Single custom patches for your own jacket? Your search for custom patches maker on the internet ends right here! You discovered a custom patch maker that offers custom patches no minimum. Here you can design your own patch and order your personalize patches in low quantities like just one or two custom patches. We offer affordable custom patches with Velcro or iron on backing feature.



Why you should send your orders to us:

– Affordable costs with fast turn-around | cost-free international shipping | Velcro, iron on, and also peel n stick backing

– Exclusive price cut to SAGE, ASI, as well as PPAI members | wholesale rates for resellers and representatives

– 10-day delivery|5-day rush distribution|3-day incredibly rush delivery | a domestic business in Texas

– Custom patches no minimum! Yes, you can order single custom patches. Layout your own patch here!


Custom made patches assist enhance sales 50% to 75% (yes, it is true; not joking).

Are you an embroiderer, garments designer, or a marketing professional that trying to find custom patches near me?

If your solution is “yes”, you are in the appropriate location! Yes, you can boost your sales quantity 50% to 75% by buying custom patches online.

You can take more and more orders no matter your production ability. Simply take orders for embroidered caps/shirts/jackets. Find a patch designer. Attach the custom patches making use of a heat-press.

Custom patches no minimum (single custom patches).

” does any person, actually, make custom patches no minimum?”.

” is it also feasible for a custom embroidery firm to offer custom patches no minimum?”.

” can I get just single custom patches (my personalized patches) without paying a configuration charge?”.

The right answer is no and also yes!

No = 99% custom patches makers have their minimum order amount that can be 25 to 50 patches. When they make less than their MOQ, they bill a digitizing fee as well as an order handling fee. It is hard to take orders for a single custom patches.

Yes = we do not have any kind of MOQ for embroidered patches. If you need just single custom patches, send us your art work and we will certainly make 1 or 2 personalized patches. Layout your very own patch here!

Conserve your money and do not pay any kind of design setup fee or order processing cost anymore!

Have us make your custom patches in extremely small quantities!

Economical custom patches for organizations.

Right here at Houston embroidery solution, we are widely known professionals at making custom patches/ morale patches for police, firefighters, restaurants, service employees, armed forces, as well as a lot more. If you require a custom patch that functions perfectly with your garments or uniform, we can create it for you. And also make just as many patches as you require. You can place your order for custom patches online, quickly. You can make your very own patch below!

Design your very own patch with us.

Houston embroidery solution layout custom patches for hats, jackets, polo shirts, bags, as well as other clothing short articles. You can have some specially developed and also produced tailored patches put on any type of cap or hat of your option. Wonder what they look like? We can make one patch as an example absolutely free. We’ll electronically put it on a cap, send the virtual mock-up to you, as well as you can happily onward it to your client for their authorization. You’re sure to obtain lots of excitement and also praises from your customers because our patches are incredible.

Custom patches online for everybody.

We offer a both of making approaches, embroidered and color sublimated (printed). This offers you exactly the look and efficiency you require for your kind of work or task. You can attach these patches with Velcro, iron on, as well as stitch on. This is excellent for sports teams, military, navy, authorities, precursors, service groups, food service and so far more. We can make exactly the patches/ name tags you intend to place on baseball caps, cyclist coats, cops attires, sports attires or really great shirts for your bowling team. Personalized patches go on bags, vests, bags – you name it! Currently, every person can order custom patches online.

Individualized patches by a specialist.

We are called Houston embroidery service for a reason; it is since we specialize in remarkable, durable, completely executing embroidery. We make our embroidered patches on high-speed digital Barudan embroidery machines that do impressive job extremely rapidly. We get exceptional information, little letters, small lays out, big loaded locations with all the quality you can possibly desire. Layout your own patch by working with us.

Convert artworks into embroidery styles.

First, we make your style on a computer program (Wilcom) that produces a digital embroidery file. We send the embroidery file (DSt) to an embroidery machine where it mosts likely to work making your patch to look similar to the layout art. The majority of people who see this procedure are surprised at the accuracy. And also the patch virtually means looks a whole lot a lot more impressive than the virtual design. It’s a lot of fun to see a new patch come to life. The mixing of thread as well as shades to produce a real masterpiece that communicates sensation, ideas, and also feature to any individual that sees it. An embroidery documents is needed to develop your very own patch.

Custom embroidered patches.

Embroidered patches are our specialized. Iron on, Velcro, peel and stick, and also various other backing options are offered. You can save a lot of your time and money utilizing our custom embroidered patches as opposed to embroidering on shirts/caps. We digitize all logos in-house; we have experienced digitizers who deliver the very best feasible results. You can compare our job high quality with any type of embroidery firm on the planet. The options are printed patches.

