Spoilage in the work of custom screen printing, embroidery, and costume decoration is an unfortunate, but common occurrence. Spoilage due to problems with the garment manufacturer / supplier or production error due to which any garment item falls below the acceptable quality standard.

There are two types of error / spoilage:

Manufacturing error – When clothing items arrive at our location with damages (tears, stains, holes, rips, runs, etc.)

Production (embroidery or screen printing) malfunction / spoilage – when clothing items are ruined during the embroidery or printing process.

Industrial quality has a deterioration / spoilage rate of about 3% – meaning that 3 out of every 100 garments ordered will be damaged in some way during the production (embroidery or printing) process. This is just an acceptable margin of error / spoilage that exists in our custom clothing industry.

This 3% spoilage rate, 2* out of 50 hoodies, falls within our allowable spoilage rate, so you will get 48 hoodies.

*2% of 50 is 1.5. Since there is no half doodie or shirt, we still need a complete unit. So we count 2 hoodies for this scenario.

In case of malfunction / spoilage, if the spoilage rate is higher than the allowable rate of 3%. Most of the time, you won’t know it happened because we replace anything in the clothing that is beyond the 3% limit. However, there are some jobs that require a lot of hard work to rearrange the hoodies / shirts and then rearrange the whole setup.

In that case, we will refund the value of the damaged product(s) (top of 3% only).

Example: The spoilage rate for an order of 100 caps was 5%. We would refund / adjust the cost of 2 caps.

Example 2: The spoilage rate for ordering 50 T-shirts was 5%. We would refund / adjust the price of 1 T-shirt.