Worlds Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Wear Gucci
Worlds Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Wear Gucci

Gucci is everywhere. Celebrities, Sportsman, Millennial, Generation Z, you name it. According to latest research co-conducted by Business of fashion in partnership with Lyst, Gucci is one of the most searched brands of the planet in Q4, 2018. Gucci grabbed the position by knocking out off-white from the top. Thanks to their jaw-dropping designs, they are now the world’s most popular brand.

This is not surprising though. Gucci has been influencing the young consumers since ages, resulting in an incredible response from them. Gucci’s signature accessories like bags, Belt, Shoe and fashion glasses are the brand’s hottest product ranges worldwide.

Their marketing strategy of celebrity endorsement has worked wonders. Its international sales have soared significantly. Think about it. When you see your favorite celebrity wearing a jacket, or carrying a purse, you are tempted to check them out over the internet. And Voila! This is the success of the brand. Celebrities are regularly seen wearing Gucci or plainly promoting it in events, movies and almost everywhere.

Below is the list of celebrities who have chosen Gucci as a brand to not only elevate brand’s outreach but also their own fashion taste.

1.    Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, Beyonce (born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas) is a multi-talented American star who speaks to young American adults. Americans love her work; she has won five Grammy awards. Her first film was Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), and her first solo album was Dangerously in Love (2003).

She influences the young male and female generation Y and Z. Her onstage persona is more of a super sexy, seductive and provocative and a strong woman. Although, according to her, this image is a bit of contrast in her real life, she is most suited for brands like Gucci, which is a modern-urban brand like the star herself.

2.    Nicole Kidman

Nicole, born on 20 June 1967 in Australia, moved to United States of America to embark her Hollywood journey with the film ‘Days of Thunder’. Due to her back to back stunning performances in hit films, she was nominated for Academy Award for best Actress and also won Golden Globes. Kidman went to heights of fame when she married the Hollywood’s top actor Tom Cruise. But things didn’t work out well for them. Tom filed a divorce in 2001.

Kidman is well known for her versatility of roles in film and television career. Her gorgeous looks and mature personality attracts men and especially adult, married woman.

3.    Brad Pitt

Brad, born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, is one of the most recognized faces among American male film stars. Not surprisingly, he has been declared as the world’s most attractive menwho caught immense media attention. An actor and a film producer, his iconic films were Fight Club (1999), Troy (2004), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), The Departed (2006) and Moneyball (2011) to name a few.

Brad married Angelina Jolie on August 23, 2014 which didn’t worked and they divorced on September 19, 2016. Brad, through his films, has created a strong and powerful persona among young and adult American male. This goes in congruence with Gucci’s brand taste which resultantly attracts the similar audience for the brand. In the movie Moneyball, Brad gave a sporty look wearing custom patches logo of Oakland Athletics.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Kristen Stewart

Kristen, born on April 9 1990 in Los Angeles, is an American director, actress and a model. She holds the title of the first American women to won the Cesar Award. Her best films include Personal Shopper (2016), Clouds of Sils Maria (2014), Still Alice (2014), Lizzie (2018), In the Land of Women (2007), Camp X-Ray (2014) , Certain Women’ (2016)  and The Cake Eaters (2007).

Kristen has dated multiple co stars which brought her in the middle of controversies. But she seems to be fine with it. In fact she is open to dating men again. She was not shy to call herself a “bisexual” in an interview with The Guardian.

5.    Salma Hayek

Salma , born September 2, 1966, is originally from Mexico. She hit the Hollywood Media scene in 1991. Her top performance was in Desperado (1995) and Frida (2002). Frida was a special one. Here she performed the role of a Mexican Painter in the movie. Through this film, she brought home the best actress of Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe Award.

Salma attracts mature American and Spanish women. She also helps brands reach Hispanic Consumers. Due to her extrovert nature, she regularly attends award shows, fashion shows and the likes.

6.    Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift, born December 13, 1989 in Pennsylvania, United States, is American heartthrob singer and songwriter. She is one of the best selling music artists of all times and was included in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest songwriters of all times in 2015. These achievements speak volumes about swift’s incredible artistic expression through music. Her best hits are: You Belong with me (2009), Love Story (2009), Teardrops on my Guitar (2009), Blank Space (2014), Shake it off (2014) and lot more.

A resident of the Nashville, Tennessee, Swift (29) represents a fearless American female. She has treated her fans with love and respect. Her on-stage performance matches with her off-stage behavior. She is a strong feminist and has a strong personality. This gives her edge over others to attract young, outgoing American females. Swift is aesthetically correct as well as athletically upbeat. You will catch her wearing Gucci’s Retro sneakers in concerts and events. She also likes wearing sporty clothes with Custom Embroidered Patches of various brands.

7.    Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty (known by her stage name Rihanna), born on February 20 1988 in Saint Michael, is not only a singer and actress but businesswomen too. Rihanna’s top hits are: What’s my name, Run this town, Shut up and Drive, Don’t stop the Music, Rude Boy, Love the way you are and others.

Rihanna is an American pop icon who reinvented herself (music and fashion) multiple times. She is not afraid to take risks, make mistakes and innovate which attracts media attention. New York magazine termed her “cookie-cutter teen queen” in 2009 issue. Rihanna has remained on the edge of the American fashion scene by featuring in major fashion magazines. She carries tattoos and is called a “sex symbol” of the industry.

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