Custom printed patches (dye sublimated custom patches).

Printed patches or dye sublimated patches are so prominent nowadays; they conserve your money and time. If your logo has a lot of small lettering and details, printed patches is the very best alternative to choose from. A logo with tons of shades is not feasible for embroidery. The current embroidery machines have 15 needles; so, we can make a logo design in 15 colors maximum, however in the color sublimation approach, there is no limitation of shades. These emblems can be choses if you need custom Velcro patches. We do custom display printed back patches for jackers. We have methods for custom back patch printing; dye sublimation and screen printing. Screen printed patches are excellent if you need your emblems in cotton twill or canvas product.

Have us create your very own patch.

You can produce your own patch with Houston embroidery service, as we offer a variety of premium inexpensive custom patches. We offer cheap custom patches to marketing and advertising companies, sporting activities teams, precursors, institution, clubs, motorcyclists, federal government organizations, and also individuals. Our custom patches are created using leading grade materials and leading innovation. So, please quit searching “custom patches near me” and also send your logo design to us.

Have us develop your very own patch for:.

Uniforms – army, cops, scouts, medical, fireman, engineering, plumbing, restaurants, sporting activities, or any other kind of workwear or attire. These embroidered patches assist to recognize their devices, names or work titles. These embroidered patches are not only utilized to help supply them depiction but to aid recognize people.

Personal – we recognize that patches are not only minimal to pressures or companies any longer. Which is why we provide low-cost custom patches to people from different walks of life. This can be a custom patch for your backpacks, in memory of a relative or friend, or to help you remember one’s sacrifices or services for the neighborhood. In any case, we enjoy to take in personal embroidered patches or morale patches orders too.

Advertising– have us create your own patch for marketing polo shirts, marketing baseball caps, advertising aprons. Promotional embroidered apparel is the most efficient method to develop brand awareness. This method allows you to market a business or brand in a cost-efficient as well as unique manner. More than 50% of promotional products are advertising embroidered or published apparel.


Frequently asked questions

Would you love to brand your clothing with custom made patches?

Do you have a clothing line, service or a company you want to personalize patches for? Do you belong to a club, a football group, precursor or perhaps a martial arts competition? Would certainly you have us make your very own patch? If you are affirmative to any of these questions, then kick back and also band up your seat belts for a soft as well as great flight. Whatever the function is, we are below to give you with the ideal option by aiding you make your own patch to suit your demands. We are Houston embroidery service; a leading custom made patches supplier and vendor in Texas. We provide custom patches for clothing at wonderful and also affordable costs with backing options like iron on, Velcro, sew on, and more.

Exactly how do you make these custom made patches?

If you want to make your own patch I make sure you have this inquiry on your mind. One of the most usual method is embroidery. This is done utilizing a digital embroidery device, an embroidery thread, and a piece of towel. When you ask for to make your own patch, our developer develops the design with the software program called Wilcom. The embroidery data, the style, is sent to an embroidery device which gets the job done by constructing out the layout on a piece of fabric.

What thread and also textile are utilized?

For offering you better in addition to keeping our custom patches for clothes economical, we make use of the Chinese threads while the madeira embroidery thread is utilized on demand, for instance; when producing custom made patches for fire retardant clothing.

Just how do you attach/apply patches on the clothes?

There are numerous choices for this, one of the most common 4 methods and also their advantages are:

Velcro backing– this entails using 2 strips of slim plastic sheets covered with small loopholes and also the various other with small flexible hooks that stick when pressed together and divided when rived. Please have a look at our Velcro patches.

Iron on backing – additionally called warm seal backing is another technique mainly ideal for embroidered as well as dye sublimated printed patches. It entails a thin layer of unique adhesive that sticks on the material when heated up making use of a completely dry iron; the adhesive sticks strongly when it cools down. Please take a look at our custom iron on patches.

To attach the iron on patches; you need to:

Establish your completely dry iron between 175 c to 185 c relying on the stamina of the textile

Place the patch on the desired position

Place a thick 100% cotton twill over the fabric

Press on the iron for 20– 25 secs

Press the inside-out turned part of the garment for one more 15 secs as well as enable the material to cool down.

Sew on backing– this is done utilizing a sewing machine. The benefit is that it’s the strongest and also long-term means to apply embroidered patches.

Peel and stick backing– likewise referred to as a glue backing or sticky backing functions like a sticker label. It is a momentary backing technique that can conveniently be eliminated and reused for 4– 6 times.

What is the expense of acquiring the custom made patches?

