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We make all kinds of custom patches, like embroidered patches, printed patches (also called sublimated patches), woven patches, woven labels, PVC patches, leather patches, leather labels, Chenille patches, and embroidered keychains.


Custom Patches with Embroidery

The most common decorating method is embroidery. It’s an old tradition; nowadays, we use computerized embroidery machines to make embroidered patches. The suitable backing options to attach the patches on the shirt or cap are iron-on, Velcro, plastic lamination, and self-adhesive backing. We use 100% polyester twill fabric as the background. We use a hot-burning tool to cut the edge of the patch. Here at Houston Embroidery Service, we offer custom patches no minimum.


Custom Patches with Printing

We use the sublimation printing method to make printed patches; this decorating method is recommended when an artwork has lots of tiny details and colors. We print the logo on a special paper called sublimation paper using a special ink called sublimation ink. The next step is to transfer this print into the fabric. All the backing options we use for the embroidered patches are also suitable for printed patches. Here at Houston Embroidery Service, we offer custom patches no minimum.


Custom Woven Patches and Labels

This decorating method is best when a customer needs a detailed logo in threads. Some people don’t like the printed patches, so woven patches are a good alternative for them. Clothing manufacturers and brands have been using woven labels for centuries. The log is woven inside the fabric, then cut and sewn under the neck or hem of a shirt. To turn a label into a patch, we put a merrow border and iron on or Velcro backing. Our minimum order quantity is 100 for woven patches or labels.


Custom PVC Patches or Rubber Patches

This decorating method is a modern way to give life to an ordinary logo. PVC patches are usually attached with branded caps, jackets, and other products. We also use the PVC method to make custom keychains and wristbands. There are two types of PVC patches: 2D and 3D, but you can’t really see a huge difference between them. Iron-on backing is not recommended for PVC patches. We recommend you sew them on. Our minimum order quantity is 100 for PVC patches.


Custom Leather Labels or Patches

We use genuine leather as well as fake / PU leather to make leather patches. We use the laser etching method to make leather etched patches. This method, also called “laser engraving,” is only possible on fake leather / PU leather. This laser engraving cannot be done on genuine leather. We recommend debossing method to make genuine leather debossed patches. This is the exact opposite of “embossing.” Here at Houston Embroidery Service, we offer custom leather patches with no minimum, but you need to pay a design setup fee and shipping.


Chenille Patches or Chenille Letters

This is another traditional type of decoration. You may have seen your grama doing this kind of embroidery. Chenille stitches are made with a special kind of needle. Nowadays, high school students wear jackets with chenille letters; it is also called a letterman jacket. We make chenille patches and letters in small quantities. You can order just one chenille patch for your own school jacket. We offer custom chenille patches with no minimum. read more here.

Custom patches with velcro can be woven, printed or embroidered. The best use of Velcro is custom Velcro name patches for teams, hospital staff, Army uniform, Air Force uniform, Navy uniform, and security staff. Custom patches with velcro are also used with rented clothing.