Refund Policy

Excellent Custom Patches is a professional embroidery service that ensures the absolute satisfaction of its clients. However, there are events that we cannot foresee. In those events, we offer reimbursement to our clients who fulfill the merit for our refund policy which is as follows:

Full Refund

Clients can qualify for a full refund in the event when:

  1. We produce an embroidery or patch that doesn’t match the sample image provided in the approval form. It must be noted that insignificant discrepancies in a design, background fabric, and thread colors don’t qualify for a full refund.
  2. We fail to deliver a consignment within the deadline that a client specified in the approval form. A difference of a day will not be considered a delay since different countries have different time zones. Since we are operating from Pakistan, a delay of a day can happen. It must be noted that the deliveries for Fridays might be dispatched on Monday.

Partial Refund

Clients can qualify for a partial refund in the event when:

  1. The threads are not properly trimmed on a patch, improper iron-on backing, or Velcro backing has little issues. Since these are minor issues, they can be resolved with little efforts by the buyer or the person who attaches the patches/labels on the final product.
  2. We deliver orders after 3 days from the deadline mentioned in the approval form.
  • A client can cancel an order before it goes into production. If that happens, we will deduct the fee for digitizing and sampling and pay back the outstanding amount. Here is our fee structure:

Digitizing: $18 for a left chest logo and cap (up to 5”)
Sampling: $12
Aggregated Total: $30

Digitizing: $35 for a medium-sized logo (from 5.25” to 7”)
Sampling: $25
Aggregated Total: $60

Digitizing: $70 for a large-sized logo on the jacket back (8” and above)
Sampling: $50
Aggregated Total: $120


No Refund

Following are the scenarios when we don’t offer a partial or full refund:

  • When a client cancels an order after it goes into the production.
  • When a client wants to make changes in a logo, artwork, colors, backings options, border type, number of items, etc. after he/she has given the approval.
  • Late deliveries as a result of the negligence of a courier service.
  • When a consignment gets damaged or lost by a courier service.
  • When a consignment is stopped by the customs or a government agency. The client will be responsible for contacting the concerned authorities to clear the consignment.
  • Since all our labels and patches are customized for a specific client, we don’t accept returns once a consignment is delivered.

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