We are a Custom Patch Maker, we make all kind of patches & labels with Velcro & Iron on backing. RUSH Delivery, 30% Off to Resellers. Send Logo to Get a Quote.


Patch Maker

We are in the custom embroidery business since Aug 2008. We are a registered limited liability company in the state of Texas.

Our business federal tax ID can be provided upon request.

Our warehouse is in Houston to send and receive goods, but that is not a factory. Our factory is in Karachi, Pakistan. We send all patches/labels from our overseas factory.

Mailing address:

Houston Embroidery Service

10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. Suite 13006

Houston, TX 77043


Factory address:

Korangi Industrial Area

Karachi, Sindh 74900 Pakistan

Patch Maker


We have in-house design studio to digitize logo for custom patches. We do logo digitizing for patches, quickly.


We have graphic designers to create new artwork or modification in the existing one for custom made patches.


Avail 30% discount on your embroidered patches orders if you are a member of SAGE, ASI & PPAI.

Patch Maker


We make pre-production samples for approval; we keep making changes until you are fully satisfied.


We calculate prices based on the stitches in an embroidery design (The min is 10K). So, you pay as you go.


If you find errors in the patches you get (not as described in the approval form), we will redo or refund.


Looking for a patch creator that can make a patch for your jacket? You found us! We do Custom Patches No Minimum.

Patch Maker


We digitize each logo we get for price quotes; we send a digital proof with each embroidered patch quote.


Have a question related prices or turnaround? Email us (click here) or call our toll-free +1 (888) 976-8033


15 working days turnaround after approval. RUSH 3-Day turnaround for embroidered patches (add. fee).

We are a Custom Patch Maker, we make all kind of Patches & Labels with Velcro & Iron on backing.  RUSH Delivery, Fast Ship, 30% Off to Resellers. Get a Quote!



Houston embroidery service was established in 2008. We offer custom embroidered patches. We give all kind of patches and labels. We assist our consumers to decide a logo design dimension, thread and also product shades, select a right support technique, produce a new art work or modify an existing one. We are the biggest custom patch maker in the state. We are easy to deal with; we have email and phone support. We follow your guidelines to make your patches as well as labels.



The answer is so basic, “we can do anything and everything for you.” we are a full-service custom patch maker with years of experience. We have actually worked with every market and all kinds of organizations as well as organizations. We supply whatever you require with your custom embroidered patches like merrowed border (merrow border), hot-cut border (satin-stitch boundary). We make patches with iron on support, Velcro support, self-adhesive backing, plastic lamination backing, switch loops, as well as other support and accessory alternatives. We have internal design studio where we digitize your logos for spots.



Unlike other custom patch maker (s), we utilize the stitch-count based pricing approach. It makes lots of sense when you make use of “pay as you go” rates calculator. Dimension based prices are, occasionally, excessive for a basic logo. The variety of stitches varies logo to logo; a 3″ round logo design with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches.

Exactly how do our competitors calculate the expense?

Do you believe they would certainly base the cost on 15,000 stitches?

Never! They constantly base their costs on the greater stitch-count.

Isn’t it unreasonable for you? If so, stop being charged unjustly, today!



Location does not matter due to the fact that we market custom embroidered patches online. We make patches for cops, firemens, sports groups, restaurants, and also brand names! We additionally make patches for hats, bags, golf shirt, baseball caps, and custom-made marketing items. We make patches in the list below types: embroidered, printed, woven, leather, as well as PVC. We make patches with these accessory choices: Velcro, iron on, and also sew on (custom sew on patches do not require any type of unique support). We are the largest custom embroidered patches distributor in Texas.



Do you require for custom embroidered patches for hats? If so, your search surfaces right here! Since we are a patch maker, we make all sort of patches; just inform us what you call for afterwards we will certainly make custom embroidered patches. Do you need patches with iron on backing or Velcro? Do some study prior to positioning the order. Our manufacturing facility lies overseas that’s why we supply economical patches. We are your # 1 resource for all kind of patches as well as labels.



We are right below to make the treatment of acquiring custom embroidered patches online rapid and also basic. Simply send us your logo design art work, list the needed quantity and also backing/attachment choice (Velcro/iron on/sew on *) after that we will certainly get you an estimate in a couple of hours. We back every patch we make with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not delighted with them, we re-make the patches/labels.

* you can affix customized stitch on patches by utilizing a stitching maker.



Utilizing custom embroidered patches is a great method to enhance a blank t shirt, cap, or jacket, swiftly. It indicates you can enhance garments without an embroidery machine. You just require a heat-press and a post bed sewing machine to sew the patches/labels on caps, hats, footwear, and also bags. Iron on patches function well with one of the most clothing items that are made of cotton. If you wish to stitch the patches on the garment, order custom sew on patches. We are a patch maker and can help you.



We provide 30% discount rate to the retailors or resellers (SAGE, PPAI, ASI distributors); so, if you want to start a little customized clothing organization from residence, you can do that conveniently by collaborating with us. We make all type of patches like embroidered, woven, sublimated( printed), leather, and PVC. We additionally make personalized keychains or crucial fobs.



As a custom patch maker, custom embroidered patches are our specialty. We make patches (iron on and also Velcro) for promotional companies, ad agency, signs and also graphics business, embroidery and screen printing business, SAGE, PPAI, ASI distributors, and regional stores from the 50 states. Patches is a popular method for branding and customizing. Patches save cash as well as wardrobe’s room. You can make use of Velcro patches for one celebration or two. Embroidered letters mostly applied on an unique fleece jacket called letterman coat to reveal accomplishment and achievement.



