Be The Best Host and Add These 10 Promo Products to Your Hotel Business

Many hoteliers include promo products in their business to not only provide an enriching experience to their clients but to also promote their brands. With a promo product, you can give a souvenir to your clients as well as make them the ambassador of your business.

But a promo product should not be anything that has logo of your hotel business. Instead, it should be something that continue to add value to their life even when they go back to their home from hotel.

So if you want to grow your business and let your clients say good things about your hospitality services, then here are some of the promo products you should gift your clients:


Drinkware are the essentials for any hospitality service. People want to start their morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea and you can make their mornings even more special by gifting them a fancy coffee mug or tea cup. So while they are in their suite or in the gym, they will be promoting your business and attracting more eyeballs to your brand name and logo.


Toiletries are the obvious choice for any hotel business to gift their clients. The majority of hotels gift soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toothpaste and deodorant as complimentary items to their valued clients. You too can present these free items to your clients that they can use in their daily lives and promote your brand to people who come to their contact.

Water Bottle

Often, hoteliers offer free water bottles to their clients as part of their room service. It is both a promo product and a sign of good hospitality. By giving away a logoed water bottle of your hotel, you will also be promoting a healthy lifestyle to your clients and letting them be a part of the human chain who promote healthy living. So every person who will share a sip from that bottle will see the brand identity of your business.

Bathrobe and Towel Set

There can’t be a better experience than a refreshing bath. After a long trip to hotel, your clients would want to have a good bath and this is where this promo product can come handy for them. A bathrobe and towel set can include a towel, bathrobe and a pair of sleepers.

You can put your hotel business logo on the bathrobe set in the form of custom embroidered patches. These patches are commonly used on clothing. Every time your client will wear the bathrobe, he will cherish those private moments he lived in your hotel and will recall the excellent services of your hotel.

Stationary Items

People need stationary items to jot down important things while they are in a hotel. Stationary items like pen, pencil, paper and sticky notes are savior for people who stay longer in a hotel. These items are particularly useful for the businesspersons who keep visiting different cities for business affairs.

For the business professionals, stationary items are go-to resources before they get down to business meetings. With help of these tools, they can put the agenda in black and white and make quick notes of important points during a meeting. Their daily business affairs will make sure that your brand remain in eyes of people.


Hotels are hotspots for tourists who want to explore a country or city. During their tour, an umbrella can serve as their shield against the pours. You can gift them a free umbrella that they can carry while it is drizzling or sleeting.

An umbrella with an imprinted logo of your hotel will look even more eye-catching during the rain and will become a mobile advertiser of your business.

Personal Care Items

Hotels provide personal care items to their clients as a way to promote their business. It is also a great way to encourage self-grooming and personal hygiene. This is a more effective way to engage more people into your brand since everyone want to look suave and clean.

You can include a couple of personal care items in a set that you can gift to your clients. Your clients will be grateful to you for such precious gift and you can thank them later for promoting your business.


Sunglasses is another viable common promo product in hoteling business. People need sunglasses in a hotel to avoid the harsh sunlight on a sunny day. While every person has a pair of shades in his luggage but then they might not be as chic as you will gift to them.

A sunglass with the emblem of your hotel business will not only protect eyes of your clients but they will also catch eyes of the many onlookers wandering around a hotel. They will get a fashionable item in their wardrobe and you will get more people in your brand.

Power Bank

People who move to a hotel often forget to put their charger in their luggage. So when they reach the hotel, they fumble in their luggage only to get frustrated. But you can help wane their frustration by putting a power bank in their suite so that they don’t have to feel angry if their smartphone or camera run short of power.

A power bank with the imprinted logo of your hotel business will pull more tourist crowd to your business since many tourists forget their phone chargers back in their home. In other words, more people likely want to lend a power bank to one of your clients on a beach or dine-out facility to refuel their drained smartphone or camera.

Gym Outfits

Being in a hotel should not be a bothersome experience for fitness enthusiasts. While hoteliers offer a dedicate space for working out, they don’t always provide the right outfits to their occupants. As a caring business, you must supply your clients with the right set of clothes for their daily exercise routine.

To cater to their needs, you should fill the gym area with tracksuits, t-shirts, sweatbands and pairs of shorts in different sizes that can fit different body types.

These are some of the best promo products hospitality services can gift to their clients. Make them a part of your marketing campaign and you will attract more people to your hotel business.

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