We make Woven Patches with Iron on or Velcro Backing. We offer 15-Day Turnaround. Minimum Order Quantity is 100. Send Your Logo for a Price Quote Now.


If you are seeking a dependable woven patches maker who can produce your very own cloth tags for your clothing brand, we are here to help you. With our knowledgeable team, most current tools, making software, and also premium yarn, we can say without a doubt that we are the one that you require. Personalized woven labels are the easiest as well as most effective way to include identification to your clothing products, bags, caps, shirts, as well as leather items. Our tags are woven and also are made of excellent that thrives in any weather, any day. Please read more about our custom patches.

Woven Patches

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Custom Patches

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Custom Embroidered Patches

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Custom Made Patches

Custom woven patches by a local supplier

We take woven patches seriously, so unlike other woven labels makers, we utilize the very best readily available material in making our patches since we want it to look precisely just how you would certainly desire it. We make these woven patches with top-notch yarn and also artwork, integrated with our extensive quality assurance to enable them be the very best. To create these patches, after obtaining your illustration, idea, an art work or an image, we take the specifications from your order and also create a digital mockup and send to you for approval, once you approve this, we proceed to manufacturing and delivery of the patches to you. PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Key Features:

Woven Patches

This is how we make a woven label sample

Step 1. A designer creates the logo on a computer program for the woven label machine.

Step 2. The chief designer checks the design and approves it after making necessary changes.

Step 3. Once the file is ready, the production manager arranges the required thread colors for the sample, and sends the entire package to the machine.

Step 4. The machine operator makes the sample.

Step 5. The overlock/merrow machine operator makes the border.

Step 6. The iron on or velcro backing is attached to the back of the sample patch.

Step 7. The quality controller checks the sample and approves it; if he finds errors, he orders to redo the sample.

Step 8. The sample is packed and handed over to DHL.