To aid you make your own patch at economical prices, we position our rates based upon the variety of stitches; making it cost effective for you. So, we can ensure you that having us make your very own patch is not expensive.

Exactly how swiftly can I get my custom made patches for hat?

We deliver a fast-paced service, so your order should not take long to get to you. It relies on how quick you reply to considering that we’ll do numerous documents like sending a picture of the sample for you to authorize. Nonetheless, as soon as this is finished, we will start production immediately and also send off the order. We use DHL for our shipments suggesting you need to have your order provided within 3– 4 days from the time of send off if you are in the us. There are also choices for 3-days incredibly thrill, or 5-days rush solution.

Who gets custom made patches?

Our custom patches for clothing are gotten by consistent producers for sporting activities groups, military, authorities, army, scouts, firemans, restaurants and cafes, or any other uniformed organizations that need to show the name and rank of the user. Motorbike clubs use patches for jackets. People put on morale patches to sustain the military forces. Great deals of web users discover us on Google when the search for “custom patches near me” it is much easier to use the web to browse affordable custom patches providers.

Just how to produce custom embroidered patches?

Initially, a graphic musician develops an unique logo. After that, an embroidery designer or embroidery digitizer transforms the logo style into an embroidery file and creates a mock-up. Afterwards, the embroidery data, DST, is sent to an embroidery machine that makes embroidery layout, a patch, on a piece of textile. After that, the edge of the patch is reduced using a laser cutting machine or by hand. Afterwards, the required backing, Velcro or iron on, is used on the back of the patch. So easy, hah?

What is the minimum number of patches I can buy?

We are one of the few companies that supply a service to produce your very own patch without minimum. Huston embroidery service offers a collection of embroidered patches without any minimum order quantity. We take small orders varying from 5 to 10 patches. It aids our consumer to take a look at our custom patches quality prior to positioning a large order.

How much do custom embroidered patches set you back?

Huston embroidery service makes use of a stitch-count based pricing approach. Unlike other business that charge you based upon the size of the custom patches. We recognize that size-based rates can conveniently blow your budget. This pricing structure is unfair for a basic logo. The variety of stitches relies on the style dimension and graphics. For instance, a rounded designed 3″ logo that is 100% covered with stitches carries approximately 15,000 to 25,000 stitches. We provide custom patches no minimum, but the price is high for single custom patches.

What were embroidered patches utilized for?

Back in time, embroidered patches were utilized by state militants. Their patches were their identities. Embroidered patches helped determine where a soldier came from. Today, these embroidered patches are taken into consideration a piece of art; as they were used for different occasions. In addition, these custom patches were made use of by different sectors both exclusive and also federal government. These patches were used to aid identify an organization or perhaps be made use of for design.

Where were embroidered patches produced?

We heard that embroidered patches were first created in China or India throughout the 5th to 3rd century B.C. People utilized various stitching methods, patterns, and also threads to create beautiful hand-made patches to decorate their militants’ garments. This pattern brought about stitching the ornamental layouts on everyday garments. Throughout the years, other cultures began to catch on the patches pattern.

When have companies began using equipments for production?

As for we know, some sectors of the world that still at times make embroidered patches by hand, while the majority of clothes patches worldwide are created using equipments. The first embroidery maker was introduced by alphonse kursheedt back in the 1800’s. Alphonse utilized a mix of hand embroidery impends and also imported 12 embroidery hand impends to assist develop a mechanical process. It wasn’t long after that, that isaak groebil was motivated from a basic home sewing machine; as well as produced the very first schiffli embroidery device. The procedure is utilized as a constant threaded shuttle, and also needle.

When have the us accepted embroidered patches?

We heard that embroidered patches were first tackled by the us military unit. The process began with unofficial patches found on soldiers’ uniforms. Throughout the Mexican war, as well as civil battle; systems began to determine their soldiers. The earliest us army patch is the large red one and also was first used on 31st October in 1918. Throughout the world war ii, we saw military officials, marines, coastline guards, and also flying force authorities putting on these patches as a pleased practice. For many years the patches ended up being much more sophisticated and also personal. Enabling a specific to use their patches with satisfaction. Nonetheless, with the flow of time, these patches became extra popular; and also are now extensively used around the globe by private citizens, too.

Just how can I discover a neighborhood patch maker that offers economical custom patches (custom patches near me)?

There are several methods to find a regional patch developer that offers economical custom patches, like Yellow Pages, Yelp, as well as Google. Simply open Google as well as type “custom patches near me” you will see great deals of outcomes versus your query “custom patches near me” you need to check 4 to 6 patch maker. If you need tailored patches in reduced amounts, after that additionally search for “custom patches no minimum” lots of people provide custom patches online.