We make Custom PVC Patches & PVC Labels (2D & 3D) with Velcro backing, Fast Shipping. Send Your Logo for a Price Quote! MOQ is 50 & Turnaround is 3 Weeks!

Custom PVC patches or custom PVC labels, made with high-quality material, available here at low prices. This is one more awesome technique to provide identification to a clothing item. They are made from polyvinyl chloride. They are excellent for detailed and creative logo designs.


They allow to make very tiny details in 3-d look, which is challenging to match with the embroidered patches. Therefore, custom PVC labels are perfect for usage with a company’s branding standards. Nowadays, many well-known clothing brands are using PVC labels to give identity to an ordinary shirt or jacket. You may find those custom PVC patches on your pair of jeans, school bags, baseball caps, leather jackets, or even on your aprons. Please read more about our custom Velcro patches.


The minimum order quantity is 100 PVC patches or labels. We add velcro backing to the back of the leather patches. We DO NOT ADD iron on backing because the heat required to add the patch will burn the PVC material. We need one week to set up and make a sample for approval; then we need 10-12 working days for production. We send our leather patches by DHL that takes 4-5 days to deliver in the US.

Custom PVC Patches

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Custom Embroidered Patches

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Custom PVC labels at low price with quick turnaround

Custom PVC patches or custom PVC labels are produced from a flexible and soft rubber that can be easily molded to nearly in any shape and can be made in any colors, with the tiny detail are separated by very thin, (recessed) lines. Our custom PVC patches are 100% waterproof and could withstand the coldest temperatures. They are suitable for rough outdoor use.

They are custom molded, light weight, and flexible, those patches are so good for creative designs that have fine lines or tiny letters. Custom PVC labels are mainly used by expensive clothing brands, military gear for the army, marine corps, navy, or air force. They can be attached to either cloth or other surfaces, including jackets, uniforms, bags and more. They are attached by sewing, or Velcro. PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Key Features:

Custom PVC Patches

If you any questions, email us. You can also call us to discuss your ideas. PVC patches are little expensive than the other type of patches (embroidered patches or printed patches). We can only add velcro backing with rubber patches. Iron on backing is not suitable for this PVC material because it melts when we heat it. The required temperature to apply iron on patches is good enough to burn the PVC labels.

This is a new product as compare to the embroidered patches. Only a few suppliers offer this product. Houston Embroidery Service is one of them. Nowadays, so may brands use PVC labels to personalize their clothing products like t-shirts, caps, hats, jackets, trousers, sporting goods, and more. Some home appliances manufactures are also using this beautiful products on their products.

You may also see PVC patches on vehicles; Toyota, Honda, GM, and other car manufacturers put their brand logo in PVC material.