Custom-made embroidered patches are made use of in army uniforms, police uniforms, firefighter uniforms, military uniforms, scouts attires, restaurant uniforms, flight team attires, medical attires (consisting of EMT uniforms), security attires, and all various other work attires. To meet the demand, a custom patch maker offers customized armed forces Velcro patches, tactical hat Velcro patches, girl scout emblems, safety Velcro emblems, consistent patches, embroidered letters for letterman jacket, as well as big badges for coats.

Motorbike clubs make use of personalized motorcycle vest patches. Individuals use custom-made spirits patches or army spirits patches to sustain a team. Cyclists use club patches and custom rocker patches to promote their bike clubs. Golf enthusiast use bag patches on their golf bags.



Furthermore, embroidered patches are used in football attires, baseball uniforms, ice hockey attires, soccer uniforms, golf shirts, golf hats, baseball caps, golf bags, and so on. There have to do with 500 huge motorbike gangs and also 2,500 smaller sized in the us. Almost every motorcyclist uses a natural leather jacket or a vest, decorated with their club’s logo design. They use custom embroidered patches, considering that they are affordable, personalized, and also very easy to get rid of or replace. Consistent rental services love custom Velcro patches.

Their customers need uniforms on a temporarily basis and they utilize custom Velcro patches. Like any other organizations, motorcycle clubs have their very own uniforms, leather coats and vest. They all need an experienced custom patch maker to fulfill their needs.



The embroidered patch is a wonderful product to personalize your caps with an NFL or NBA logo design. This is a simple alternative to consistent your restaurant employee. If you are going to an organization meeting or a trade show with your workplace coworkers, you can put a personalized branded patch on your shirt or coat to let the various other company individuals know who you are as well as what organization you represent.

We offer diy embroidered patch; it is very easy to make your very own apparel tags when you work with us. People additionally require diy embroidered patches for their very own personal “brand”. Custom-made Velcro patches are suitable for briefly branding.



A small logo with a lot of graphics and also little text is not recommended or ideal for patch. Dye sublimated patch is good to suit such details. It is digitally printed and also has a border. Woven patches are likewise excellent substitute for embroidered patches. Some individuals do not like printed patches on their t-shirts; they choose something made from fabric.

We recommend them woven patches. They resemble embroidered patches. They include the same backing as well as attachment choices: iron on, Velcro, plastic, and also sew on. An experienced custom patch maker will suggest you the best method for your logo.



Embroidered patches are far better than straight embroidery on t shirts or coats; the cost is a lot greater for straight embroidery due to the fact that the labor and other expense are a lot greater in the United States as compared to China or India. We do our production in Pakistan and also China; consequently, we offer reasonably low prices to our consumers.

An embroidered shirt or cap developed for one event can not be used on another one, because the embroidered logo is non-removable. You require a new shirt/cap for each event if you choose direct embroidery technique. Contact a patch maker if you want to save money.



a. A customer sends their logo design artwork; pointed out the required amount, size, backing (Velcro or iron on), and other details for a price quote.

b. We digitize/design * the logo design and send back a digital proof, as well as the estimate. We also discuss the delivery time.

Unlike other patch maker, we use stitch-count based pricing approach, we need to digitize your logo to obtain its stitch matter in order to offer you an exact price quote.

c. The purchaser approves the offered price quote and also makes the full payment ahead of time.


d. We generate a sample for the final authorization; we send a form with an image of the pre-production example.

e. The buyer indicators the approval kind as well as returns to us.

f. We run the manufacturing as well as dispatch the order in the given time; we make use of DHL that takes 3-4 days to deliver in the united states.



Customized embroidered patches

Q: what are custom embroidered patches?

A: they are utilized to embellish your clothing. They are produced using embroidery devices that make use of materials like threads of various shades. It can be a logo design, a theme or a symbol.

Q: when you claim clothing, exactly what do you imply?

A: custom embroidered patches can be used in army attires, police attires, firefighter uniforms, military uniforms, scouts uniforms, restaurant attires, flight team attires, medical uniforms (consisting of EMT uniforms), security attires, and all various other work attires. They can likewise be utilized to enhance a shirt, cap, coat, backpack and much more clothing short articles.

Q: how these custom embroidered patches are affixed to the clothes?

A: with strategies referred to as backing options, the patches can be affixed by means of the iron on support choice, Velcro or they can additionally be sewn on. Your patch maker may suggest you the best option for your need.


Q: why should I utilize embroidered patches?

A: apart from being a fantastic way to customize your apparels, it is a favorite way of individualizing as well as branding.

Q: so, what if I desire an embroidered patch? Exactly how can I get just one?

A: either do it yourself, or you visit our web site to discover just how you can put an order. When you place an order with us, we also send the guidelines “exactly how to apply.” personalized embroidered patches.

Q: how much do I need to spend for your patches and also labels?

A: being the most effective source for patches and labels in Texas, we provide our products at reasonable rates. So, you do not have to fret about being over-priced.


Q: how can I find patch supplier near me?

A: this depends, to a degree, on the location in which you live. You can try to find an apparel store and also ask, or you can merely send your artwork, and we will gladly be of help.

Support and also attachment options

Q: what are the backing as well as attachment alternatives for embroidered patches?

A: iron on and also Velcro both are suitable attachment alternatives for the embroidered patches. Keep in mind, iron on backing is not suitable for 100% polyester, nylon, satin, natural leather, and various other similar material.

Q: what are sew on patches or labels as well as what backing do they come with?


A: sew on patches and labels are connected making use of a stitching maker. For sew on patches, we do not include anything especial; in some cases, plastic lamination film is affixed at the backside of the patches to limit bending.

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