As there are many kinds of patches like woven, embroidered, and printed patches so there are many options for their backing like safety Pins, Thin Plastic, paper backing, Velcro, and most famous the Iron on backing. Iron on the patch is an additional feature of a patch. Custom iron on patches are available to decorate garments like shirts, jeans, hoodies, hats, pants, or bags. Disney Iron on Patches are also very popular among children and teenagers.


You can find the perfect match for your needs among the many colors, patterns, and sizes of iron-on patches. Iron-on patches can be worn for any occasion or event and provide a non-verbal means of communication. They may be used as tributes, gifts, or even for simple décor. There are many benefits of using iron-on patches that make them so popular among users.

Smooth Finishing

Iron on patches gives your patches the smoother look. As they are flat and give a finessed result. They give the patches the most refined look and seem more professional.

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Easy to Apply and Time Saving

Iron on patches are easy to apply as compared to other patches available in the market. The reason is they do not need sewing or other time taking process so they are faster. Iron on patches only need source of heat like iron and what you do is simply place the patch on the cloth and put iron on it. Within seconds the glue on the patch melts and sticks to the cloth and the patch is attached. The benefit of using iron on patches can be seen when you have to attach patches to a great number of shirts and jackets. Moreover, iron on patches are perfect when you have no access to a sewing machine and when you have a busy schedule and you want to get work done in no time. So, they are not only easy to use but they are also less in price.


Iron on patches are durable and long lasting. You can use them after many washes and you will find them like before. They keep on sticking to your clothes and longevity is necessary as they are worn by children who use clothes roughly. Hence, durability is so much so essential when they are used on clothes of younger people of various clubs and organizations.

Iron on Patches are Economical

When we buy clothes and other clothing materials what we see most is the economy of that material. Everyone these days wants to cut costs so iron on patches is the right choice for this. As Iron patches are economical as they are cheaper than other patches in the market.

Flexible in Use

Custom iron on patches are flexible in nature and they can be used on a variety of clothing. Custom Iron on patches are available for clothes, jeans, hats, hoodies, bags, purses, etc. So, this used for all types of nature-made custom iron patches so sought-after patches.

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Desirable in Brand Making

Custom iron on patches are most desirable when you want to build your own brand. They can be made customized easily. It will give your brand a brand image that is easily recognizable among other brands.

Easy to Remove

If you want to remove your custom iron on patch from your jeans or shirt then it is very easy unlike other patches. Iron on patch is as easy to remove as easy to attach. When you think of how to remove custom iron on patches then the answer is very simple. Just press the patch with the hot iron for at least 15 seconds. Check the patch’s edge to check if the adhesive has melted by lifting the cover. If the adhesive has not loosened, cover and heat with the iron once again. Lift the edge of the patch with tweezers once the adhesive softens.


Custom Iron patches makes your simple clothing versatile and give them a new look. Your simple shirt or hoodie can gain a new look by using iron on patches. Custom iron on patches can serve as an alternative for buying new cloth. Iron on name patches and iron on letter patches also help in making your clothing versatile and unique.

Personal Touch

Iron on patches add a personal touch to your clothes and accessories and are available in different colors and designs. Custom iron on patches are also available in different sizes like large iron on patches. You can customize your cloth by using iron on patches and give them a personal touch. They can be used for making a logo for a school, for a team, or a slogan.

Where to buy Custom Iron on Patches?

If you want to buy Custom Iron patches then Contact Houston Embroidery Services. They are famous custom patch manufacturers. You can send them your requirements. They will help you get your patch made according to your needs and taste.

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