Check Out These 10 Best Promo Products for Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is one of the most profitable businesses of modern times. Brands like McDonald’s, Subway and KFC earn more than the many countries in third world region. However, running a restaurant business requires active marketing efforts and the businesses have to constantly advertise their brand to be alive in memory of their clientele.

Gifting promo product is one such way restaurant owners can pitch their brands to their target audience and attract more foot fall in their dining facility. Promo products in restaurant business can range from anything that connote with fast food industry. It could be any unconventional product that relate to the idea of dining out.

To help you decide on the best promo products, we share some of the most viable giveaways you can gift your target audience to promote your business:

Reusable Bag

The temptation of eating good food can be irresistible. This is why often customers order more than what their belly can afford. So when their belly becomes full, they get the remaining food packed.

This is where you can let your brand speak. Instead of handing over their leftover foods in a paper or plastic container, you can give them a reusable bag that have your brand identity on the front panels.

A reusable bag will not only secure their foods but it will also build the image of your brand. It will show that you are an eco-friendly business who cares about the environment.


Everybody loves apparels. Clothing pieces like t-shirts, hats, apron and chef’s cap are some of the best apparels a restaurant business can give to its customers and staff.

You can imprint the logo of your business on these entire wearables and then give them away to clients and employees of your business. So when people would wear a t-shirt or hat with custom patches of a brand, they will be introducing your brand to the public. People like and wear shirts, jackets and caps decorated with embroidered patches. So, adding a restaurant logo on the promotional apparel is trending nowadays.

Beverage Containers

No food is complete without a drink. The customers need a drink to digest food and wet their throat after a course of meal. To quench their need for liquids, you can offer them drinks in complimentary paper cups, mugs and glasses that sport the logo and name of your business.

This means when they will go back to their home, they will still be promoting your business to all the people with whom they will share a drink.

Magnetic Business Card

Business card is a compulsory marketing collateral for any business to maintain a rapport with clients, employees and business partners. With a magnetic business card, you can give your target audience a promo product that they can take away to their home and put on their refrigerator.

A magnetic business card is a more visible promo product that will catch eyeballs of less distracted persons in a home, then an outdoor promo item that attracts the distracted onlookers. So your brand will retain longer in minds of all the people who see the magnetic business card.

Tote Bags

Often people go for a dine-out after a shopping spree. The majority of times, the customers will be carrying groceries or other items when they enter your dining facility.

This will be your time to do some marketing of your restaurant. What you can do is put their stuff in a tote bag that has the restaurant logo embroidered (as patches) stitched on its panels. So when they will go back to their home, they will carry the tote bag all through their route and the logo of your brand will catch hundreds of eyeballs in the meanwhile.


Ronald McDonald is the official mascot of McDonald’s and it has turned McDonald’s into a household brand. Similarly, you can make a mascot for your restaurant and use it for merchandizing your business. You can order miniature of your brand’s mascot and present it with the meal.

Not only will it be a merch item for your brand but it will also serve as a memento that will remind your customers about the dining experience they had in your restaurant.


Kids constantly need delicious meals and they are a common company for people. No wonder so many restaurants have now a dedicated space for the kids. For the little angels, eating out is more than just shoveling food into their mouth. For them, it is about fun and entertainment and you can add to their experience by giving them some toys that they can play around.


It is customary for people to have some mint after a meal to freshen their breath. A peppermint is one such item you can give away to your customers after they are finished with the meal. A peppermint with your brand logo will make people remember your mind even after they will consume the peppermint.

It is not about chewing a mint but about the experience that will etch in their mind and they will continue to come to your restaurant for such courteous service. Remember that when you are running a restaurant business, it is not just about serving foods but about being a good host. Your customers should feel welcomed once they leave your facility.

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are excellent incentives for customers to keep buying from a business. Similarly, you can issue gift vouchers to your valued customers who frequently visit your restaurant. People love to get freebies, especially when they get it as a token of appreciation.

Therefore, you can also gift your customers and staff some gift vouchers to encourage them to keep visiting your restaurant and try your new cuisines.

Plates and Tableware

Giving away plates and tableware is a common way restaurateurs promote their business to a local community and let them become a part of their advertising camaraderie. The logoed plates and tableware will get attention of the people who will have a lunch or dinner with one of your customers and they might end up visiting your restaurant.

Therefore, you should order some plates and tableware and get them printed with your brand logo and name to attract the locals within your area of operation.

Dining out is a way of life now. But people want to cherish the entire experience rather than just enjoying food. Giving them promo products is one you can offer them a pleasurable experience and promote your brand at the same time.


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