Custom Velcro Patches

Custom Velcro patches, Velcro name patches, custom Velcro name patches are our best seller. We deliver all custom Velcro patches for tactical vest and custom Velcro patches for backpacks quickly and offer free shipping. Regular turnaround time 10-working days, and 3-day rush delivery at additional cost. PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A PRICE QUOTE.


If you are looking for easily fixed patches, no need for technical details on how to apply them, you just want to have something you can fix on your apparels, hats, duffle or bags and get going, our custom Velcro patches are exactly what you need.

At Houston Embroidery Service, our goal is to give our clients the best quality patches that will fulfill their needs. We are a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier located in Texas. We make custom Velcro patches as well as other types of patches at great and affordable rates with numerous backing options like Velcro, iron on, Sew-on, plastic backing, etc. Our custom Velcro patches can be made with all imprinting methods; it can be printed or embroidered. Its best use is mostly found with custom names for hospital team members, schools, backpacks, stickers and emblems, jackets, leather jackets, badges, firefighter jackets or even the military. Our services at a glance include;

  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround Time
  • Special discount to SAGE, ASI, and PPAI members (View our special offers)
  • 5-Day RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on All Orders
  • Custom Velcro Patches
  • Velcro, Iron on, and Peel and Stick Backing
  • Custom patches No Minimum


Before you place your request, I’m sure you might have a lot of questions concerning how we make these patches, why you should buy from us and what else you need to know as well as the options available to you.

Why should I buy Custom Velcro Patches

Velcro patches are great for identifying certain positions or authority. These types of patches can be done in different shapes; rectangular, circular, or even custom shapes. The Velcro patches consist of two strips of thin sheet. One of the sheets is covered with tiny loops while the other is covered with tiny flexible J-hooks which allow you to attach, remove and reattach them on your apparels or any fabric.

Our custom Velcro patches offers you quick ways to identify yourself as a team mate or an official by fixing your name on your apparel or belongings. If you’re looking to get the most out of Velcro patches, our custom Velcro patches is the best recommendation you can ever get due to its numerous advantages.

How do you make your custom Velcro patches?

We use the best available technology in making our custom Velcro. We customize them with top-quality materials, artwork and Velcro closures combined with our rigorous quality control to enable them be the best available. The process involves creating a digital sample of your design with your specifications using the Wilcom software after you must have sent us your sketch, idea, a picture or an artwork. We then send it back to you for approval, once you approve it; we proceed to manufacturing using the Barudan embroidery Machine after which we’ll ship the Velcro patches to you. We use DHL for our deliveries meaning you should have your Velcro Name tags delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

What type of fabric is used for your custom Velcro patches?

To give you the best and also have you make a choice of what you want, we use various background materials that give excellent results for our custom Velcro patches (embroidered patches). Most times we make use of polyester twill fabric; however, we also use felt, nylon, real leather, fake leather, canvas and other types of fabrics. The choice is in your hands. Our Velcro patches are highly customizable. So whatever choice you make is what we will put to use. So tell us exactly what you want when placing your order and we will definitely give you the best.

What is the thread quality used in making these custom Velcro patches?

The Madeira thread is a very expensive and of high quality thread. This thread works best for fire-resistant patches as it is fire retardant. In the effort to give our customers the best, we make our custom Velcro patches with very high quality threads but not as expensive as Madeira threads. However, we still make Madeira threads available on request in making custom Velcro patches. We also use fire-resistant Velcro for fire-resistant embroidered patches. Click here to learn more about Madeira threads.

What is the Cost of purchasing the custom Velcro Patches?

To make sure our clients get the best out what they have, we’ve adopted a more convenient method of charges for our clients. Here, the prices are calculated based on the number of stitches made on the patch thereby making it affordable for you since size based prices can be sometimes too much for a simple logo. What this means is that when you order for any of our patches, you pay as you go. The price calculator calculates the price based on “pay as you go” model.

Do you offer Custom no Minimum?

If you just need a single or few custom Velcro patches, we have a system that helps you get the best of what you need without having to pay a bulk price when you need it, we offer you custom patches no minimum. This means that you can make custom Velcro patches with us at great prices irrespective of the number of patches needed. With custom Velcro patches no minimum, you don’t have to order for a particular range of patches, rather you’re free to even order for just one patch! This gives individuals and teams the flexibility in getting exactly what they want without overpaying.

Products on which our Custom Velcro patches are used

Custom Velcro patches can serve for many purposes; from identification to decoration, brand awareness and clothing design. Our patches are designed to be used on variety of products. Each type of product is taken into consideration while designing the custom Velcro patches for it. These products can be promotional items for companies, like caps, t-shirts bags and any other item a company can decide to apply the patch on to promote their product and services. Our patches can also be used or applied on personal items like shirts, jean trousers, leather jackets, denim jackets, hats duffle bags, travel bags, or any other type of personal item that can accept embroidery patches. Our patches are also applied on military uniforms as a means of name identification, rank and unit identification. They can also be applied on police uniforms, private security outfits, fire fighters, and other uniformed organizations.

