Why Companies Use Different Colors in Their Brand
Why Companies Use Different Colors in Their Brand

Colors are an important aspect of branding. Companies around the world make use of specific colors to attract their target audience and influence their buying behavior.

Have you ever think why certain colors are prevalent in a specific industry? Because colors implicitly affect the buying decision of customers. This is why brand strategists and marketers pay particular attention to the color scheme of their products.

From designing logos and brochure to creating product designs and packaging, companies make use of appropriate colors in their products at every stage to complement the taste of their target audience so that they can feel the connection with a brand.

And there is a biological reason behind the use of colors in a brand. Color is the first thing that our brain processes when it sees a product. How many times have you seen a cool biker and remembered the custom patches on his jacket? I guess you must not have remembered any of the patches. But you must have remembered the color of his jacket nine out of ten times. This is the power of color.

So naturally, if you apply the right colors in your brand, it will send the right information to your consumers and help them create the right brand perception. In technical language, we call it color psychology.

To further understand the phenomenon of color psychology, let’s take a look at this infographic by Kiss Metrics:

This infographic is based on the buying behavior of consumers and what they see in a product when they make a purchase. According to the infographic, the visual appearance (93%)is the most important factor in the purchase decision of consumers. The other factors are texture (6%) and sound/smell (1%).

On the other hand, the infographic also reveals that colors (85%) are the most powerful element in the appearance of a product which drive purchases and can increase the brand recognition to up to 80%.

These statistics are self-explanatory to define the power of colors on consumers and how much they influence their buying behavior.

·       How Big Companies Are Using Colors in Their Brand?

Now we will be discussing some of the common colors in different industries and how big companies are applying them in their branding process:

·        Food Companies

Food industry is a big business. It is commonplace to see signposts of famous food restaurants on a highway. There are good chances that you have seen the signpost of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC during a road trip and noticed the red color in all of them.

But how many of you know the reason behind the use of red color in the logos of these big food brands? Well, I hope not much of you would know that.

Scientifically, red coloris considered to be ahigh intensity color and it is known to tempt ourdesires. This is why the big food eaterieshave this color on their logo and packaging. The other popularfood restaurants that use red in their branding are Burger King, Hardee’s and Coca Cola.

·        Financial Institutions

Financial institutions rule the world of banking and insurance. And since they deal in money, there has to be anelement of security in the branding of their services and it should convey to their target audience. This is why the majority of the financial institutions use the blue color in their branding which is known to trigger a sense ofreliability in the minds of people.

Big financial institutions like Barclays,Citibank and Allianz have blueas the chief color in their logo and branding which creates a sense of trust in the eyes of their clients. Apart from financial institutions, there are many other businesses that also use blue in their brand to infuse confidence in their target audience.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

·        Environmental Safety and Conservation Organizations

Environmental organizations serve the cause of ‘Greener Earth’ and they work towards growing more trees and reducing pollution. The objective of these organizations is to encourage people to grow more trees and reduce pollution. This is why these organizations use green color in their branding since it conveys the idea of greenery.

National Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, and Rainforest Action Network are some of the examples of environmental safety organizations that use green color in their brand identities to connect with their target audience.

·        Luxury Brands

Luxury brands spend a big chunk of their budget in marketing and branding of their business. A large number of luxury brands have black as the leading color in their brand. This is because black represents power,class and exclusivity.

This is whytop-class brands likeLouis Vuitton, Chanel,Cartier and Rolls Royce use black as a primary color in their brand.Chanel even uses the black color in the bag that it offers to its clients with perfume kit. The bag has the exquisite-looking customembroidered patches of the company.

·        Beverage Companies

Beverage companies are one of the largest businesses in food industries.A lot of beverage companies apply the different tones of orange and yellow in their brand as these colors symbolize cheerfulness and warmth. By employing these two colors in their brands, they addan element of energy in their products which is the essence for branding a food product.

Big beverage brands like Fanta, Crush and Lipton builds their branding around these two major colors and we’ve seen them grow with time.

·        Kid’s Toy and Games Brands

Kids are visual learners. Right from their formative years, they are lured by colors and even use them as cues to distinguish betweenthings. This is why they are tempted by colors and this is the reasons the kid’s toy and games companies have multi colors in their logo and product packaging.

The majority of these companies use multi colors in their brand identity and product design to attract the attention of kids. Multi colors like blue, red, green and orange are visible in kid’s brands likeMy Little Pony and Toys “R” Us.

Final Thoughts…

Colors are what make this world look so beautiful. They have a strong effect on our mood and how we perceive things. As humans, we are driven by the influence of colors and brands use this color psychology to engage us in their products.

In this article, we analyze the role of color psychology in the branding process and how companies are using the different colors to get the attention of their clientele. Now let’s recap the whole thing:

Being a business, it is important that you use this information to build the personality of your business so that more people identify with your brand.

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