Custom Sweatshirts: Cut & Sew Service VS Buy Blank and Send to Decorator

There are a few different ways that you can get custom sweatshirts made. One popular method is to have them cut and sewn specifically for you. This gives you a lot of control over the final product, including the fabric, fit, and decoration. However, it can be more expensive and time-consuming than ready-made sweatshirts. Go for it if you need at least 50 pieces.

Custom Sweatshirts

Another option is to purchase ready-made blank sweatshirts and have your logo printed/embroidered on. You can also use custom embroidered patches to decorate hoodies. This is usually less expensive and faster than having them made from scratch. If your customer needs 12 or 24 pieces, go for it. This is a better option if you have a close deadline to catch, or your customer needs a branded product like Nike, Adidas, Gildan, Champion or others.

Custom Sweatshirts

There are a few things to consider when deciding between cut & sew and ready-made with custom logo sweatshirts. Cut & sew sweatshirts are made from scratch, so you can choose your own fabric, measurements, patterns and branding. Ready-made with custom logo sweatshirts are already made, so you’ll have to work with what’s available. You can still personalize blank sweatshirts you’re your logo printed or embroidered.

Additionally, cut & sew service gives you the ability to customize your sweatshirt more than ready-made options, so if you have a specific pattern in mind, it may be worth the extra cost. Ready-made sweatshirts with custom logos are a popular choice for businesses or organizations looking for promotional apparel in low quantities like 12 to 24 pieces. The quality of ready-made sweatshirts can vary depending on the manufacturer / brand. Custom logo printing or embroidery also allows for some degree of customization, but you will be limited by the existing design of the sweatshirt.

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Cut & Sew Option May Save You $1,000

Full front or back embroidery is usually less expensive with Cut & Sew sweatshirts. If you have a large embroidery logo with 80K stitches. Your local embroider may charge you $50 per shirt. A blank sweat shirt may cost you $10. $50+$10=$60. Cut & Sew sweatshirts with a large logo embroidered may cost you $30 to $40. So, if you need 50+ sweatshirts with large embroidered logo, cut & sew is the best option for you.

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