People who buy and use our Custom Velcro Patches

All our patches speak volumes about us, they are made of high quality materials and can be used anywhere irrespective of the weather. So our patches are used by individuals and organizations that are looking for the best and high quality custom Velcro patches. Our buyers and end users include individuals who buy patches for their personal use. It could be for decorating their cloths, to show support for a particular organization, for name identification or any other personal reasons. Our custom Velcro patches are ordered and used by companies, organizations, soccer teams, clubs, Military units, motorcycle clubs and many others. Some of these clothes are uniforms from police, military and many other uniformed organizations. Click here to see our Tactical hat Velcro patches.

The schools utilize them to create removable badges or prefect badges for their students in order to distinguish them from others. Our patches are also used or applied on promotional caps, hats or shirts, bags by enterprises or SMEs who wants to get the word out there about their business.

Our buyers also include hospitals that use them to put tags or names on their hospital team who drops the clothes once they are done with their shift. School teams also make use of it when ordering from us so players could still swap the uniforms. Other people who make use of our custom Velcro patches include bikers who like to use it for identification on their jackets by placing them on the chest where anyone can easily see it.

History of Custom Velcro patches

Custom Velcro patches can be used for many things. They are used by the military on their shirts/jackets for identification and rank insignia. Although, it’s fairly new in modern history as an addition to military attire, the idea of wearing patches came and was first worn in 1800’s by British soldiers. However, it was just to signify their rank then until World War I when General John J. Pershing officially authorized the use of patches on military uniforms.

The Velcro backing came to life after George de Mestral, a Swiss electrical Engineer invented the Velcro backing option in 1940’s. He got the idea while examining the Burdock seeds in the woods clinging to his coat and dog and felt that might be useful for something. With microscopic inspection, George observed that the hooks were engaging the loops on his pants fabric. With the help of his friends from the weaving business, he duplicated this hook and loop fastener idea in a manufacturing plant and the result was the invention of the VELCRO® Brand. He patented this in 1955, refined and developed the idea and commercially introduced it late 1950s. Later on, it was introduced into military wears and as backing option for name tags hence the name Velcro name tapes.

Today, custom Velcro patches is being used for many purposes not just by the military but also individuals, organizations and schools. They can be found on caps, hats, jackets, duffle bags, backpacks, denim jackets, team uniforms. They are used to customize many different embodiments for apparels like morale patches, fun patches, flag patches and many others. It has become the major patch for identification purposes and as temporary type of patch that can be used on different apparels.

Custom Velcro patches: Advantages and why you should use them.

Custom Velcro patches have become the preferred choice by most people due to its numerous advantages. Before we discuss about these advantages, let’s briefly refresh your mind about the technique behind this patch. The Velcro patch is designed with the Velcro closure hence the name. The Velcro closure involves the use of two strips of thin sheet. One of the sheets is covered with tiny loops while the other is covered with tiny flexible J-hooks which allow you to attach, remove and reattach them on your apparels or any fabric.

Some of the advantages of the custom Velcro patches include;

The Flexibility in changing the looks of your belongings; Whether it’s a backpack, a shirt or a duffle bag, custom Velcro patches offer you the ability of using various patches on the same fabric every day. Its ability to remove and reattach gives your jacket or bag a whole new look day after day. For this reason, custom Velcro patches and are perfect for police squads, military troops, scout groups and any system indicating levels as it offers you the flexibility to change ranks anytime by switching emblems without getting new clothes.


Velcro patches offer you professional appearance that makes you stand out, it gives you a unique and strong branding in your industry.

Custom Velcro patches also enable team players or members of a staff to participate in different events or sports without having to buy new uniform for each event. One of the great advantages of custom Velcro patches is that it creates the possibility of more than one person using a particular cloth with their personal tag or name identification maintained. This is handy for most companies who use rental uniforms where an employee will wear the same uniform dropped off by another after changing shifts. The employee simply removes the existing Velcro name tag and fixes his or her own and everything is set!

Ease of Use; another significant advantage of custom Velcro patches is that it can be used easily by anyone including children due to its on and off simple application method. Just get a sewing service to sew the loop side of the Velcro to the clothing and you’re completely done with its application because it’s never going to fall off. All you have to do is take off the old patch and attach a new one whenever you feel like changing it.

In conclusion, custom Velcro patches are very useful for temporary applications that can be repeated many times. However, to enjoy its durability, make sure you get its top notch quality from patch makers with excellent service like Houston embroidery service.