The new design was a departure from the traditional shirt that had long sleeves and was buttoned up to the neck.

This redesign became the watershed moment in the history of shirt making and the world began wearing this new style of the shirt by the name “polo shirt.”It later became part of the official wear of tennis players.

Since then, polos have grown in popularity and remained one of the most popular jerseys in sports. The fashion appeal of this shirt has grown tremendously during 1970s when Ralph Lauren launched his line of polos that were inspired from the sport of polo. It had a logo of polo player embroidered on left chest. It became immensely popular among the boys and men and they started decorating their shirts with custom patches of polo player.

Polos have evolvedgracefully with time and it has remained an elegant piece of clothing for men of any age group. So if you also want to get the look of a lady killer then this shirt should be in your closet. Here are some of the best polo shirt brands that you can consider to get your polo shirt:

1.    Polo Ralph Lauren

If Levi’s is the pioneer of denim jeans, then Ralph Lauren is the king of polo shirts. Inspired from the attire of polo players, the first polos by Ralph Laurenwaslaunched in 1972. It was modern andpreppy and it took off really well. And the emblem of polo player of the chest became an icon in fashion world so much so that many boys started wearing their oldshirts with custom made patches of Ralph Lauren logo.

At Ralph Lauren, you can buy some fantastic-lookingpolos in your specific style and size. It has shirts in multitude of colors and sizes that fit toany body type. A budget of $50 can get you an excellent shirt that you can wear over any pant.

2.    Lacoste

René Lacoste launched the eponymous label “Lacoste” when no brandwas into the polos. René Lacostewas the first to introduce polos to the tennis field which later became the staple product of his brand. If you love motifs and eye-popping prints, then Lacoste is the brand you can fall back on.

From plain and patterned shirts to fancy prints and stripes, you will have plenty of varieties in terms of design and style. However, the brand only uses cotton in shirts which make it supercool and comfortable to wear.With the croc logo on left chest, the tees by Lacoste can transform you from a nerd to a Mr. Charmer. Expect to pay between $50-$100 for a good polo by Lacoste.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

3.    Fred Perry

This British brand was launched by English tennis player Fred Perrywho wanted to design a shirt inspired from the one designed by René Lacoste. He did it in 1955 and it turned out to be a major success. He used the knitted pique cotton to produce the shirts that featured all the basics of apolo shirt–placket, short sleeves and a logo on the left chest which was a laurel wreath.

Shirts by Fred Perry have significant historical value since their arrival coincided with the emergence of subcultures like Punk and Mod.So it was part of a major fashion force at that time. In the tennis court, it was a player’s jersey. Out of tennis court, it became a symbol of the emerging fashion clothing pieces that fascinated everyone from a bratty lad to an adult man.The shirts are available in 11 different colors and the size range from XS to XXXL.The prices are between $79 and $97.

4.    Tommy Hilfiger

If you are snobby about your style and patronizes elitism, then Tommy Hilfiger is the name you can trust for buying your polos.Tommy Hilfiger was a rage during the 1990s era and its influence is relevant still today. What sets this brand apart from others is the richness of patterns and colors that you will not find in any other brand on this list.

And this time, Tommy Hilfiger is launching new tees with style elements of the 90s era and it is making a strong impact on the style enthusiasts. However, the pricing has escalated from what you would pay in the nineties and a shirt can cost you anywhere between $60 and $85.

5.    Sunspel

One of the oldest apparel brands in operations, the history of Sunspel is deeply rooted in shirt making. The history of its business can be traced back to as early as 1860 when Thomas Arthur Hill founded the company in Nottingham. Sunspel is credited with making the earliest t-shirts that were ever made.

Sunspel began making polos in the 1950s when the grandson of Thomas Arthur Hill started making polos in open knitted fabric which was more breathable and comfortable. Since then,it has preserved its legacy of making the finest polo shirts. The turning point in shirt making by Sunspel came in 2006 when Daniel Craig wore them in the movie Casino Royale. It was called “Riviera Polo Shirt.”

Today, you can find the coolest polos from this brand that are available in shades of nine different colors. The sizes vary according to the different physiques and you can pick a shirt from XXS to XXXL. The prices are higher than the other brands and a good shirt can cost you a minimum of $100.

These were the five best polo shirt brands you can buy from. They are known for their impeccable style and fit. Try a polo from one of these brands and you will be on your way to become the next Mr. Charmer.

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