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Embroidered Patches VS Dye Sublimated Patches

Embroidered Patches VS Dye Sublimated Patches

Embroidered patches and dye-sublimated patches are two popular types of patches used for a variety of purposes, including branding, identification, and decoration. While both patches serve similar functions, there are some key differences between the two.

Embroidered patches are created by stitching thread onto a fabric backing to create a design or image. The design is digitized using embroidery software and then loaded onto a specialized machine that automatically sews the design onto the fabric. The texture of embroidered patches is visibly elevated and they are renowned for their quality of toughness and longevity. They are mostly used on uniforms of police, schools, and firefighters and caps and backpacks.

On the other hand, dye-sublimated patches are created by printing an image onto a special transfer paper using dye-sublimation ink. The transfer paper is then placed onto a polyester patch and heat is applied, causing the ink to turn into a gas that permeates the fibers of the patch. This produces a vivid and detailed picture that is embedded in the fiber of the patch. The texture of dye sublimated patches is polished and they are famous for their photographic quality and lively colors. These patches are widely used by sports teams, branding of corporations, and events.

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So, what are the pros and cons of each type of patch

Pros of Embroidered Patches:

  • Longevity, resilience, and long-running
  • Raised texture adds dimension and depth to designs
  • Multi-purpose can be used on various fabrics and materials
  • The traditional and classic look is ideal for military, police, and firefighter patches

Cons of Embroidered Patches:

  • Limited color options
  • Detailed and intricate designs cannot be made as clearly as on dye sublimated patch
  • Not ideal for photographic or gradient designs

Pros of Dye Sublimated Patches:

  • The photographic quality and vibrant color
  • Due to the polished finish intricate and detailed images are possible
  • Limitless color options
  • Perfect for sports teams and corporate branding

Cons of Dye Sublimated Patches:

  • Less life as compared to embroidered patches
  • May fade over time if exposed to sunshine or heat
  • Limited in terms of fabric options (must be polyester)

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In conclusion, both embroidered patches and dye-sublimated patches have their advantages and disadvantages but both are needed differently on occasion and when needed. Embroidered patches are ideal for classic, durable designs with limited colors, while dye-sublimated patches are ideal for intricate, photographic designs with vibrant colors but may not be as durable. Ultimately, the choice between embroidered patches and dye-sublimated patches comes down to personal preference and the intended use of the patch. Houston Embroidery Patches are known for their variety of patches from embroidered to dye sublimated patches or woven patches. You can choose according to your taste and need.

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