Top 6 American Fashion Designers You Should Know

America is known as the fashion mecca of the world. It is one of the most happening fashion hubs in the world where fashion experts, supermodels, style enthusiasts and apparel designers andbrands join hands to bring the best out of the style. The status of America as a fashion capital owes it to the many […]

12 Missteps to Avoid in Screen Printing

Screen printing is a highly demanding job that requires skills and expertise. For newbie printers, it can be challenging to do this task with accuracy. Screen printing involves a myriad of different tasks that need to be executed with precision. Whether you are printing logo and custom patches on a t-shirt or creating imprints on […]

10 Wholesale Blank Apparel Suppliers in America You Can Trust

Blank apparels are a requirement for garment decorators and promo product manufacturers to produce fancy prints in order to sell them to a market or gift them to customers to promote a business. Every year, thousands of blank apparel are manufactured to meet the market requirements. If you are also garment decorator or a promotional company, […]

Top 7 British Fashion Brands to Up Your Style Game

Britain is known as a fashion hub and London is considered its capitals. Some of the world’s renowned fashion brands belong to the English people and they are doing extremely well in the business. From Burberry and Paul Smith to Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, we list here some of the top-rated British fashion brands […]

11 Apparels to Add to Your Wardrobe This Autumn OR Winter

With the arrival of September, the autumn/winter season is officially here. It’s time to chuck the lightweight and breathable apparel from your wardrobe and stuff it with some clothes made from fur, leather, and wool. But do you know exactly the apparels that you will need in this chilly season? Well, if you don’t know, […]

8 Fantastic Wireless Tech Promo Products

8 Fantastic Wireless Tech Promo Products Your Audience Would Love to Own in a Trade show We are living in a world where we are constantly plugged with our devices and gadgets. The emerging technology-driven lifestyle has made us a slave of gadgets and gizmos. There is a smartphone. There is a charging device. There […]

13 Most Viable Color Combinations Amateurs Can Try in Custom T Shirts

Choosing the right color combinations is essential to breathe life to a t-shirt design. You need to take into consideration the aesthetic and technical elements of different colors before you use them in your t-shirt. So if you are an amateur printer who loves playing around with different colors on his t-shirt, then here are […]

A List of 8 Most Expensive Dresses Worn by Celebrities

Celebrities have a flair for style. That is what they pay so much money to upmarket brands and designers who bring the best out of their looks. We’ve seen many wonderful celebrity dresses in the past. But what were the most expensive among them? Well, that’s the question that we will be answering in this […]

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Embroidering a Cap

Embroidering on a cap is one of the most challenging jobs in industrial embroidery business. Due to the construction of this clothing accessory, you need to be particular about the different things that involve in embroidering a cap. Embroiderers create direct embroideries on caps as well as produce embroidered patches for caps according to the requirements […]